Chronological Order Of Hitman Games Along With Trailer’s and Story

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a gamer who has not heard of the most famous Chronological Order Of Hitman Games , a bald clone named Agent 47. Since his first appearance on our PC monitors more than twenty years ago, he has grown younger, prettier, survived a couple of terrible film adaptations, acquired books, comics, mobile games, and, of course, has gained immense popularity all over the world.

We decided to collect a selection of all the major adventures of Agent 47. Do not hesitate to confess your love for the series in the comments, without breaking, however, the framework of decency.


Chronological Order Of Hitman Games  that started a great series. Here, the players first met the bald hitman and began to carry out contract killings.

The first Hitman, without a doubt, showed the world the innovative mechanics that became the basis of the gameplay of the entire series. Still, sometimes it is impossible to play it, even considering the old schools and hardcore news. Hitman: Codename 47 is a game of its era that has not stood the test of time for all its advantages.


The second game in the franchise took the series a huge step forward. Silent Assassin is responsible for the fundamental foundations that have created Hitman’s reputation – a sandbox that gives the player endless paths and opportunities to eliminate the target.

Besides, unlike Codename 47, this part appeared on consoles ( PS2 and original Xbox) simultaneously as PC. The GameCube version came out less than a year later.

Considering the shortcomings of the first game, IO Interactive simplified the control of the character and gave gamers more freedom to complete the task. Here, for the first time, the iconic rating system of the franchise appeared, allowing you to earn various titles from “Silent Assassin” to “Mass Murderer”, depending on the results of the mission—a kind of benchmark on the player’s ability.


Contracts, the third game in the series, has taken a step in the right direction by refining the good old mechanics and introducing great new ones. At the same time, however, it is not without its drawbacks. One of the weaknesses of this game is its plot, which is more like a squeeze from the stories of the previous parts. Yes, in a way, it helped attract a new audience, but among old fans of the series, this movie did not gain popularity.


Blood Money is to Contracts what Hitman 2 has become to Hitman: an improved version with a perfectly balanced storyline and a unique sandbox that fans of the series will adore. And, at the same time, she introduced new mechanics, stepping into previously unexplored territories.

Players got an incredible number of ways to eliminate targets at their disposal, and the levels became confusing and varied. Thanks to this, Blood Money firmly holds the leadership among the games in the franchise.

In this game, you can find perhaps the most memorable level (and kill) in the entire series. Moreover, it has the best narrative; the plot presents so competently and captivatingly that it is impossible to come off. And the ending is one of those that forever engrave in memory. One of the best in the entire industry.


Absolution, like Contracts, is markedly different from previous games in the series. Not only with the plot, which hit the self-sacrifice, but also the gameplay: the game departed from sandbox missions and became more of a stealth shooter. Yes, there is still variability in situations and kills here, but Absolution has more in common with the Splinter Cell series than with its “siblings.”

It is not a bad thing, as its plot is intriguing and can present several memorable moments. Simultaneously, the more linear gameplay with a certain frame of freedom was an interesting experience. The result was a good game, which, however, did not live up to the expectations of many of Agent 47’s fans.

HITMAN (2016)

Titled simply Hitman, the 2016 game attempted to repair the damage done to the series (or rather its hardcore fans) Absolution. All linearity thrown into the trash can, the sandbox returned, and in general, the game became, as they say, closer to the roots.

One of the innovations was the episodic structure of the game, which was not popular at first, but ultimately proved successful. Faced with player hostility at the launch of Hitman, IO Interactive managed to turn the feedback from gamers to their advantage, working on content, refining mechanics, and level design according to the community’s wishes. This flexibility and desire to create a game that will appeal to longtime fans of the series allowed the developers to turn 2016 Hitman into one of the best parts of the franchise.

HITMAN 2 (2018)

A superbly polished game that improves on the previous game in almost every respect. Hitman 2 has the same gameplay accessibility as the prequel while not suffering from the episodic structure.

The game rushes ahead with a locomotive, really rarely losing pace, and Chronological Order Of Hitman Games each level of it is a small human-made miracle with enormous opportunities to explore and test your skills.

Hitman 2 is an incredibly huge game, and if you can find fault with it, the same fact works against it. Instead of being something new, bold, and inventive, it feels like a culmination of all the previous parts of the series.

HITMAN 3 (2021)

Hitman 3 closes the new World of Assassination trilogy and invites players to do again what they have been doing for many years – eliminate targets in every possible way, including the most incredible. Of course, it was not without the opportunity to Chronological Order Of Hitman Games show your skill in adjusting accidents, as well as arrange a bloodbath if something goes wrong.

The game divides into several huge locations, in each of which the main and secondary tasks are waiting for the 47th. IO Interactive has a long history of making social stealth games, and Hitman 3 is the culmination of the franchise. However, the game also has a significant drawback – the lack of a language translation: the developers publish this part independently. They had to save on many elements, including localization.

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