Best Point And Click Games To Play In 2022

Here you will find the best point-and-click games that are worthy of your attention.

Point-and-click is one of the genres of computer games. These are quests, but with an emphasis on exploring game locations through the cursor. We have collected for you the best point-and-click games with great stories, beautiful graphics, and addictive gameplay.



The series of games has over 30 projects about a girl detective Nancy Drew, who investigates various crimes. In games, she travels across America (Wisconsin, San Francisco, Washington, Arizona, and so on). She constantly faces troubles: either an exhibit from a museum stolen, then neighbors complain about ghosts, or a stranger sends letters with threats.

The gameplay of the games includes exploring various locations, searching for clues, and solving simple puzzles. Nancy Drew is interesting to play because the stories presented are intricate and interesting. There are also horror elements that give goosebumps!



A humorous quest in the spirit of classic games of the genre such as Sam and Max, Monkey Island. The player will have to face aliens, deal with the army of Hitler’s robots and challenge the Nazi-clone robots dinosaurs. And that’s not all the adventure that awaits you.

The graphics in the game are cartoonish, and what is happening on the screen is absurd. Still passing Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That! will remain in your memory for a long time thanks to humor, animation, and game situations. The game will run smoothly on weak computers.



The writer Agatha Christie has made an unbearable contribution to the literary detective, and not only Hollywood but also the game industry is interested in her works. Meet the point-and-click adventure quest The ABC Murders, based on the book Alphabetical Murders, in which, as the famous detective Hercule Poirot, you will try to catch a serial killer.

The classic gameplay of the quest supplements with detective mechanics – for example, the player will have to conduct a real investigation, collecting evidence, solving puzzles, and making inferences. However, the game remains faithful to the original and does not allow you to get away from it. However, this is only a plus for those who read the novel.



Another smart and noble literary character has become the protagonist of a whole series of Best Point And Click Games quests, most adamantly following the sources. In games about Sherlock Holmes, alone or with your faithful partner Watson, you have to conduct investigations, look for evidence and interrogate suspects, all to unravel complex intrigues.

To everyone’s joy, there are quite a few games about Sherlock – we recommend paying attention to Crimes and Punishments, where you will uncover crimes from the original works, to The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, where the detective became a target, and to The Devil’s Daughter, which continues the adventures of the virtual detective.



Leisure Suit Larry has deceptively attractive cartoon graphics, as the content of the games is not intended for children at all. It is a series of erotic quests that appeared in 1987 and became a fresh breath of air for the genre thanks to the original idea and humor. Best Point And Click Games is noteworthy that games continue to be released today, albeit not with the same frequency as in the past.

You will play as Larry Laffer, a 40-year-old loser who never loses hope to seduce a beauty and drag her into bed. All his actions in games aim to achieve the ladies’ hearts, but funny and absurd cases will interfere with this.



Grim Fandango takes as its basis the myths and legends of the afterlife and immerses the player in the unusual story of a travel agent … the world of the dead. Manny Calavea makes money by selling tickets to the souls of the dead to travel to their final resting place, but even on the other side, there are conspiracies, and one of these threatens the salvation of the hero’s soul.

An interesting idea interspersed with a depressing-pessimistic style of storytelling in the spirit of classic film noir, and gamers praise Grim Fandango for literally everything – plot, dialogues, music, graphics, atmosphere. It reissues in 2015.



Chicken Police – Paint it RED! – another detective in our selection, but his heroes were not famous detectives, but … animals. The quest with anthropomorphic heroes invites you to learn the story of an almost retired police officer. Almost – because another case falls on his head, which connects with his personal life. The gameplay features include:

  • A unique and complex interrogation system.
  • A detailed world.
  • Mini-games that will dilute the hard work of the detective.



“How to get a neighbor” has probably become a childhood game for many gamers, and there was a reason to remember this classic with the release of HD remasters of the first and second parts or start getting to know it. In the role of a cocky guy, you will play your neighbor in various ways, and it does not matter at all whether these are harmless jokes or they can be life-threatening. Change the shaving cream, file the support on the bridge … imagine that this is your neighbor who drills the walls 24/7. However, try not to catch his eye.



In the atmospheric adventure Samorost 3, you will meet a space gnome who accidentally finds a magic flute, which leads him to space adventures. This atmospheric, fairytale story takes you across different planets, where you help local creatures with their problems in the spirit of classic point-and-click games.

If you haven’t played the first two parts and haven’t even heard of them, it doesn’t matter – the stories told in the games are independent of each other. We mentioned the third part because gamers consider it a real masterpiece in their genre, and high-quality HD graphics will undoubtedly delight modern players.



In the genre we are considering, there is a place not only for quests – for example, Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror film in which all actions are also reduces to mouse clicks. In the suit, night guard, unremarkable pizza restaurant, you will sit in front of monitors, surveillance cameras and ensure that everything was in order. Oddities will appear on the first night when you notice that the animatronic dolls change their location as if slowly moving towards the security office … And there are five such nights.



The point-and-click adventure TOHU immerses the player in the wonderful world of “fish planets,” where he will meet a little girl named … Girl. She has to go on a journey where she will find out the truth about herself and save her world, and in this, she will help by her mechanical alter-ego Cube.

The gameplay still offers puzzle-solving; however, the peculiarity of TOHU is that in the blink of an eye, you can transform into a huge robot (and back into a Girl). They are much attract by the cartoon graphics, drawn by hand.



As in TOHU, ROKI’s protagonist is a defenseless girl forced to embark on an adventure. Tove will visit the forgotten world of fairy tales and myths inhabited by friendly and not so creatures. TOHU bases on Scandinavian myths. You will have to use your ingenuity to solve problems. The game does not force you to sit on the puzzle for a long time, presenting an alluring opportunity for a gamer to miss something important.



