Best Story Games For Android And iPhone In 2022

When it comes to Best Story Games For Android And iPhone, Candy Crush or Subway Surfer come to mind first. However, the gaming industry has already gone far ahead. With the help of gameplay, you can not only tell many exciting stories, but also immerse the player in them. If you like these games, then this is what you should play.


GTA: San Andreas


GTA games are known for their deep stories of crime and its aftermath, while offering you great gameplay. And GTA: San Andreas is no exception. The game can offer you a very vast game world in which there is something to do. And all this is wrapped in a story of corruption, banditry and salvation.

Broken Age


Broken Age is a small puzzle adventure game. All events revolve around two teenagers, between whom you can freely switch. The game was developed by the legend of the industry – Tim Schafer, with the participation of Elijah Wood and Jack Black.

GTA: Vice City


Vice City is considered the best game in the GTA franchise, and this is already an achievement of sorts. The game immerses you in the America of the 80s and confronts you with all the brutality of that decade. Deals of all possible scales await you. And the icing on the cake is, of course, the 80s soundtrack.



If you are a fan of mysterious murders and classic crime films, then you should pay attention to this game. A serial killer on the loose, an amnesiac, an NGO volunteer – this game has it all.



GTA III is rightfully considered the game that set the trend for the “open 3D world” genre. An open world with plenty to do and a gripping story of betrayal and revenge. If you have not played it yet, then you should immediately correct this misunderstanding.

Her story


Her Story is arguably one of the more unusual games out there. You need to solve a crime a decade ago by watching old videos of a woman who is a victim of a wife. You have to find the necessary passages and put them together to find out what really happened. It is hardly possible to find something else with a greater emphasis on history.

The bully


In this game, Rockstar Games opens up what is arguably one of the most unforgiving places on the planet: a school. You will be able to play the role of a young bully who rises from his knees, carrying out assignments of various castes: for example, jocks or nerds. You can also play with school ground weapons. For example, catapults.

Banner Saga


Inspired by Norse mythology, the game has a large selection of characters. Also, your choice of actions has a very realistic effect, and an attractive 2D picture immerses you headlong into the story.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


This game is affectionately referred to by fans as Star Wars: KOTOR. She immerses you in stories in a distant galaxy. History plays a huge role in this RPG game, so the fate of the entire galaxy depends on your choice. Will you stay loyal to the Jedi or go over to the dark side?

Batman – The Telltale Series


In Telltale games, history was far from last. She looks at the myths about Batman in her own way. You can play both Bruce Wayne and his alter ego – Batman. Your choices can influence future alliances and events. Do you have what it takes to put on your bat robe?

Lone wolf


This game puts you in the shoes of an assassin you know absolutely nothing about. As you progress, you will learn more about him through comic-style cut-scenes.

Tales from the borderlands


If you like first person shooters from the Borderlands franchise, then this game should interest you. Instead of a huge amount of action, the Best Story Games For Android And iPhone offers you to go through the story of two people who have to work together to make money.

This war of mine


This War of Mine is a heartbreaking story set in the midst of hostilities. You don’t have to play as a soldier with a weapon, however. Instead, you will play as a group of civilians who are in search of food, shelter, and just trying to survive in the midst of the ongoing horror.

Game of thrones


Telltale is back to work, this time for the Game of Thrones franchise. In this game, you will not play as the foreground characters. Instead, you will play as background characters who are heavily influenced by the events taking place around them. You will also be able to visit some of the most important locations in the series and interact with some of the protagonists. And as always, your choice carries a lot of weight.

I’m Innocent


Like Her Story, this game focuses mainly on the story, spicing it up with some puzzle pieces. You will play as an ordinary person who is suddenly involved in the investigation of the victims of a teenage killer. The story is told through in-game text messages and even calls from your in-game friends and family.

The Wolf Among Us


The game was inspired by the graphic novel series The Fables. She throws you into a world full of characters from popular children’s fairy tales. But this is far from a child’s story. Someone is killing these characters, and you, as the Sheriff, have to deal with this.

Thomas was alone


This game is possibly one of the most abstract you will ever play. You are given many different quadrangles, each with their own abilities and character traits. The game is a puzzle with a storyteller who puts the whole picture together.

The walking dead


The Walking Dead is another Telltale Games game that is all about making the right choices. Best Story Games For Android And iPhone At this time, you are in the center of a zombie apocalypse, looking after a little girl and trying to survive.



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