Best Cartoon Games On PC To Play In 2022

The Best Cartoon Games On PC will be of interest primarily to adult gamers. But, in order not to offend anyone, the selection also includes several decent games for children.

Inside each of us lives a child whom it is necessary to please from time to time with something appropriate so as not to let him irrevocably dissolve in an endless stream of adult troubles and experiences. And for this, computer games made in a cartoon style are the best suited.

However, do not be fooled because behind the frivolous and funny visual style of cartoon games, a very serious, tragic or comic, or both together, the story often lurks. Some developers even manage to put in them some hidden message that raises certain problems of modern society. There are also projects that, despite all their cartoonishness, are best kept as far away from children as possible. By the way, they also got into our TOP.

In general, this time, the principle of maximum diversity guided us; therefore, the list included games of various genres and very different internal content, belonging to the most different levels of moral criterion, united by one single feature – cartoon graphics.


By far the best cartoon platformer so far on PC. It is very beautiful, kind, and funny; it also offers incredibly rich and addictive gameplay, which seems to be enough for several separate games. An excellent addition is also the cooperative presence that allows you to go on a beautiful journey called Rayman Legends with friends.


A platformer from Moon Studios takes place in a magical forest, a huge open location divided into lots. At the same time, from the very beginning, the player is not explained what and how to do, and he has to figure everything out himself, which adds a certain intrigue to everything that happens.

In addition to this unusual narrative structure, the game has many other virtues. Beautiful landscapes, a mysterious storyline, many skills available for learning, the acute protagonist named Ori – all this is present in Ori and the Blind Forest.


The sequel to the magical Ori and the Blind Forest, in which the adventures of a creature named Kuro continue. This time, he and a new friend will have to get out of a dark and dangerous forest, and it will be a very difficult journey because, more often, the characters are waiting for dangerous enemies! Ori and the Will of the Wisps have acquired new gameplay mechanics, received a new round of history, and, most importantly, has delighted Best Cartoon Games On PC with even more beautiful (though, it would seem, much too much) graphics indistinguishable from the best modern cartoons.


Super Lucky’s Tale is a hilarious 3D platformer about Lucky, the fox, as he confronts a villain who wants to remake the world for himself. Despite the “childishness” and cartoonishness of the game, it will undoubtedly appeal to adult gamers who will certainly want to go through all its tests.


An unusual project from Infinite Fall is a mixture of detective quest, platforming, and puzzle. At the center of the plot, the narration is the cat Mei, who, upon returning to her hometown, is faced with many inexplicable and even ominous events, the source of which is the nearby forest.


CHUCHEL is a game about a shaggy lump named Scarecrow trying to get its hands on the coveted cherries for several dozen levels. But every time something bothers him, and the process turns into a collection of hilarious scenes with an unpredictable course of events—a simple but very funny game for adults and children.


An excellent computer game for children and adults. Colorful and fun, it will allow players to find themselves in the multiverse created by Disney and meet many of their favorite characters. The gameplay at the same time pleases with a variety and often repeats the events that took place in films and cartoons created by the famous film company.


A very touching and atmospheric quest game developed by Ubisoft Montpellier. The first place here comes out surprisingly simply executed, but at the same time very sensual and touching for a living story about the fate of ordinary people who found themselves in the millstones of one of the bloodiest and most destructive wars. However, the gameplay, consisting of solving puzzles and finding the necessary items, also deserves praise.


It Takes Two is a co-op adventure game based on the romantic story of two lovers who turn into dolls. On behalf of Cody and May, you will take a journey through the microcosm, where mechanics from various genres await you – for example, there are puzzles to solve which will require the abilities of heroes, battles with enemies, as well as adventures in picturesque places.

It Takes Two has been loved since the release, celebrating the successful combination of genres and fun gameplay. The graphics in the style of Pixar cartoons only enhance the experience of the game.


An exciting adventure game from independent developers from Team Cherry, built on the principle of Metroidvania. Players will have to travel a lot, fight enemies, overcome various obstacles and traps, look for secrets, and improve their fighting and acrobatic skills. In this case, the Best Cartoon Games On PC takes place in a very unusual, huge, and open world, an abandoned kingdom of insects.


An adventure game from Humble Hearts with cute cartoon graphics, epic storyline, and good gameplay built on Beat ’em up. The peculiarity of Dust: An Elysian Tail is that from time to time, the hero must be distracted from the battles and learn new skills to successfully fight with more powerful opponents and return to the already passed locations to get to previously inaccessible places.


Another addicting 2D platforming puzzle game with a fabulous atmosphere, intriguing storyline, and good gameplay. An important feature of Never Alone is that the game bases on the traditional traditions of the Inuit – the indigenous people of Alaska. The game also has a cooperative mode that allows you to play with a friend.


Bright and funny arcade platformer with puzzle elements in which we will have to travel the world made of paper and stickers.

