16 Best Role Play Games Like Bioshock Infinite In 2022

The list below features Games Like Bioshock that are, in a way, better than Bioshock Infinite!

Bioshock Infinite is a first-person shooter. You must use all the tools at your disposal along with other players to survive against a wide range of enemies: from cops to steampunk robots.

What other good games are there like Bioshock: Infinite?

Bioshock Infinite is a high-budget first-person shooter developed by Irrational Games. Since its release in 2013, the shooter has been at the top of the charts on several occasions thanks to its graphics, gameplay, and excellent storyline. And this is deserved.

The main character was dismissed from a private agency in disgrace and sent to Colombia, to a floating heavenly city, searching for a mystical girl named Elizabeth. In addition to the confusing story, Bioshock has excellent gameplay: The shooting is very smooth and soft in the game. At the same time, despite the huge selection of weapons, you can also use the elixir, which gives the character special abilities like telekinesis, or it can even allow you to control and manipulate animals.

In addition, you get a special device called the Sky Hook, which allows the hero to glide across the entire Columbian skyline, as well as fight enemies in close-to-hand combat. However, if you’ve played Bioshock before and want to try other games with a mesmerizing storyline and stunning storyline, then here are 15 games that are similar Games Like Bioshock.



The best way to describe this game is to draw a parallel between Garrys Mod and Alien. In Prey, you wake up on the Talos 1 space station orbiting the moon. The station overrun with aliens hunting you. Use all your inventory, wits, and mind-boggling abilities to uncover the station’s most intimate secrets. The fate of everyone is in your hands!

In the game, aliens can imitate objects and turn into people from the environment of the character. And this means only one thing – that you must be extremely vigilant: you can be threatened by anything, starting with an ordinary chair and ending with a corpse lying in the corner.

Use your intelligence to spot alien traps at the base. You must be aware that the enemy can attack from all sides.

Wolfenstein: The New Order


Let’s move to an alternate universe in 1960 Games Like Bioshock . In this period, the Nazis are much more technologically advanced, thanks to the oldest alien artifacts. In the story, you join the ranks of the resistance to destroy the Nazis and, most importantly, the sinister General Wilheim Strasse, also known as Death’s Head. The fate and freedom of the world are in your hands!

In a parallel universe where the Nazis won the war, you play as a resistance soldier who intends to end the Third Reich. In the old-school genre, the game is quite active with modern graphics and improved game mechanics.

In most missions, you gives a choice: either to carry out the operation in secret or have received a couple of machine guns, destroy everything around. The choice is yours.

Wolfenstien: The Old Blood


It is now 1946, and the Nazis are on the brink of victory in World War II. You play as Captain Glazkovich, who is sent behind enemy lines to stop the Nazi threat. You must make your way to the castle ‚Wolfenstein and get the coordinates of General Death’s Head. Along the way, you battle cybernetically enhanced soldiers with advanced combat suits. You must use whatever you have to complete the assigned task successfully. If you fail, the hope for freedom will collapse, and the world will fall.

Old blood is a prequel to Wolfenstine: The New Order. The game captures as many as eight chapters and has exciting tasks, also plunging into history.

Fight all sorts of enemies: from Nazi robots to huge Frankenstein-like monsters.

Far Cry 3


Far Cry 3 is a first person shooter. You play as Jason, who, together with a couple of friends, is captured by a gang of pirates. However, thanks to lucky luck, Jason manages to escape from the invaders, join the resistance to help free the island from the pirates, and make attempts to save his comrades. The world in Far Cry 3 is huge and full of tasks, from fighting enemies to hunting animals and ancient relics. You can play as you please, be it a calm and measured Games Like Bioshock , or vice versa, a game full of gunfights and weapons. Games Like Bioshock also allows you to invite several friends to play together.

Far Cry 3 is an open-world FPS game where the character can move around an island filled with pirates. This vast world fills with dangerous animals and extraordinary plants. You can do absolutely everything: liberate outposts, climb radio towers, hunt animals, collect wild vegetation, and this is not the limit.

