10 Adventure Role Play Games For Girls In 2022

Games for girls are a rather strange and streamlined concept. Usually, the developers (if they are sane) do not divide the audience into boys and girls but make a game that everyone should like to the best of their ability.

No, there are, of course, all sorts of games about Winx and “dress up,” which are classified exactly as games for girls, but in this case, we are talking more about primary school age. As for older games, everything is completely different here. If the game is good, then, as a rule, everyone will like it, regardless of gender. So it isn’t easy to single out any deliberately female games. Among my friends, many girls enthusiastically play League of Legends or Battlefield, and these games are undoubtedly good, but do not include them in this top?

However, it cannot deny that girls have a more subtle mental organization and a slightly different mindset, which means that some topics will be closer and more understandable. In this top, games will be collected that can impress even those who are barely interested in the gaming industry due to their characteristics and quality of performance. For real gamers, any other top on MMO Globus will be relevant. So, here are the best games for girls on PC:

Dragon Saga


This Asian MMORPG will melt the ice in any girl’s heart with her looks. It is perhaps one of the most “cute” online games of all time. Local characters want to cuddle like little and cute kittens. Despite this, Dragon Saga is a full-fledged MMORPG, far from the worst in its genre, which has a good social part, so it is quite possible to enter it only to chat with friends or find new ones.

For the cutest appearance – Dragon Saga goes to the tenth place in our top.

Child of Light


This game is an incredibly fun and beautiful 2D RPG that gives you the feeling of something incredible and exciting. The story of Princess Aurora, traveling through a magical land, holds from beginning to end. The game gives rise to the illusion that you are listening and watching a good, kind fairy tale, in which evil will punish and good will triumph. Everything in it: graphics, music, dialogues (by the way, written in poetry) works for this feeling. And for this, she can be forgiven for any flaws.

For fabulousness, Child of Light gets a ninth place in our top.

Alice: Madness Returns


It is also a fairy tale, however, darker and more mature. The matured Alice, who lost her parents in a fire, struggles to cope with emotional trauma. To do this, she returns to Wonderland, which Evil is again trying to capture. Unlike the first part, this Games for girls is more … calm, but no less bad. Breathtakingly beautiful design and an interesting story that echoes the classic fairy tale make the game one of the best 3D platformers.

Alice: Madness Returns wins eighth place for its ingenious design.

The Path


We continue to increase the degree of the gloom of fairy tales. In seventh place is an indie game that will be difficult to define in any genre. The Path is an adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood’s story, done in very dark and even intimidating colors. As reported at the beginning, the main goal of the game is to get to the grandmother’s house; however, this is a deception. The goal of the game is to turn off the trail and meet your wolf. It cannot play in the traditional sense. You can feel it, watch it, experience it … You are not told the plot; you come up with it yourself, based on your experience and small hints from the developers. And don’t play it if you have a weak heart.

For its dark charm, The Path gets a seventh place in our top.

Syberia series


Okay, let’s put aside sad thoughts and talk better about something less gloomy. Benoit Sokal, one of the cult game makers, at one time made us all marvel at his series of cult series of quests Syberia (in the translation of localizers – Siberia, which is not entirely true). It was really interesting to watch the main character’s adventures, and the riddles in the game often made you break your head, but its main advantage is its amazing design. All this steampunk and cold server charm will remain in the memory for a long time. The game is drawn so carefully and with such love that even if there were no plot here at all, I would still like to wander around the local locations.

For the combination of beauty, a good storyline, and challenging challenges, Syberia is ranked sixth.

Life is strange


Life is a really strange thing, and the main character, an ordinary schoolgirl, realizes this with all clarity when she gets the opportunity to control time. And it’s hard to call it a gift because sometimes this ability only brings problems and complicates life. It is an interactive movie, fascinating on the one hand with a dramatic story, and on the other, with mysticism and a detective plot. It is a great PC game for teenagers.

For an addictive plot, Life is strange gets fifth place.

Sims series


And now, when we have passed half of the top, it is time to remember about the real giant who has long and firmly staked out the title of “the main game for girls.” And it would be a sin not to mention it. Sims … The game that spawned a whole genre climbed to its top and did not even think to get off from there, despite all attempts to push it out of there. Do I need to talk about what this episode is about? For the most retarded, this is a very meticulous and, at the same time, full of fantasy life simulator. Here. In recent years, the place of the best real-life game has increasingly infringes upon, and the throne has been reeling more and more, but the Sims is still on top.

The Sims franchise earns an honorable fourth place for legend.

To The Moon


It will be possible to instill any memories in people shortly, but this only works for those who are already dying due to some difficulties. It is used by the terminally ill to realize at least in dreams what they did not manage to do in life. A lonely dying older man has only one desire – to go to the moon but to accomplish this, you need to find the root cause of such a desire in his memories. As two doctors, we travel backward through his life, witnessing a story that sometimes makes you laugh out loud and sometimes cries out. Well, the final scene will make even the most callous crackers cry.

For the most touching story, To The Moon gets third place in our top.



Jenova Chen is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant artists living. His art is all the more interesting because he uses computer games as a tool for creativity. Journey sinks into the heart after the first minutes of acquaintance and remains there forever. And any attempts to answer the question “What is this game about?” meaningless. You can either shrug your hands or throw yourself into explanations for several pages. However, any perception of Journey will be highly subjective. After all, everyone will find in it something of their own, revealed only to him. The only way to understand the Journey is to go through it and listen to yourself. What you feel is the best description of it.

Journey gets second place in our top for genius.



This online game is a mixture of the notorious Sims “life simulator” and a rather advanced dance simulator. Unlike many similar games, the graphics are the strong point of the game. It pleases the eye thanks to the legendary Unreal Engine 3. Also, in addition to good graphics, it has fun gameplay. Unlike other social Games for girls, it boasts a large world. Your characters will be free to go even to a club, even to a party, there are many places to visit and everywhere you can show off the newest dancing techniques. You can play for free; download the client. And a great music library as a bonus. Any girl will love this game.


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