The main character is a tester of paints, who, together with the rubber hand that came from nowhere on his head, acquired mental abilities. With their help, he can interact with the inhabitants of the world, read their thoughts and try to help solve their problems, and extricate himself from various difficult, sometimes ridiculous and funny situations.


A collection-trilogy of classic platformers from the first PlayStation era tells the story of the adventures of a resilient bandicoot named Crash. Together with the hero, you have to overcome platform levels, fight funny opponents and collect numerous bonuses—the best game for beginners and nostalgic oldies.


After the symbol of the PlayStation family visited other platforms, the developers decided to release a new chapter of Crash’s adventure, continuing the story of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane. This time, Crash and his sister Coco drawn into a quantum rift in time, and he has to find all the masks and stop Doctor Neo Cortex, who has teamed up with the old villains. In terms of gameplay, this is a good old platformer with traditional elements of the series but reimagined mask mechanics.


Another guest from classic game consoles: Spyro Reignited Trilogy is a re-release of three parts of the Spyro series, dedicated to the funny dragon who, of course, saves the world! Each Best Cartoon Games On PC from the collection is very easy to master, but becoming a master, passing all the tests, and discovering all the secrets of the trilogy will not be easy!


A funny platformer in Metroidvania style in which you, as a Man, received the ability to transform into various animals and save an enchanted kingdom from a villain. The game features various gameplay mechanics and cute cartoon visuals that captivate from the very beginning and will not let go until the end of the adventure.


The final release of the Trine puzzle platformer series, which got rid of the mistakes of the previous part, got new Best Cartoon Games On PC features, and got a stunning picture in the style of a revived fairy tale. Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is an impressive co-op adventure with challenging yet highly fun challenges that will impress you.


Popular puzzle game in which you become a participant in a fun TV show about the adventures of the protagonist and his evil neighbor. You have to arrange all sorts of dirty tricks (preferably lining them up in combo chains in order to raise your rating as high as possible) and at the same time not fall into the clutches of your neighbor – otherwise it will be very painful!


Tower Defense game from PopCap Games, which, despite the amazing simplicity of its proposed mechanics, managed to achieve immense popularity and give rise to a new franchise, which today includes projects of various genres and for a variety of platforms.


A very interesting quest Best Cartoon Games On PC from independent developers Amanita Design, released in 2009. In addition to its unusual design and setting, Machinarium deserves the attention of all fans of the quest with a gripping plot that tells the story of the adventures of the brave robot Josef, trying to save his girlfriend from the clutches of bandits. Also, players are waiting for the most interesting puzzles, mini-games, and many well-done, boring dialogues.


A fairy tale game from Ubisoft Montreal stands out for its unusual “watercolor” style, even against the background of cartoon projects. The gameplay consists of moving across two-dimensional locations, battles with the original-looking enemies and bosses (by the way, fights are made in the best traditions of jRPG ), and communication with various characters. Child of Light has a tangible RPG element: the heroine earns experience, gains new levels, and upgrades available skills.


An RPG from Obsidian Entertainment, based on the famous animated series, which means familiar places and faces, branded humor, an unpredictable storyline and many other elements characteristic of SP await players.

At the same time, Obsidian Entertainment tried to make The Stick of Truth a full-fledged role-playing game: a character editor, several classes, many quests, and, most importantly, an interesting combat system – all this is present here. The sequel to the game, The Fractured but Whole, deserves no less attention.


A tactical RPG from the Stoic studio, the main advantages of which are as follows:

Great visual style;

A well-developed world based on Scandinavian mythology;

Many characters;

Interesting quickly mastered tactical battles;

An action-packed, non-linear storyline that often presents the player with difficult moral choices.

Perhaps, The Banner Saga, without exaggeration, can be called one of the Best Cartoon Games On PC.


A two-dimensional RPG / Action sparks interest with its bright, delightfully drawn (and entirely by hand) world, hardcore gameplay, and numerous full-fledged role-playing elements, including an impressive number of weapons and armor, multiple skillsets, non-linear plot, and so on.

Perhaps today, The Vagrant is one of the best cartoon RPG games.


A cute RPG dedicated to a prince exiled from his kingdom but decided not to give up and found a new one. In this, he assistes by the president, who has arrived from the parallel dimension. The game is very beautiful and life-affirming, but the gameplay can be too long. Also worth paying attention to is the first part of the series, Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch, which received a remaster for PC in 2019.


In this action RPG with platforming elements, you will explore a fairy-tale world as a fearless girl who enters the fight against evil. Indivisible offers unique gameplay where you travel through 2D locations in real-time and participate in party turn-based battles with pumping characters and using their unique skills: an unforgettable gameplay experience and an exciting story about kindness and self-sacrifice.