It is not uncommon in this world to use different plants for different effects. Some of them improve your ability to breathe underwater; some plants can make your character resist fire, while others make you sleepy.

Merto: Exodus


50 years after the Nuclear War, which completely devastated the world, survivors cling to life in underground metro stations. You play as Artyom, who escaped from the metro along with his comrades and set off on a journey across war-torn Russia, meeting and fighting mutated animals, paranormal phenomena, or other survivors on his way. Metro: Exodus is a first-person shooter that combines stealth and survival at the same time.

Wander the ruins of the Moscow metro or embark on a heroic journey through post-war Russia overflowing with mutated monsters. Test your abilities!

Travel across deserted Russia trying to discover all its innermost secrets. Visit a unique and terrifying world filled with fear and danger.



Dishonored is a first-person stealth game released by Bethesda. You play as the queen’s bodyguard, who, failing to prevent her murder, takes the blame for her death. However, you are set free by people who are still loyal to the queen, and your tasks with destroying the real traitors before the empire fall into chaos. Along the way, you assist by a mysterious character who gives you supernatural powers such as time dilation and teleportation. The game is unique in its artistic style and provides choices for completing missions in a variety of ways.

Dishonored is a world of magic. The game is absolutely and uniquely original with its art style and gameplay! You can perform any tasks, you can play without killing, or you can destroy everyone in your path without leaving witnesses. The main thing is to remember – all your actions will lead to certain consequences.

Dishonored 2


Continuation of the first part of the game. Dishonored 2 takes us to the same kingdom, but some time in the future, after the queen has been usurped from the throne by otherworldly conspirators, you must deny justice. You can choose between an older and more experienced royal bodyguard or the now grown-up queen. Everyone has certain abilities. It all again depends on you how you want to develop the storyline of the game. You can go around everyone and go unnoticed like a mouse or start fighting—all in your hands.

This sequel to the original game takes you back to the same world. Armed with new equipment and amassing strength, you will have to face a series of enemies that threaten the empire.

Spec Ops: The Line


It has been about six months since Dubai was razed to the ground by a sandstorm. You are part of the Delta Force, an elite squad of soldiers sent to investigate a mysterious radio broadcast from seemingly deserted Dubai. At first glance, your task is very simple: to find the place from where the broadcast conducts and the survivors. But there you will find only war. To save and save Dubai from the war, you need to find the instigator of the conflict, the colonel.

Spec Ops is a third-person shooter that will give you a lot of thrills. If you are a fan of shooters with an exciting story, then this game is made for you.

Spec Ops is one of the best games in its genre. You must protect yourself and your team carefully to achieve your goal.

The main thing the soldiers will face in this game is the horror and stress that comes from the war.



Rage is a first-person shooter that combines great combat vehicles, a breathtaking world to explore, and undoubtedly stunning graphics.

Escaping that the asteroid is on its way to collide with the Earth, the governments of all countries are hiding a group of people in capsules deep underground to wait for the coming apocalypse and resettle the world. You are part of these people. When you wake up, you find that humanity is trying to revive among bandits, mutants, and a repressive state regime that is especially interested in you. There you have to find out the secrets of your past and defeat the totalitarian state.

Rage is a Games Like Bioshock where you have to explore the wastelands and use whatever you find to survive harsh environments and other raiders.

Rage is a game where you have to explore the wastelands and take whatever you find to survive harsh conditions. The game is a mix of Mad Max and Fallout.

Rage 2


The game takes place 30 years after the Earth began to take the first steps towards rebirth. You play as a villager and a member of the rangers. The Rangers use Nanotrites, an element from the first game, to give themselves special abilities. But you are forced to flee when the authorities find out about you and make brutal attempts to destroy you, after which it seems that the hero remained the last of the rangers after this attack. With the advent of new game developers, Rage 2 has become much more interesting and exciting than the first part.

Immerse yourself in a dystopian future devoid of order and chaos. Explore the world going to different points. Explore and destroy everything around!

