10 Top & Best Wolf Games For Android and PC To Play In 2022

A selection of the Best Wolf Games For Android and PC in which you can get used to the role of a majestic, wise and powerful predator – a wolf.


The list opens with an adventure from Telltale, based on the Fables comic book series, starring Bigby, the same Gray Wolf from fairy tales. Here he is presented in human form, although sometimes he does not mind releasing his animal nature.

The wolf in The Wolf Among Us keeps order in Fabletown – here Best Wolf Games, he is like a sheriff who protects fairy-tale characters and punishes criminals. Together with Snow White, the hero will get involved in a difficult business, with chases, fights, and murders. The players will be able to influence the story’s development and the ending of the storyline with their decisions. Bigby’s adventure continues with the game’s sequel, The Wolf Among Us 2.


In Lost Ember, you will play the role of a nameless wolf who travels through a colorful world, revealing its secrets. A spirit light accompanies her. Together, the heroes will explore the ruins of a long-forgotten civilization, witness the tragic events of the past, and learn the secret of their origin.

The game allows you to visit not only in the skin of a wolf: Lost Ember allows you to inhabit any creature that comes your way. It will help solve some puzzles: playing as a hummingbird, you will squeeze into a narrow tunnel, and as a buffalo, you will be able to break obstacles and overcome huge distances.



Okami HD – remaster published in the 2006 game with an unusual visual style based on ink painting technique. As if descended from the canvas of a talented artist, the game enchants with its beauty.

Okami’s script bases on the Japanese legend of the sun goddess Amaterasu, who descends from the sky in the form of a white she-wolf. The heroine will have to fight the eight-headed demon Orochi and his minions, who are ravaging Japan. The game gives you freedom of action, immerses you in a gripping storyline, and captures masterfully staged boss battles.



In this wolf simulator, you will experience all the hardships of the predators that live in Yellowstone National Park. Having got used to the role of a young beast, you will travel with the pack, hunt, look for a mate, raise offspring and fight those who infringe on your possessions.

The developers have implemented an open world with an area of ​​50 square kilometers, dynamic changes in weather and seasons, authentic gameplay, immersing you in the atmosphere of survival in the wild.



A striking adventure game about reincarnation: as you control a wolf, you will explore the world and find clues about the protagonist’s past, fill in the gaps in his story, and gradually reach an unexpected end.

Paws and Soul combine captivating narration and meditative contemplation of colorful locations, a soothing soundtrack, and stylish location designs. But the gameplay of the project is, perhaps, too routine.



Wild Wolf dedicates to the life of a wolf in its natural habitat: join the pack, get food, explore the endless forest spaces. But be careful – there is a high probability of encountering hunters who pose a mortal danger to your character and his relatives.

The game allows you to customize the protagonist’s appearance, and low-poly graphics give it a special charm. However Best Wolf Games, this is an Early Access product, and it doesn’t seem to make it to release anymore, so buy it at your own risk.



Interactive “live” wallpaper for your desktop, interacting with which you will take care of the little wolf cub, teaches him how to survive in the wild.

You have to feed, water, and monitor your pet’s sleep, and it will gradually grow until it turns into an adult animal. Despite such an unusual implementation – in the form of wallpaper – MY WOLF – Desktop Wild Pet boasts nice graphics and fun gameplay and at the same time is extremely undemanding to the resources of your PC.



Animal life simulator for mobile devices: here, you will choose a wolf, a fox, a lynx, and other representatives of the fauna, and you will explore a three-dimensional open world together with other players. WildCraft contains mechanics for interacting with the environment, battles, and mini-games.



Another simulator for mobile platforms in which you will play as a wolf, customize it, fight opponents, complete quests and chat with friends in online modes. The game is available for free and boasts decent graphics with modest system requirements.




It was a story-driven adventure dedicated to the wolves who decided to defend their territories from the people who encroached on them. Best Wolf Games are Players will experience elements of stealth and battles with invaders, and in battles, it will be possible to use all available means – from fangs and claws to elemental forces. The game will release in 2021.



A fairytale game about a little wolf cub must find the disappeared members of the pack and challenge the evil that invaded his homeland. Little Wolf moves away from the principles of realism and authenticity: there are magic and magical creatures, portals, and fantasy elements. The release date of the project has not determine.

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