Best Role Play Games Like Darksiders In 2022

The Games Like Darksiders, whose roots stretch back to the legendary Legend of Zelda, has gained a lot of fame over the years but never received cult status. Nonetheless, the series is solid and has survived the death of its publisher, THQ. We decided to make a small selection of games similar Games Like Darksiders.



A dark action-adventure game inspired by Norse mythology and Celtic culture and tells the story of Senua, a Pictish warrior who travels to the mystical kingdom of Helheim to defeat otherworldly creatures and save the soul of her lost lover.

The uniqueness of the game is that it, hiding behind a fusion of hack’n’slash with riddles, actually serves as the best metaphor for a girl’s struggle with her psychosis, which she revered as a curse. Destroying Senua’s enemies, the player gradually plunges into her world, hears a whisper around her, desperately tries to understand what is real and just a vision.

With each new defeated demon and a riddle solved, Senua plunges deeper into the abyss of madness.

Senua has to go through a dangerous path in the world of demons, darkness, and living myths.



A spin-off of the Metal Gear series in the hack’n’slash genre. Set four years after Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, the player takes control of Raiden, a cyborg opposing the private military company Desperado Enforcement. The basis of the same gameplay was battles with a sword.

Raiden, who turns into a cyborg, you may remember from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, but in Revengeance, he becomes the main character. Working for a private military company and on a mission to escort a VIP, he attacks by cyborgs. The further plot of the game dedicates to his swift and ruthless retribution.

In MGS2, Raiden appears as a FOXHOUND operative on his first mission.

To change the opinion of fans of the series who are hostile to Raiden, his appearance for MGS4 has redesign. And then again, for MGS: Rising and its reboot, Revengeance.



Another action-adventure game on the list, the sequel to 2010 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. This time we will be told the story of a weakened Dracula, focused on fighting his archenemy Satan.

The trick of LoS2 is that it has two worlds simultaneously – medieval and modern, which means that you can play both of them. The gameplay also offers the player a lot of Dracula’s abilities and various weapons, with the help of which it will become much easier to achieve the final goal.

In Lords of Shadow 2, we finally find out what happened to Gabriel Belmont, now known as Dracula, after the first two games.

Revelations, an add-on to the game, was released in March 2014 and introduced the world to Alucard, once Gabriel’s former son, Trevor.



An action RPG that was exclusive to the PS4, but later released on the PC, was set in Japan in the early 17th century, and the main character is the Irish explorer William. The young man witnessed the tragic death of his parents but met Saoirse, his guardian spirit. According to the game’s plot, William tracks down the alchemist who kidnapped Saoirse while the protagonist imprisons in the Tower of London.

This game takes on gameplay similar Games Like Darksiders and Dark Souls. William will have to go through many locations, fighting dangerous human opponents and frightening supernatural creatures, youkai. And with an impressive arsenal, abilities, and collectibles, each playthrough will differ from the last.

NIOH takes place at the beginning of the 17th century, in an alternate version of the Sengoku Period when Japan engulf in civil war.

The Anglo-Irish sailor William, arriving in Japan, is recruited by Hattori Hanzdo, the shogun’s vassal. Now his task is to destroy the outrageous youkai.



A great slasher like Darksiders (closer to the first part of the series), set in the fictional European city of Vigrid. The main role in it plays by the titular Bayonetta, an armed and extremely dangerous witch whose talents include, among other things, the ability to summon demons.

Bayonetta prize for its variety of battles. The heroine’s arsenal includes melee and ranged attacks, various combos, and many different weapons that can wipe enemies off the face of the earth. The game in every possible way encourages the most effective destruction of opponents, turning the finishers into colorful performances.

Bayonetta spent five centuries in a dream, after which she woke up in a completely new world for her.

Suffering from amnesia, she fights hordes of angels for many years, trying to thwart the insidious plans of the last of the Shining Priests.



The fifth part of the Devil May Cry franchise, which became the reboot of the series. The protagonist of the Games Like Darksiders is again the young man Dante, a Nephilim by birth (a child of an angel and a demon). Together with his twin brother Virgil, he intends to destroy the demon Mundus, who killed their mother and banished their father.

As in previous games, Dante fights with a sword and his pistols, Black and White, but not without innovations. The Nephilim now have Angel and Demon modes, in which they arm themselves with a swift scythe or a slow and powerful ax, respectively. Dante can activate the Devil Trigger with enough energy, slowing downtime and significantly increasing his strength and vitality.

Dante, a Nephilim, hungry for the death of the demon Mundus.

Thanks to the sword, two pistols, and additional “modes,” Dante has an impressive list of techniques at his disposal.



Welcome to an alternate version of Ancient Rome, where the centurion Marius Titus seeks revenge for his murdered family.

The two main gameplay details are the sword and shield Maria. The first player pierces and chops enemies, and the second defends against retaliatory attacks. Actually, what else can you expect from a game about Ancient Rome? However, the process is revived with the help of frequent QTEs, thanks to which the contractions turn into a graceful and bloody dance of death. There is also a cooperative mode in which two partners in changing arenas will have to fight off waves of ferocious enemies.

The plot throws Maria into various picturesque corners of the ancient world.

The fights in the game are brutal, fleeting, and Hollywood-style spectacular.



Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is an open-world action RPG with its own non-canon story set in the Lord of the Rings universe (the game’s events presumably take place between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings). The main character, tracker Talion, is associated with the ghost of the lord of the elves, eager to avenge his loved ones.