Modify and conquer all new vehicles, find and collect weapons, fighting hordes of enemies.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard


It is the newest game in the Resident Evil series. It brings the story back to the old survival horror games, as opposed to the newer Resident Evil games, which, in turn, are based on action. You play as a man who has summons because of a supposedly dead wife. When he reaches his destination, he discovers that the house is not as deserted as he thought. When hunting an infected family that lives in a house, you must explore every corner of the house to stay alive and uncover the secrets of the house and its inhabitants. This game is unique for its settings and eerie atmosphere. You can play the game in two modes: standard and virtual, if you want to get a complete immersion in virtual reality.

The game takes place in a creepy mansion inhabited by mutated animals and people—Biohazard’s plot bases on old horror films such as The Evil Dead and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Feel disgust for a family that lives, in fact, in a landfill and infects with the worst virus. They will try to stop and prevent you from revealing the secrets of this mansion to the last.



In the game, you travel across Pandora, an alien world filled with monsters. Look for famous Vaults filled with ancient artifacts. The game is a mixture of first person shooter and RPG elements. Get ready to destroy everything in this huge world alone or with three friends. The continuation of the storyline depends only on you.

A unique world in which you can visit another planet as you search for treasures and fight with local species and tribes, as well as with other characters in search of the innermost.

Search, collect and upgrade different types of weapons, each with its pros and cons, use them to protect and explore Pandora.

Borderlands 2


Visit Pandora again. ‚Choose one of four hunters and fight against a huge world of monsters and psychos in search of the famous Vault. Fight a sinister handsome man and take revenge on him for killing your fellow hunters. Meet brand new wacky characters as well as the return of old favorites to the game. Also, choose from a variety of weapons as you go all over Pandora. Play your style. Play more tactfully by shooting enemies from afar, or get closer and fight with advanced melee weapons. It’s up to you how to win.

The world in Borderlands 2 is many times larger than in the previous version of the game. It fills with a lot of weapons and enemies.

The second version of the game adds a mini-map and new weapons with the improved inventory. This new game system is more streamlined and easier to navigate and use in virtual combat.

Cyberpunk 2077


The creators, inspired by the 1988 board game Cyberpunk 2020, released an electronic version 57 years later. In California at night, you play as a mercenary named Paul, whose appearance, face, body type, and hairstyle are completely customizable. You can fight with other characters, modify yourself and your image, get new equipment to control the night city. The game packs amazing characters and a rich story to explore for hours.

The creators of The Witcher have released a brand new sci-fi first-person shooter that will be available soon. Play as a cybernetically enhanced mercenary as you fight your way through the night city.

This game remains mysterious to this day. Based on what we currently know, we can confidently say that the game will be a mixture of GTA, Dishonored, Deus Ex, and Blade Runner. This game is exactly what you should expect if you are a science fiction fan.

Fallout: New Vegas


The events of the game Fallout: New Vegas takes place in the post-war desert. After you were shot in the head and left to die in the desert, you are nurses and rescued by an old doctor who goes with you in search of those who did so to take revenge. Along the way, you meet various gangs in the New Vegas strip and help one of them defeat the rest. After that, absolute dominance in the desert will establish. This game is unique for its large and varied world, as well as improved gameplay.

Explore the post-apocalyptic wasteland represented by the desert. The game is full of mutant cockroaches, super mutants ‚join an alliance with one of the many gangs, or act alone.

It is a fan favorite from the Fallout series. From the very beginning of the game, you can do whatever you want. Roam the desert, explore and replenish your inventory. But be careful; the danger is everywhere.

Fallout 4


With Skyrim and Fallout 3, a new rival appears in the Games Like Bioshock industry – the newest game, Fallout 4. You are the only survivor in Vault 111. Explore the open world looking for the people who kidnapped your son. Along the way, various gangs are fighting for control and domination. Each has its ideology and morality. You have two choices: either join one of the gangs or play on your own. For the first time in Fallout history, the player can build their settlement. Plus, you can collect, upgrade and create thousands of items in the most advanced and newest crafting system to date. Who is Bethesda’s most ambitious project?

Walk along with war-torn Boston, immerse yourself in the game with a combat system and improved graphics.

For the first time in Fallout’s long and rich history, you can create your settlement.


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