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This list takes a look at gaming’s best mercenaries. Some of them work for private military contractors while others offer their service to anyone in need. They all survive as bounty hunters, soldiers of fortune, or hired hands in one capacity or another. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team! If that fails, you can try hiring one of the fine individuals listed here.

Vanessa Z. Schneider

P.N.03 didn’t exactly light up the sales charts, but the game amassed a sizable cult following because of its leading lady. Vanessa is a cybernetically-enhanced mercenary hired by an unnamed client to stop rogue cyborgs from massacring innocent colonists. Vanessa was literally made for her job, and she effortlessly destroys her robotic enemies by shooting blasts of energy out of her hands. Vanessa is a killing machine, but it’s hard not to be distracted by her appearance. She snaps her fingers, taps her feet, and gyrates her hips while attacking her enemies. If she didn’t make her money as a mercenary, I’m sure she’d be able to pay her bills by dancing. Vanessa’s arrogant body language fits perfectly with her sarcastic personality, and her natural cynicism allows her to complete most of her jobs without becoming emotionally attached.


The Last Story

Syrenne is one of many mercenaries who plays a role in The Last Story, but she’s easily the most entertaining character in the game. She’s depicted as a brash vixen with a foul mouth and a taste for alcohol, and she’s always looking for a fight. Syrenne will charge into battle without any fear or regret, which is a good quality for any mercenary to have. She often speaks without thinking, but she’s able to back her words up. She’s a legitimate warrior and the only member of her group skilled enough to wield dual blades in battle. When she’s not busy on the battlefield, Syrenne will sometimes fight with her own friends. She frequently makes sarcastic remarks at the expense of others and happily assaults anyone who annoys her. Despite her combative nature, Syrenne is always the funniest person in the room and the life of any party

Hana Tsu Vachel

Fear Effect Series

After being orphaned as a child, Hana was taken by a criminal Triad organization and forced into a lifetime contract. Hoping to escape her life as a sex slave, Hana found employ as a freelance mercenary and began accepting high-risk assignments in order to buy her contract from the organization. Working alongside a motley crew, Hana became a world-class marksman, an ace pilot, and a master in the art of seduction and warfare. In addition to contract killings, her group also dabbles in theft and kidnapping, but Hana is able to adapt to almost any role. She can flirt her way out of difficult situations and can charm men into a false sense of security before striking like a viper. Her time as a teenage prostitute conditioned her to be distant and untrusting, but she’s an eternal optimist and a loyal friend despite her tragic past.

Super Joe

Commando Series

Under the guise of Super Joe, Joseph Gibson was a decorated soldier in the FSA military and known as “The Supervisor” due to his leadership abilities and meticulous attention to detail behind the scenes. After completing several successful missions in Commando, Super Joe left the military to start his own private military company. In Mercs, Super Joe led a covert mercenary team known as the “Wolf Force” and was tasked with rescuing a former president from rebels. The NES version of Bionic Commando initially depicted Super Joe as a victim who needed to be rescued by Rad Spencer. As the game progressed, however, enemy radio broadcasts painted Super Joe as an unstoppable force who singlehandedly broke through enemy strongholds while Rad Spencer was carrying out his mission.

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