Apex Legends: Legacy New Season Review 2022

Respawn Entertainment has pitted journalists in the Legacy arenas while revealing some details of one of the biggest updates to Apex Legends, which launches on consoles and PC on May 4th. All the most interesting details are collected in the article.

Apex Legends continues to gain popularity among battle royale fans despite a humble start and pessimistic press predictions. In the last couple of years alone, the Respawn Entertainment game has gathered over 100 million unique players around itself, and the developers do not plan to stop there.


Apex Legends Review

“The new season of Legacy will be the culmination of two years of experimentation and innovation. After examining the audience’s reaction to temporary events, we decided to introduce a permanent Arena mode in Apex Legends – fast and fun matches for those who want to try something new, based on the mechanics of the game, ”- said in his opening speech, Apex Legends Director Chad Grenier …

Of course, the developers will not limit themselves to one additional mode – players will find new weapons and a character with unusual mechanics. A plot twist will be associated, which will change one of the standard locations of the game. Apex Legends Review staff at Respawn Entertainment talked about everything in order.

The arena will be the second multiplayer activity on a par with the standard Battle Royale. Associated errands will add to the list of daily tasks. Matches will be played in squad-by-squad format until one of the teams wins three times. Apex Legends Review Each match will last no more than 15 minutes.

“In the Arena, players will be able to hone the game with their favorite characters since the element of“ randomness ”inherent in Apex Legends minimize here. Round after round, they will fight the same opponents, study their behavior, and develop new strategies. And most importantly, they will be able to concentrate on the firefight, because they no longer have to worry about finding loot, ”said arena designer Robert West.

Teams start each skirmish in the spawn room and gain access to the store, as implemented in Valorant or Counter Strike. Cannons, upgrades for them, the main and ultimate ability will have to bought for materials and consumables such as grenades, first-aid kits, or cans of energy.

Apex Legends Review
Apex Legends Review

Before the start of each round, in the store section, it is displayed which weapons, of which quality level, will be dropped with the next airdrop. A capsule with three cannons and ammunition will land in the arena sometime after the start of the match.

“The battles will unfold in small areas of the main maps, where players like to land most often. We plan to introduce new locations gradually, every two weeks. Three maps will be available at the start: Artillery from Kings Canyon, Thermal Station from World’s End, and Golden Gardens from Olympus, “level designer Dave Osey said.

By the way, not only will the timer drive the rivals – the ring has not gone anywhere, it is rapidly narrowing towards the center of the arena, forcing the participants in the match to act more and more decisively.

Next, we introduces Kairi Imahara as “Valkyrie” – the daughter of “Viper” from Titanfall 2, who will become the new hero of the ninth season of Apex Legends. Studio writer Ashley Reed noted that this collaboration will further reveal the universe of Titanfall and will greatly change the familiar world of Apex Legends.

The game’s lead designer, Daniel Klein, told us about how the Valkyrie’s abilities work:

  • The passive skill VTOL Jets allows the Valkyrie to soar into the air. Holding down the jump key, the player will gain altitude until the charge of the accelerator is exhausted;

“Lest you think that Kairi will a priori dominate at the expense of jetpacks, you should know that they are rather slow, and it is very easy to shoot a girl in flight because the Valkyrie cannot maneuver. Therefore, players will have to think twice before taking off when there is an enemy nearby, ”explained Klein.

  • The main skill Missile Swarm will allow the Valkyrie to launch a missile strike on a small area;

“To pick up a weapon or throw a grenade during the flight of the Valkyrie, you will have to turn off the jetpack, and only a rocket strike can carried out while hovering in the air. Rockets do moderate damage, which, if it grows from the number of hits, is insignificant. The danger is that being hit completely paralyzes the victim for a short period, ”says Daniel.

  • The ultimate Skyward Dive skill, after a short preparation, allows the Valkyrie to soar high into the sky and then dive into a targeted area. Apex Legends Review During the flight, Kairi’s sensors temporarily illuminate all enemies in line of sight.

“Kairi can take off with the entire squad by flying as the lead. Her ultimate is perfect both for quickly transferring the team to another position and for reconnaissance of the territory alone because the targets marked by the Valkyrie scanner are also visible to her allies, ”said the chief designer of Apex Legends.

Meanwhile, the Olympus map, which appeared in the game at the beginning of the seventh season, will be seriously changed in the ninth. The city, hovering in the sky above the planet Psamat, was attacked by aggressive cyclopean plants that arrived aboard an unknown spaceship. It is where the plot of The Legacy begins.

Players will carefully explore the revamped area, complete story quests, receive rewards from treasure sets, and follow the evolution of the new Legacy Antigen comic, shed light on the origins of the mysterious fleet of abandoned ships that have appeared in the skies over Olympus.

At the end of the presentation, Respawn Entertainment showed off a new weapon that will appear in the game with the release of the Legacy season. The Bocek composite bow is a precision weapon for medium-range, which will also add a new type of ammunition to Apex Legends – arrows.

“This is the quietest weapon in the game – perfect for stealth lovers. Apex Legends Review fired arrow is barely audible, which makes it difficult to find the archer by sound. But it can be given by the direction of the shaft if the archer misses, and the arrow hits the wall next to the target, “- said Daniel.

Throwing projectiles that do not hit the target will get stuck in objects globally, and players will be able to collect them or find opponents killed from a bow in the loot. Hop-Up attachments allow you to turn a bow into a rapid-fire weapon or into a shotgun that fires several arrows at once at close range.

As a reminder, Legacy Season 9 kicks off on May 4th, but you can join Apex Legends for free today. The game is available for download on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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