22+ Popular & Best Indie Online Of The Decade You Should Own

In this collection, we have collected the most interesting in our opinion Best Indie Online Games on the PC. The TOP includes browser and client games, most of which can download for free from official sites or on Steam.



Valheim is an adventure survival simulator set in a world based on Norse mythology. The Swedish team of 5 people managed to do what large companies cannot achieve – their brainchild became popular almost from the start, and just 2.5 months after its release on Steam, 200 thousand people left their comments.

In the body of a nameless warrior, you will go to a huge fantasy world in which you will come up with something to do – you can survive, build , fight bosses, upgrade skills, and so on. Best Indie Online Games is noteworthy that the mechanics of different genres are in perfect harmony. The spirit of adventure resembles The Legend of Zelda, and in multiplayer, you can play with a friend.



The harsh survival simulator Rust was created by the independent British studio Facepunch, which did not expect their creation to be so popular. Finding yourself bare-handed in a lonely world, you will fight for life, mining resources, building a shelter, and fighting enemies.

Rust is a multiplayer game, and so all the fun happens when you see other gamers on the horizon. Raids, assassinations for supplies, and even large-scale faction wars – defeat in such cases are annoying, but the game is only more interesting.



Phasmophobia: Cooperative horror about hunters ghosts, who will carry out the contracts to find paranormal activity. Unlike other games of the genre, where helpless heroes are frightened by any rustle, or fighters with evil spirits armed to the teeth deal with demons to the right and left, here everything is much more realistic Рfor example, there are 12 types of ghosts familiar from films with unique behavior when examined at home, players use real devices (thermometers, ultraviolet lamps, video cameras), and crosses, salt, and other means will help in the war against the supernatural.

It’s hard to believe that one person developed Phasmophobia under the pseudonym Dknighter who didn’t even have any experience in game development. It did not prevent his project from becoming super popular on the Steam platform.



Growing from an amateur Arma 2 mod to a full-fledged online open-world game, DayZ offers survival in the harsh environment of a zombie apocalypse. At the time of the mod’s release, it was one of the few “games” in the genre, where the main danger was not fast zombies but other players from whom one could not expect kind gestures. Add to this the hardcore survival mechanics (supplies are scarce, you can break your leg from falling, and so on) and the huge open world, and you have a great indie online game.



The squad is a realistic first-person shooter that immerses gamers in the realities of modern warfare. Up to 100 people take part in hot shootouts on large-scale maps using military equipment, and this “turkey shooter” is distinguished from the same Battlefield and Call of Duty by reverent attention to realism. Hundreds of thousands of gamers love tactics, teamwork, communication, the ability to die from an accidental hit – these and other Squad mechanics.

Interestingly, it was originally a modification for Battlefield 2, and the long way to release in 2020 began back in 2015 when the action movie went into Early Access.



Despite being immediately labeled as a Diablo clone on Path of Exile, this project deserves to be at the top of the Best Indie Online Games. This MMORPG truly captures the oppressive and gloomy atmosphere of all-consuming evil and looks like Blizzard’s great and terrible brainchild.

But after playing a little, it becomes obvious that Path of Exile has enough fresh ideas that other diabloids never dreamed of. That there is only a unique pumping system, where the branches of development have more than a thousand passive skills.



Its name perfectly conveys the essence of this project. Yes, we are waiting for a battle royale, the characters of which will not be some thugs, but cute and fluffy animals like pandas, chanterelles, donkeys, monkeys, and raccoons. They do not use claws and teeth for the showdown, but katanas, pistols, machine guns, and even fragmentation grenades.

According to the rink results, enchantments receive DNA points, which can improve them and buy new characters. In general, the gameplay, general atmosphere, and even 2D graphics of this game resemble the half-forgotten masterpieces from the Worms series.



Holdfast: Nations At War is a 125-player tactical indie shooter set during the Napoleonic Wars. The game allows you to take part in large-scale battles on land and at sea, to feel like a part of the era of great battles that influenced the course of history as a whole. Moreover, all this happens quite realistically and often unpredictably.



Imagine if in Master of Orion or Stellaris, each Star Empire was ruled not by bots but by live gamers. It is exactly the kind of gameplay offered by Outscape, which releases early access in the fall of 2019 in a strategic 4X-MMO.

As in the single-player games of this genre, we have to explore the vastness of space, create new colonies, research fantastic technologies, develop infrastructure, rivet new ship models, and, of course, trade or fight with other empires. The IDA Best Indie Online Games studio solved the problem of uneven online elegantly – AI will be engaged in the development of your Empire offline, following your instructions.



BRAIN / OUT is a platform where players will experience rampant violence and a lot of pixelated meat. It just so happened that in the post-Soviet space, there is no longer any power, but mercenaries and marauders are fighting to the last drop of blood, but not for some ideals, but solely for profit. The game turned out to be driving and interesting largely due to a wide selection of weapons with the possibility of customization.