Cat Quest is a cute role-playing game that takes us to the kingdom of Cats and Dogs. In the first part, we play like a kitten, while the second part reconciles bosom enemies and offers to play in co-op with a friend, taking the role of a cat or a dog.

It is a classic RPG Best Cartoon Games On PC with travels through a fairy-tale kingdom, pumping, battles with unkind inhabitants of the animal world, and trips to dark dungeons. Both the first and the second part received thousands of “extremely positive” reviews on Steam.


A 2017 discovery game that earned a place among the leaders of our list. In addition to a nice picture, perfectly stylized for cartoons from the 30s, the game boasts an intriguing plot and hardcore gameplay that will guide players through a couple of dozen amazing locations with unusual enemies and even more unusual, well-made bosses.


In this isometric action game based on Slavic myths, you take on the role of Ivan the blacksmith, challenging Likho himself. Now he is pursued by failures, but Ivan does not despair: even when the tsar sends him for “what I don’t know what,” he boldly sets out to meet the unknown, fearing neither monsters nor bandits. Yaga will impress you with its rich crafting possibilities, great humor, and unique Slavic flavor.


Role-playing action based on the cult anime. The adventures of Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Vejita, and other characters familiar from childhood await you – and all this with a picture indistinguishable from the original. And there is also a large open world, many secondary activities, an unusual pumping system, and impressive battles.


2D arcade action movie from Klei Entertainment, made in the style of adventure comics. In the gameplay, there was a place for a variety of elements: battles with crowds of enemies and ferocious bosses in the best traditions of beat them up, dizzying jumps and fast-paced races on typically platform, beautifully drawn levels, and even shootouts with the use of several powerful firearms.


Acid-bright and insanely hilarious Beat ’em up from independent American developers The Behemoth. The game has a large number of different levels, catchy bosses, great music and mini-games that greatly dilute the already boring gameplay. In total, the game has more than two dozen characters and many weapons. There is also a cooperative for 4 people.


2D stealth action game about a dexterous and silent ninja . In addition to attractive graphics and coolly furnished levels rich in various interactive objects, Mark of the Ninja has ample in-game capabilities that even some serious 3D stealth-action would envy. The game provides various options for passing, including completely bloodless and contactless about enemies.


Cooperative action game in which the universe of “Conan the Barbarian” ceases to be dark and bloody. On the contrary: the local cartoon world is full of fun and entertaining adventures, and new heroes can join the battles – up to 4 players in total, online or on the same screen. Conan Chop Chop announces as an April Fool’s Day joke, but Funcom decided to turn it into a full-fledged game.


The classic beat’em up Battletoads was released back in 1991, but almost 30 years later, it returned to the screens of modern computers in the form of a remaster. Get ready together with the Battle Toads to go on adventures full of fights and other events.

The graphics here will impress even the pickiest gamers – almost everything you see was hand-drawn, and the animation refers to old cartoons. Another good news is that you can play Battletoads with friends in co-op mode.


A popular multiplayer shooter from Blizzard with a large number of playable characters, each of which has not only a unique set of skills that assign it to one of the four classes available in Overwatch but also a striking appearance. Simultaneously, all the images of Blizzard turned out to be catchy and memorable, largely due to the purposeful stylistics of the characters presented under the “toon” from the pictures from Pixar and Disney.


The saga about a large-scale confrontation between people, on whose side are plants, and zombies . Exciting co-op raids and desperate PvP gun battles await you . Each of the unique characters in Battle for Neighborville plays a specific role on the battlefield, and a large number of customization items will allow you to create an individual image for the fighter you like.


The Serious Sam series cannot be called serious, but Serious Sam 2 broke all records of frivolity. Best Cartoon Games On PC here side by side with hurricane gameplay and a scenario full of jokes, and the main character will face such monsters, the existence of which is impossible even to imagine! But most importantly, Sam is still cool and ready to deal with any danger threatening the Earth.


A multiplayer shooter game, also, for sure, familiar to very many gamers. In addition to interesting gameplay, many different game classes, many modes, and maps, the game stands out for its visual style, which has a clear bias towards animation.

A huge plus is that such a wonderful network game is now available completely free of charge.


One of the most popular multiplayer games today, which does not need an extra introduction, also made it to our TOP. The reason is obvious – both the game characters and their enemies have a pronounced cartoonish appearance.

Additionally, Fortnite has a free Battle Royale Best Cartoon Games On PC mode . Now anyone can download the game absolutely free of charge and try their hand at the mass slaughter.


A strategy in which you will explore the world, collect creatures (like in the cult Pokemon) and arrange fights between them. The number of pets is in the hundreds, a beautiful cartoon picture pleases the eye, and the availability of the Best Cartoon Games On PC in any browser and on a mobile device will certainly appeal to owners of weak PCs and those who like to play on the road.


