10 Role Play Best Parkour Games In 2022

In 1987, a team of French teenagers organized the Yamakashi team, which means a strong body or strong spirit in Japanese. They learned using the techniques of gymnastics, acrobatics, and martial arts to move freely in any space and overcome any obstacles, turning them from a hindrance to a help. Gradually, the hobby grew into a sports discipline.

Since the beginning of the nineties, parkour has been gaining rapid popularity. Athletic boys and girls who call themselves tracers began to meet in various cities around the world. For no apparent reason, they climbed the walls and darted across rough terrain, doing incredible somersaults. From the outside, it looked no worse than the first-class stunts from an adventure movie. So very soon, the games of parkour were adopted by filmmakers and then by game developers.

And this TOP is dedicated to the best parkour games and games in which parkour plays an important role. So let’s go!

Free Running


Despite the name, the game focuses not on running but beautiful tricks and spectacular improvisations.

Free Running introduces gamers to the basics of parkour. The game reproduces dozens of signature movements of tracers in very high quality. Even though the game is pretty outdated, it is almost the only specialized game about parkour.

Free Running is unique in that it shows parkour without fantastic embellishments – almost as it is.

Sleeping Dogs


In 2008, the young studio United Front took on the development of an open-world action-adventure movie. Activision is going to publish the project. And it was she who insisted that the project should be a continuation of the True Crime series. And when he was close to reaching the home stretch, the publishing house decided to cover him up since the project did not reach the level of GTA, and if so, then …

Squareenix saved the game from the funeral, and in the summer of 2012, the crime thriller, renamed Sliping Dog, made it to the shelves.

The game both confirmed and denied Aktivizhn’s fears. Of course, the project did not reach the level of GTA, but it had a bright personality and fully justified the trust of new publishers.

The charm of the new action movie based on its style and atmosphere, borrowed from Hong Kong cinema. The main character, policeman Wei Shen, was taught kung fu and newfangled parkour. However, Shen did not master It perfectly. Jumping from great heights, jogging on walls, or lightning-fast changes of direction turned out to be within his power, but more complex tricks – alas.



No matter how good real tracers are, you can’t argue against the laws of physics – if you are not a hero of a computer game. Game masters of parkour can do everything.

Perhaps the title of the series with the most impressive parkour deserves Prototype. The main character of the first part – Alex Mercer – in the blink of an eye ran up the steep walls and rushed across the rooftops of New York. His jumping ability would be the envy of any grasshopper. When it came to a fight, the guy swept away everyone who was in his way. It’s worth playing Prototype, if only for this feeling of incredible power.

And although the first part did not quite reach the level of its ambitions – the plot best parkour games and the study of the world pumped up, in the second game, everything turned out as it should. The main character has changed – now, this role assigns to the former soldier James Keller. He became the epitome of drive and destruction, and Prototype 2 was one of the most brutal action films of 2012.



Simultaneously with Prototype, another game with a similar style came out – Infemos was an open world, a superhero with many abilities and fashionable parkour were waiting for you. True, the local hero could not boast of such impressive capabilities. In terms of running speed, jumping ability, and climbing skills, he, of course, surpassed ordinary mortal tracers, but only a couple of times, and not by order of magnitude, especially at the beginning of the game, when the arsenal of abilities was not yet large enough. It takes a long time for the hero to unlearn how to soar, scatter enemies with electric discharges, or jump on the rails, rush along with them like a real express.

But InFamous turned out to be a much more solid game. There is a rich plot in the best traditions of comics, an enviable variety of missions, and an interesting karma system that allows us to turn our character into a hero or a villain. Our actions not only open access to abilities but also change the face of the city. If we are conscientiously clearing the city of bandits, passers-by will welcome us. If you kill passers-by in the heat of battle, then when you appear, people scatter.

Two years later, the second part about Kol’s adventures came out. The authors moved the action to another city, set new enemies on the hero, and seriously expanded the list of abilities.

The Saboteur


The number of WWII games is hard to count. But original projects rarely appear on this list – the more valuable each of them is. The Saboter game releases at the very end of 2009. The developers took us to Nazi-occupied Paris. We played the role best parkour games of an Irish auto mechanic – Sean Deblin, waging a personal war against a German officer and, along the way, helping the local resistance.

In the Sabotager, you can find many borrowings from GTA, Assassin’s Creed, and Gears of War, but there were also enough original ideas. For example, nice visual style. At the very beginning, Paris paint in shades of gray. Still, as the city cleared of the occupiers, the rainbow colors inherent in it are gradually returning to the city landscape.