Foxhole – Indie RTS with a huge world in which the war never ends: even leaving the game, you will not protect your character from death on the battlefield because the world continues to live its own life. The game is designed for global and long-term battles, assuming well-thought-out tactics. At the same time, players deprive of the usual conveniences like an unrealistically huge inventory.



Of all the famous stories of wars, the most deprived geymdeveloperov attention has always been a civil war in the United States . Although more than 150 years have passed since then, major studios are still wary of bringing up the topic. Until recently, this setting presents only in some hardcore wargames and one of the campaigns in historical strategies.

In December 2018, the indie studio Campfire Games released the team action War of Rights to Early Access, in which Best Indie Online Games will have to choose North or South and take part in the most famous battles of that war. An interesting find of the project is the encouragement of gamers who adhere to the linear tactics popular in those years.



The essence of the game lies in its name. In this world, each character gives only an hour of life, and during this time, he must have time to make at least some contribution to the development of civilization, after which reincarnation awaits him. It means that after death, you can be born into the family of other players, and then, when you have your children, they will also become the owners of the deceased characters. The creator’s idea itself is original in One Hour One Life and the cute hand-drawn visual design.



With each new part of “Jurassic World,” there are more and more new games about dinosaurs. But The Isle stands out among the same type of dino parks, dino action games, and dyno survival games – after all, here you have to play not for people at all.

Your character in this survival sandbox will be one of the many “terrible lizards” presented in the project. Depending on the chosen dinosaur, you have to either hunt down prey and tear it with claws and teeth or avoid predators, huddle in flocks, and defend with legs, tails, and horns. And in the “Survival” mode, you can go through several stages of the life cycle with the selected reptile and even acquire offspring.



Those who already have a plan if a zombie apocalypse can easily test it for viability in Dead Frontier 2. This indie horror mixes the pieces of survivors, and the cult action movie Left 4 Dead and offered to destroy hordes of brain-eaters and build good-neighborly ( or not) relationships with other survivors.



Survarium creates by the same guys who gave us STALKER, from where the anomalies and the general atmosphere of hopelessness borrow. People thoughtlessly destroyed natural resources, and nature decided to repay them – a Forest of mutant plants approaching the lands chosen by man. To survive in such a world is already a victory.



Mars Tomorrow is a 3D sci-fi strategy game that takes gamers to Mars. On the Red Planet, they have to develop their civilization and watch how lifeless deserts turn into green meadows that wash by rivers.

This game is economic – that is, you don’t have to fight with the local inhabitants. The entire gameplay bases on the extraction of resources and the organization of infrastructure between settlements – so a small starting base will soon be replaced by a whole network of various points. It is noteworthy that other users will settle in your neighborhood with whom you can exchange benefits.



Russian browser MMORPG “Okolofutbol” offers to get used to the role of a football hooligan, which is ready to stand up for his favorite team. Having created a fighter, you will join the traffic and fight for influence in the city, become part of a group or create your own, visit stadiums and other cities. So on – all these activities are divided into single and cooperative. The Best Indie Online Games will delight you with pleasant graphics, and the Russian flavor felt everywhere.



Town of Salem is an unusual variation on the Mafia theme set in the 17th century. The action takes place in the town of Salem, notorious for the brutal witch hunt. The essence of the game is simple: a group of 7-15 players divides into three factions – Mafia, Citizens, and Neutrals, who can join either side, each player gets a role that determines his abilities. At night they all begin to rampage, and during the day, they figure out who and what has done.



Shakes and Fidget is an indie MMORPG that is meant to be a mockery of serious fantasy projects. As a result, the game turned out to be funny, but at the same time, the key elements, without which it is impossible to imagine classic role-playing, remained in place. Shakes and Fidget can suddenly drag on for long hours, and you’ll find that a good RPG doesn’t have to be serious.



The creators of this MMORPG in a medieval setting try to achieve maximum realism and freedom of action in their project. To do this, the game implements a crafting system as close to reality as possible – each item requires the same resources as its prototype, and steel smelting or leather dressing consists of the same stages as in reality.

The game world of servers initially does not contain any settlements and NPCs, so the gamers themselves will have to fill it with content. It will be helped by a free building, allowing joint efforts to turn the wilderness into a prosperous castle. The game is available both as a downloadable client and in browser mode.



If you’ve always dreamed of a pocket monster, it’s time to go in search of Pokemon in Pokemon Planet. The Best Indie Online Games creators have populated a large world accessible for exploration with animals, whose appearance and abilities are fully consistent with the characters from the original anime. So Pokemon fans won’t get confused here.


Armaldia is a city planning strategy in which the main thing is to think creatively. The game does not limit you to materials for construction and other things, allowing you to create everything yourself and use it however you want. Also, the game has enough opportunities for social interactions – trade with neighbors, political alliances, and so on.

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