Free browser RPG based on the famous Naruto universe. You have to collect a squad of experienced ninjas, enter the arena and fight numerous opponents. The game boasts detailed leveling of characters and their equipment, a large number of PvE and PvP activities, as well as cross-platform progress, which allows you to play freely on any available device.


An anime MMORPG with building and decorating a house, having fun parties , taming pets … and saving the world, of course! This project will delight you with a beautiful cartoon picture, ample opportunities for pumping characters and regular events with the participation of the huge NosTale community .


Horse games are not as widely represented in the industry as some would like. Most often in games, they are used only as a transport, but there are projects where the whole gameplay revolves around these noble animals. For example, Star Stable is an MMO simulator in which you need to care for horses, raise, feed and customize them, as well as participate in races and competitions with other players. All this is wrapped in a cute cartoon image and works on weak PCs.


Adventure game from Canadians from Klei Entertainment, which takes place in an open, randomly generated world, inhabited by bizarre creatures and full of various mysteries and dangers.

The hero’s main goal, which the player can choose before starting the adventure, is to hold out as long as possible in such an unusual and hostile environment, earning food for himself, collecting the necessary materials, and making various useful items and buildings. In addition to well-arranged survival and roguelike elements, Don’t Starve pleases with regular updates and new content releases.


Life simulator The Sims 4 hardly needs an introduction, especially for a female audience. Here you can embody everything that is not available in reality by creating a character and directing his virtual life.

Do you want a peaceful family life? Then build a house and have a romantic relationship. Career above all else? Take any job and advance in positions. Looking for something new? Then at your service dozens of add-ons that add different aspects of real life to the gameplay.


By the way, about a peaceful life. In Farm Together, you will not be distracted by the bustle of the city, because here you will create your own farm alone or with a friend in cooperative mode and start developing it. Growing crops, caring for animals, managing machinery, building – these and other activities will take up all your free time and even beyond that.

The high-quality cartoon graphics, with which the routine work on the farm becomes much more exciting, does not allow you to break away from Farm Together.


Two Point Hospital is a strategic hospital simulator that cannot be taken seriously, not only because of the graphics. Something unimaginable will be happening within the walls of your institution – so, you have to treat strange and absurd diseases (malignant enlighten, cubism), and unreliable staff can wreak havoc, thus getting rid of boredom. However, you will still try to fulfill the Hippocratic oath, equipping offices, diagnosing diseases, inventing new methods of treatment and improving the skills of wards of idiots.


In the survival simulator, your main enemies will be harmless ants, nasty spiders and other representatives of the microcosm, because here the heroes have shrunk to the size of blades of grass. Teenagers will have to adapt to new conditions and extract resources, build a shelter and break away from the pursuit of insects, or give them a fight. The Best Cartoon Games On PC invites you not only to survive, but also to go on unforgettable adventures alone or with friends in cooperative mode.


At first, Hello Neighbor was a solo horror game in which players tried to figure out which skeletons were kept in the closet by a suspicious Neighbor with a gloomy look. But soon the game grew into a whole franchise, and now this universe includes the prequel Hide and Seek, revealing the backstory of the antagonist, as well as the asymmetric multiplayer Secret Neighboor, in which a Best Cartoon Games On PC group of teenagers go to the house of the same Neighbor to suppress boredom, but one of the children turns out a traitor. All games are united by a gloomy cartoon picture.


A first-person horror puzzle game about the life of the cartoonist Henry, haunted by the ghosts of the past. You have to make an adventure in places so close to the protagonist, and experience real horror, since his childhood was not the most rosy. The graphics perfectly convey the atmosphere of cartoons of the 30s, and the gameplay is a “walker” with collecting items and screamers.


The Little Nightmares Dilogy tells a dark tale about a girl in a yellow raincoat with the unusual name “The Sixth” who is trapped on a submarine, where creepy monsters have a feast. This is a puzzle platformer that takes the atmosphere and original idea on the border of fairy tale and naturalism. Both titles have won awards and tens of thousands of positive reviews on Steam.


Knock-knock is a horror game from our guys from Ice-Pick Lodge, whose projects are distinguished by surreal storytelling. In “Knock-knock” you play as the Lodger, who settled in a house in a dense forest, and one night he wakes up from strange sounds. Armed with a candle, he goes in search of the source, but it would be better if he stayed in bed.

This is a great horror movie that can scare fearless gamers, and cartoon-style graphics will not ease this fate in any way.


A classic that is familiar to almost every player, which simply could not help but be included in our selection. Worms Armageddon is one of the most successful turn-based strategy games in which funny worms, in an attempt to destroy each other, destroy cleverly drawn locations using dozens of weapons of unheard of power.


A tactical game from Klei Entertainment that combines elements of roguelike and stealth, the setting of which is close to cyberpunk . Best Cartoon Games On PC player will have to take over the management of a spy agency and introduce their employees into the most closed and inaccessible mega-corporations in the world.

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