24 Role Play Best Mercenary Games To Play In 2022

They always climb into the very heat of battle and boldly look death in the eyes. Their effectiveness determines the amount that the employer is willing to pay, and the methods of performing tasks are often far from humane. We are talking about mercenaries, to whom our selection of Best Mercenary Games is dedicated.



The Mercenaries series is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Best Mercenary Games. It consists of two parts and invites players to get used to soldiers of fortune, doing the “dirty work” on request.

Gamers remembered these third-person shooters for the sandbox elements, impressive for their time destructibility and system of factions and reputation. These are pretty fun games with a good dose of fun and confusion and are worth checking out if you’re into retro gaming.



If we talk about mercenaries, Mercenaries will remember by fans of shooters, but fans of tactical Best Mercenary Games  will call the Jagged Alliance series. The iconic line of turn-based strategies dedicates to conflicts in hot spots worldwide, in which the player takes part, controlling a squad of fighters.

The games of the Jagged Alliance franchise combine well-developed tactical battles, a role-playing system, and a well-thought-out economy, within which it is necessary not only to complete tasks but also to seize territories for a constant flow of funds and to hire and equip new fighters with the proceeds. Alas, over time, the series turned somewhere in the wrong place and quietly died, but the first two parts forever remained in history as the best representatives of their genre.



It known that the mercenary profession did not appear in our days, but a very, very long time ago – probably, with the beginning of the first wars. Therefore, soldiers of fortune are also present in historical games – for example, in Battle Brothers from Overhype studio.

Controlling a squad of fighters, the player will travel through the medieval (with a touch of fantasy) open world, fulfill contracts, fight with opposing factions, hire soldiers and influence the political map by their actions. Despite the relatively modest picture, the game is addictive, and the battles are naturalistic and brutal.



Every witcher is, in fact, a mercenary who does not shy away from dirty work, and Geralt is no exception. He takes orders for the extermination of monsters that annoy the common people and receives a reward for their heads.

Of course, it is impossible to call the protagonist of The Witcher series a mercenary who is ready to complete any task for the sake of a hard coin: Geralt has certain principles and moral principles, and often he gets involved in adventures not for the sake of reward, but in pursuit of his interests. However, the witcher profession has some similarities to the mercenary lifestyle. For this, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt earned a place on the list.



Silent Agent 47 is a genetically engineered hitman working for the influential ICA organization, which provides killer services to people and governments worldwide. If you need to eliminate the target, 47 will do it without noise and dust; he will surround the murder as an accident or soak the victim in a secluded place.

The Hitman series attracts social stealth and sandbox elements and freedom of action: you are limited only by the boundaries of the level and your imagination. You choose the methods of completing tasks yourself.



In the distant future, they will not give up mercenaries’ services: BattleTech dedicates to a squad of Mech pilots who carry out dangerous missions during a brutal interstellar civil war.

In this turn-based strategy game, you will develop your base, make contracts with neo-feudal lords, and go to the battlefields, controlling battle robots in brutal skirmishes.



In the first-person shooter series Soldier of Fortune, the player again takes on the role of a mercenary soldier and undertakes missions to eliminate terrorists, saving the world due to their actions.

The games of the line received positive reviews and high marks. Still, the weakest third part, Soldier of Fortune Payback, was remembered by gamers: it implements a system of realistic dismemberment of opponents, shooting limbs, and rivers of blood. For this, the game even bans in some countries.

Games not available on official digital services



MORDHAU – multiplayer action game in a medieval setting, dedicated to sword battles; in fact, the game’s name bases on the “Mordhow” grip, in which the fighter takes the sword by the blade and strikes with the hilt.

Here Best Mercenary Games , players control mercenaries who fight in massive battles for gold. The project is notable for its good reliability, a large selection of modes, and wide customization of characters.



This arcade simulator invites you to sit at the controls of a jet fighter and go to the skies – to complete missions in war zones around the world.

The plot of Project Wingman is set in the setting of alternative history, and the players are waiting for an extensive storyline campaign and a “Conquest” mode with RPG and roguelike elements. Given the setting, the developers allowed themselves to dream a little, so the planes in the game can equip with railguns and other exotic weapons. Also, the project supports VR headsets, allowing you to immerse yourself in the dynamic gameplay fully.



A domestic game about mercenaries invites gamers to join the civil conflict in a small banana state. Having assembled a detachment of mercenaries, the players will join one of the warring parties; here, you can also play for yourself or go over to the side of the enemy.

In terms of gameplay, Brigade E5: The new alliance is a tactical RPG with recruiting fighters, real-time battles (with a “smart” pause), and a huge number of game mechanics, including the meticulous study of weapons and equipment, multifaceted combat, and many tactics.



Darkest Dungeon is a dark dungeon exploration game with rogue like games and squad management. Dark and uncomfortable, the game explores the themes of fear and madness and takes you on a fascinating journey through the ancient estate and its surroundings.

Best Mercenary Games can hire adventurers to follow you, each with their own set of characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. But be careful: the mansion’s dungeons are fraught with horrors, and your characters may not stand meeting with them – go crazy, lose control of themselves, and even interrupt their partners!



The first part of the Shadow Warrior series was released back in 1997, but we are interested in a new trilogy: a restart in 2013, a sequel released in 2016, and a third part expected in 2021.

Shadow Warrior tells the story of Lo Wang, a modern-day ninja, a mercenary who fights demons. The line games are notable for an abundance of humor (often black and outhouse) and a combination of the use of edged weapons and firearms.