Games that receive a remaster should only be considered based on this fact. However, The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief is not a “mammoth” – the original releases in 2013. Still, already in 2018, its remaster comes out with support for modern resolutions, smart graphics, and without the second part of the title.

The plot will send you to 1964 when a priceless artifact was stolen from the British Museum, and the only piece of evidence was a bird’s feather, referring to the legendary thief Raven. Whether the criminal has returned and what happened – you have to find out from the perspective of the two sides, and this feature makes the gameplay quite interesting.



And there are remasters of “mammoths” who, even after more than 20 years from the release, are welcomed with open arms by both the old and modern gamers. Full Throttle is an adventure quest filled with humor about the harsh biker Ben, who was tricked and locked in a trash can while also ruining his beloved motorcycle. To say that his enemies are Khan is to say nothing.

The gameplay contains standard point-and-click mechanics with hidden objects and dialogue, but there is room for arcade elements such as road fights.



An animated game with a serious connotation, which touches on the topic of “lies.” In the story, student Brian Basco accidentally knocks down a young girl and takes her to the hospital. It turns out that the mafia is pursuing her because of a mysterious object, and the guy, deciding to save the beauty, goes with her on a long journey.

On your way, you will meet many heroes and not all with good intentions. Many of them will try to kill you for money and other purposes. Will the player distinguish the liars and save not only the girl’s life but also Brian’s? The game received high marks, mostly 7-8 points out of 10.



The series has five games (there are rumors about the development of the 6th). Each of them has an independent plot, but they are all united by a detective bias. The player will have to solve mysteries, interrupt world conspiracies, investigate murders, and so on.

Dialogue, branded jokes, challenging puzzles, excellent point-and-click gameplay – all this makes the games one of the best in their genre. The Broken Sword series has received “very positive” reviews on Steam, with gamers relentlessly praising its humor and claiming it is the series’ main highlight.



A psychedelic adventure not meant for children. Girl Fran Bow loses her parents and ends up in a psychiatric hospital. The treatment methods are not productive; because of them, Fran constantly has nightmares. She has to escape from the hospital and get to the only place that can be considered home – in her aunt’s estate.

The game contains many horror elements, but the gameplay is typical of the point-and-click genre: you have to move between locations, interact with characters and objects, and solve simple puzzles. Sometimes there are mini-games. Fran Bow praises for its style, but the game is unlikely to appeal to fans of humorous quests.



Little Misfortune takes place in the same universe as Fran Bow but tells about a different heroine. Having befriended an imaginary friend, Mister Voice, a girl named Failure Ramirez Hernandez embarks on a dangerous journey to find a rare gift for her mom. It is a pity, but the mistress may not return home.

The plot develops depending on the actions taken by the player. You will travel to static locations and sometimes do contradictory actions that will lead you to one of several endings.



Point-and-click quest in which you play the role of a real detective. Playing as Katie’s girlfriend, you investigate the death of your grandfather. To do this, you have to talk with witnesses and explore various locations for evidence.

The peculiarity of the game is pixel graphics . Sometimes there are inserts with real actors (for example, when a girl is watching TV). The game catches on with an excellent and intense storytelling. On Steam, users leave “very positive” reviews. Reviews are few, which means Kathy Rain is an underrated game that you might have missed out on.



Horror game from the creators of Monkey Island. You will learn the story of five heroes who had to face the horrors of their hometown Timbleweed Park. A corpse under a bridge, a hotel with ghosts, a burned-out pillow factory and other places can scare many, but we are sure that the player is ready for such adventures!

The highlight of Thimbleweed Park is that the gamer himself builds relationships between playable characters. The game fills with challenging puzzles, an interesting mystical story with references, and excellent humor. According to users, this is a great modern quest that will appeal to fans of the genre.



The developers of the Foxtail quest were inspired by games from the 90s, as evidenced by pixel graphics, an interesting and engaging story, and challenging puzzles that can solves in several ways. The gameplay includes exploring locations, finding and collecting items, and using them to solve puzzles.

You will learn the story of Leah the chanterelle, whose grandmother fell seriously ill. The girl decides to find medicines, and for this, she goes on a long journey, in which she will meet different creatures, stumble upon trouble and find out the secrets of her grandfather’s past.



A non-standard game dedicated to the adventures of the girl Agatha. Suffering from insomnia, she experiences an inner conflict between her friendship with animals and her love of meat. She will have to save her favorites by convincing them that self-sacrifice is the way out. Get ready to create your religion – Meat Eating – and help Agatha deal with the problems.

It is a classic point-and-click quest with dark humor, all sorts of references, and complex, extraordinary tasks. A satirical story will tell you about the dark corners of a girl’s daily life. And it’s all spiced up with hand-drawn graphics and an original soundtrack.



Fantasy quest withdrawn graphics, dedicated to the adventure of the girl Anna. She has supernatural powers: telekinesis and the ability to communicate with animals. And no one will stand in her way: neither witches, nor trolls, nor dragons.

Another great quest with a touch of humor, beautiful locations, classic gameplay for the genre. Anna’s Quest is more like a fairy tale adventure, but what will the girl end up with? According to the developers, the ending of the game is “incredible”! We invite you to find out this personally.



The Darkside Detective is a mystical detective in which two heroes – Francis McQueen and Patrick Dooley – will have to investigate paranormal affairs, enlisting the “dark side” support. The plot divides into episodes (like in games from Telltale ).

The gameplay includes standard action for the genre: collecting items, combining them, and using them to solve simple puzzles. Best Point And Click Games True, the longer you play, the more difficult the quests become. The rating of games on Steam is 9-10 points out of 10, which already means that you need to visit their pages.

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