The world of the game attracts; you want to study it in the smallest detail. Of all the parkour elements, the hero mastered only wall climbing and amazing jumping ability. Still, even that was enough to enjoy Paris from those angles from which tourists would never see it.

Getting Up


After the election of a new mayor, the American city of New Radius has changed dramatically – the streets flooded with police officers who have organized war on graffiti artists. But Train Crowley, nicknamed Train, is not going to give up what he loves. Armed with spray cans, stickers, and markers, he goes to spoil the city property.

Since artists are now outlawed, painting is not easy. In addition, in addition to the police, members of other gangs stand in the way of Train. They will have to fight, proving their superiority.

For your drawings to appreciate everyone around you, you need to draw not only without smudges but also climb higher. However, this is not a problem because Train is a true master of parkour. Climb a pipe, jump over a fence or walk along a cornice at a high height for him to spit.

In addition to graffiti and parkour, the game has a very non-trivial plot and a good soundtrack.

Prince of Persia


The original 1989 Prince of Persia is perhaps the first game to feature parkour elements. The hero deftly landed after falls, grabbed hold of any ledge, and jumped over deep chasms like a tracer. To compete with the masters, he lacked spectacular ease – its Persian heir found, after 14 years, two unsuccessful sequels.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the rights to the name acquired by Ubisoft undertook to reboot the series. As a result, the game The Sands of Time was released. The main components of the gameplay, as before, were battles and acrobatics. In the battles, we help by the magic dagger and the gymnastic abilities of the prince. To slip between the enemies, forcing them to collide with each other, or do a somersault, pushing off the wall and attacking the enemy – it was in the order of things for the hero.

To free the princess from captivity, she had to run along sheer walls, climb high-rise buildings, and balance on narrow ledges, to risk falling into the abyss at any time.

The updated Prince of Persia has become one of the best and one of the most important games for the genre of its time. He demonstrated how acrobatics and parkour could use in modern adventure.

Mirror’s Edge


In 2002, Swedish studio Dice took on a parkour game. It was called Mirror’s Edge and transported us to an unnamed metropolis of the future, whose inhabitants exchanged freedom for stability. The government controls all aspects of people’s lives, and primarily communications and media. Those who want to bypass the ubiquitous censorship use the services of courier-tracers like the main character, Fade.

After Sister Fade accused of murdering the mayor, Fade rushes on the run, and she will not have to stop until the very end of the game, filled with drive and a unique sense of speed.

Unlike all other projects included in our TOP parkour games, Mirrors Age is not a third-person game, but a first-person one. The new perspective completely changed the feel of virtual parkour. Here we dive into it headlong. We can jump, roll over, kick the opponent who has turned up, instantly change direction, jump to the next roof and continue the crazy race.

Of the playable characters, it is Fade that helps to feel best what best parkour games is.



When creating the game, the developers guided by the idea that the player should give a sense of immense power, we are assigned the role of a warrior-space ninja, capable of creating incredible things thanks to exoskeletons.

The characters of this outstanding modern online game have abilities that other superheroes can envy, and in particular, they own the coolest parkour with tackles, jump shots, somersaults and other acrobatic stunts in the image and likeness of the Assassin.

Warframe has taken a little bit from many fun games, but it is impossible to compare it with anything. This is an amazing multifaceted and incredibly dynamic session-based online third-person shooter that you can play alone or in co-op with friends – in this case, you will get incomparably more fun. There is a wide variety of missions to choose from.

The graphics and Russian translation of the game are at the highest level. Oriental style and samurai aesthetics mixed with sci-fi style add originality to the game.

This unique shooter contains many more interesting features, which you can learn in detail about in the Warframe game review.

Assassin’s Creed


If we had to choose the main promoter of parkour in the best parkour games industry, this title would go to Ubisoft, especially its Montreal division.

In search of ideas, the project designer turned to the history of the Crusades. His attention was drawn to the Order of the Assassins. For the game, it looked very tempting – a swift killer makes his way to the victims on the roofs of houses. Open world, ancient cities, old buildings, each of which you can climb.

Assassin’s Creed has become one of the most outstanding games of our generation – it was on it that the developers relied on the success of the Prince of Persia because these games are so similar! No other game has ever featured such friendly and intuitive parkour. In the second part, everything became even bigger. There are even more opportunities to use the tracer skills of the hero. Wading through the intricate strings of dungeons or climbing the domes of majestic cathedrals, one could fully appreciate the talent and grace of the protagonist.

Such a beautiful parkour not found in any other series of games.


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