The game implements a wonderful melee, sneak attacks, and ghost skills that help fight and even control enemies. Shadow of Mordor is also famous for its “Nemesis,” a mechanic that allows orc commanders to remember Talion and react accordingly when they meet.

The fate of Middle-earth depends on your actions. And keep in mind that Orc chieftains have a very good memory.

Sauron’s henchmen have robbed Talion of his family, but now, with the help of the lord of Celebrimbor, he will take revenge.



A third-person shooter and, at the same time, hack’n’slash in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the rights to which belong to Games Workshop. This time, the focus is on Captain Titus of the Ultramarines, fighting to preserve the forge world of Graia in the face of the threat of the orcish Waaagh!

The Space Marine unleashes the Emperor’s wrath, a shower of bolts and his fists at his enemies, filling the rage bar along the way. As soon as the streak reaches its maximum, time slows down, and the captain begins to inflict truly terrible blows on the greenskins.

Space Marine’s plot revolves around three Ultramarines: the protagonist Captain Titus and his subordinates, the veteran Sergeant Sidonius, and the Codex-worshiper Leandros.

There are few games in the world where a Warhammer fan can feel like the embodiment of the Emperor’s fury.



The Surge is a sci-fi action RPG that is the spiritual successor to the Lords of the Fallen. The scenery for the game was a dystopian future in which people depleted the resources of their homeworld, which led to poverty and disease.

The protagonist got a useful exoskeleton in battle, which can replaces with parts obtained from defeated enemies. During the battle, you can strike at certain points on the enemy’s body, which will allow you to get the desired spare part. Given the developers’ inspiration for the Dark Souls series, The Surge is quite naturally a tough game.

Wars and global cataclysms ravage the world of the game.

The Surge sucks players into a brutal world full of grueling combat and extensive armor customization options.



It is the sequel to the cult NieR spin-off of the Drakengard series. According to the plot, the game’s events take place during a war between machines created by otherworldly creatures and the last remnants of humanity. This time we will learn the story of a combat android, her partner, and a fugitive prototype.

Gameplay Neil: Automata skillfully combines role-playing elements with the dynamic action of the same NieR. You can unleash a hail of light but weak attacks on the enemy, or deliver slow and powerful strikes, while the Pods, small flying robots, will ensure the defeat of targets at a distance or even cover themselves in case of danger.

Open world, good graphics, and a cute combat android. Many do not need more.

In the post-apocalyptic world of Automata, the fourth ending of the original NieR is considered canon.



Another continuation of the famous series. The player again acts as a hunter, hunting down the monsters of the new world. For murder or capture, of course. The beast obtained in one way or another rewards the successful hunter with various materials that can use to make new, more powerful equipment.

As in previous Games Like Darksiders in the franchise, the player will have to explore an uninhabited world teeming with wild and ferocious creatures, hunting and, along the way, looking for places suitable for a permanent camp. Characteristics improve with new equipment, giving a wide range of options for choosing a play style. And there is also a giant sentient cat who accompanies the hero on sorties and whose equipment can also be changed.

With proper preparation and skill, neither a dinosaur nor a dragon can resist in front of you.

The chef here is a food magician.



The long-awaited sequel to the Final Fantasy series, which has gone through many problems over the years of its development. Last on our list, but not the worst in a collection of games similar Games Like Darksiders.

The empire of Niflheim almost entirely controls the world of Eos. However, the kingdom of Lucis still manages to maintain its independence thanks to the magic crystal, which the emperor is already looking at. During the peace negotiations, Niflheim treacherously attacks Lucis and steals the crystal. Prince Noctis, the heir to the throne, embarks on a journey to reclaim the relic and get even with the traitors.

Initially, Noctis was the only playable character, and orders to comrades could be issued using the menu, but subsequent patches fixed this. A useful feature of the game is, for example, the level of threat that pops up at the top of the screen when approaching the enemy. It avoids unpleasant surprises.

Final Fantasy XV boasts a beautiful open world and dynamic combat with weapons and magic.

Play as Prince Noctis or one of his three friends: Gladiolus, Ignis, or Prompto.



A furious slasher, which schedules for release on March 8, 2019. Chronologically, the events of the game will take place a few years after Devil May Cry 2. Dante has a new client, a man named V, and Nero opens his agency for hunting demons, hiring a girl-engineer Niko as his assistant.

Both Dante and Nero are available for the game. This mysterious V. We are waiting for gameplay very similar Games Like Darksiders the previous parts, diluted with new stylish and dynamic techniques. The music in the Games Like Darksiders changes depending on how the player shows himself in battle.

Dante and Nero return, and with them a new mysterious character – V.

Again, you will have to fight the host of demons, incinerating them and tearing them to shreds with stylish and effective attacks, like the good old days.



Time and place: Alternative Japan of the Sengoku Period, late 16th century. The main character is Sekiro shinobi, whose master kidnaps, and Games Like Darksiders lost his hand and was left to die by kidnappers from the Ashina clan. Sekiro survives and sets out for revenge, armed with a katana and a cunning prosthesis.

The gameplay bases on fencing, and the enemy must first be knocked out of balance, forced to open, after which it will be enough to inflict a single fatal blow. In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice also has stealth and craft supplies (presumably prosthetic), which will help in the battle and world study. In case of death, the player will offer to respawn on the spot or go to the checkpoint.

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