Every stalker is, if not a mercenary, then at least an adventurer who goes to the Zone for fresh impressions and potential wealth.

In STALKER: Clear Sky, such a hero, is Scar, a mercenary who performs escort missions in the Zone. He will take part in the events that will lead to the beginning of the storyline of STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, and players will learn more details of the complex universe of the STALKER series.



The protagonist of jRPG Final Fantasy VII is the mercenary Cloud Strife, recruited by eco-terrorists to fight the mega-corporation. At first, the character behaves aloof: he completes the task for the sake of money and will not be friends with his employers. Best Mercenary Games However, over time, Cloud gets closer to new acquaintances and becomes involved in a large-scale confrontation with the villain to save the entire planet.

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most significant games in the industry. It has received many positive reviews and awards, and in 2020 Square Enix released a remake of it covering events from the beginning of the original.


Warhammer: Dark Omen


The Warhammer series of games holds its position in the list of the most popular gaming universes, but it is simply necessary to return to the roots for the sake of knowledge and pleasant sensations! The graphics are not the best, but the gameplay and story will make any player go through Warhammer: Dark Omen to the end.

The plot tells the story of a condottiere named Morgan, who is the commander of a mercenary squad. In the South of the location of the main Empire, the undead are waking up, and behind all this is the king of the Undead. Morgan this time is fighting in the northern lands, repelling the settlement from the goblins. Soon he will have to face the undead face to face and save the world from another threat.

The gameplay of any modern real-time strategy will be similar to the gameplay of Warhammer: Dark Omen, because this work is the pioneer of RTS. The player will have to manage a small squad of several mercenaries, who must go through fire and copper pipes. For each successfully completed task, a reward is due, and side missions can bring useful artifacts and various items to the squad’s treasury. Do not forget about morality: depending on the decisions made, the main character will change mentally.



The classic game, the cult space simulator from Chris Roberts, is now involved in the equally ambitious Star Citizen project.

In Freelancer, the protagonist is a mercenary who plows through space, transports cargo, hunts for heads, trades, fights, fulfills orders from various factions – in general, tries to survive in hostile space. It’s a great if a little dated, adventure.

Games not available on official digital services



In this RPG series, players will take on bounty hunters who keep order in the inhabited sectors of the galaxy. They will have to fight pirates, escort merchant ships, extract valuable resources and complete various tasks.

The games in the line boast tactical battles, an atmosphere of adventure, and amazing views of deep space.



The sequel to the E5 Brigade presented above, a tactic from the Russian studio Aperion, continues the events of the original game. In the role of a mercenary, players will explore the territory of a fictional tropical country, side with one of the factions or fight for themselves, manage their squad, and try to earn a comfortable old age.

Like the previous part, 7.62 High Caliber distinguishes by a detailed implementation and simulation of the characters’ equipment, the interconnection of many game mechanics, and addictive gameplay.



In this spinoff of the Metal Gear series, the player will take control of a private security agency mercenary, a cybernetic ninja named Raiden.

Armed with a special sword, Raiden confronts cyborgs, robots, and other opponents led by villains. One of the game’s key features is the ability to cut objects and enemies into pieces using a special “free sword” mode.



The first game in the Far Cry series developed by Ubisoft. Perhaps, the most serious: the developers have prepared a breathtaking scenario, realistic gameplay, and a dirty brown picture filter that enhances the immersion in the atmosphere of an African country mired in civil war.

Here, the hero, mercenary suffering from malaria, will follow the trail of an arms dealer to stop his activities and stop the endless bloodshed. However, in the course of the plot, he will have to reconsider his views.



When the city of Grant captures by an insane alchemist along with the cult of his name, the king finds no other solution but to send mercenaries there with a promise to forgive them all crimes.

You will become one of the daredevils: gather a squad of fighters, go outside the city gates and face the horrors that have settled there. Black Legend is a good tactical RPG with interesting combat based on alchemy.



This line did not appear on PC, but it is worth talking about it. Army of Two is a dilogy of cooperative shooters dedicated to the adventures of mercenaries who perform tasks in hot spots of the planet.

Moreover, they are so cooperative that one cannot do without the support of a second player. Like A Way Out or It Takes Two, just long before them and with an aggressive slant. These shooters were only released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and are not available on modern platforms. However, these are some of the best mercenary games out there, and they have a place in our selection.

Games not available on official digital services.


Wages of War

Another product of the gaming industry, similar to Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. Similarities are seen not only in graphics, but also in the gameplay itself. The main character is the head of the Dogs of War. The group profits from bloodshed. Who said being a mercenary was easy?

The gameplay is divided into several parts: first you prepare for the task, planning each step, choosing the necessary equipment, and only then go to the task itself. Wages of War has its own unique difficulty, so don’t be surprised if your fighters don’t make it to the mission in time. Best Mercenary Games that the Time passes flawlessly, and mercenaries need wages and equipment – dispose of the advance received correctly so as not to be left in the cold.

Completing a quest is the most delicious thing in Wages of War. Turn-based gunfights are unlikely to impress a modern player, but seasoned fighters from the 90s and 2000s will like this gameplay. The controls are somewhat similar to Jagged Alliance, and the wide arsenal of weapons provides good options for fulfilling the contract.





Nine to Five is a 3x3x3 online team-based shooter in which players form squads and fight each other in quick matches. According to the plot of the game, the events unfold in the future, where corporate wars are raging, attracting mercenaries for “dirty” work. Best Mercenary Games developers emphasize teamwork, a large number of tasks, and an impressive selection of equipment. The game will be released in 2021.


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