9 Best RP Games Like Blood And Soul In 2022

BS is a game based on PvP and communication between players. It is free and fully translated into every language. The uniqueness of this Games Like Blood And Soul lies in the non-standard PvE and a huge number of possibilities. There is a system of marriages, mentors, elves, upgrades, and so on.

Below we have compiled a list of similar Games Like Blood And Soul 2022.

Lineage 2


Much of what Lineage has in the game may seem familiar and even similar to what we could see in countless multiplayer role-playing games: crafting, a system of battles and quests, castle sieges, clans and tede, and tepe, But this is only for those who do not understand how much influence this game made on the formation and development of the entire online gaming industry. Much of what is canonical for most projects today first appeared in Ruler. The game became the basis that uses as an example to this day.

The developers’ goal was to create a realistic three-dimensional world, where landscapes with trees, mountains and water, animals and monsters, your characters, and large-scale battles look as believable as the most modern technologies allowed.

Sphere 3


A huge and interesting world is waiting for its conquerors. Battle arenas and battlefields, dungeons with monsters, castles with their defenders. Death penalties, which increase in case of low karma of the player (dedicated to gankers!), Add edge. Combine this with interesting gameplay, nice graphics, and legendary traditions, and you get – the continuation of the great hit among MMORPGs.

As in the legendary first part, the combat system of the Enchanted World uses non-targeting, which greatly affects the gameplay. In addition, the game has a dynamic calculation of damage, which depends on the angle of impact, speed, and a couple of other factors that players will also have to take into account. It is stupid to “call out” the opponent; whether it is computer-based or controlled by a player, it will not work. And no gear will allow you to shoot from a bow or accurately cut with a sword without missing. Strength is, of course, good, but if you miss, you won’t inflict damage. Therefore – more precisely, gentlemen, more precisely.



Often referred to as the pinnacle of action Games Like Blood And Soul, Tera continues to deliver more impactful and more dramatic action than anywhere else. Backed by excellent combat skills gained in battles, it comes in various races and classes with different styles and abilities. One of the strongest aspects of Tera’s character creation system is that all classes are universally compatible with all races, resulting in a stunning range of interesting combinations.

Much of the appeal of traditional Tera combat comes from the game’s looks, MMORPG games with beautiful backgrounds, meticulous detailing, eye-catching models, and animations. Tera is an adorable game that, most importantly, looks fantastic in motion, especially when groups of players faces with some giant monsters lurking in its superbly crafted textures.

Black desert


Another Korean MMO of the Blood and Soul type. Black Desert Online has created a buzz around itself, mostly through energetic combat and interesting in-game item controls. In addition to the standard leveling and quests, BDO offers players and guilds the opportunity to become medieval slave owners, purchase houses, and choose their function: for example, as a residential house or workshop. You can even manage entire cities.

While some of these mechanisms were slightly underdeveloped or unavailable when the game launchs BDO is a game that takes full advantage of the lifespan of most MMOs and continues to improve over time, Microsoft unveiled Black Desert at E3 this year as a console exclusive for the Xbox One so that as many players as possible can get their hands on this treasure.

R2 Online


In the world of R2 Online, a kind of fantasy-type anarchy reigns everywhere. There are no parties that would fight each other; instead, there is a war of all against all.

There are practically no punishments in the game for the unprovoked killing of other players (in other words, for the PC procession). When you are the first to attack someone who has not agreed to a duel, your reputation drops slightly. After a certain level, you will not be able to enter many cities, except for rogue settlements, and after death, you risk losing part of your equipment (or even everything).

But most hardcore players are only happy with such conditions, and therefore they happily continue to exterminate other players.



Why play as a humble worker in a vast world full of other ruined people like you when Skyforge lets you create your god? As an immortal warrior, you begin your journey, gain loyal followers, and ascend to deity in a technologically advanced scientific world. Yes, all these words usually do not appear in one sentence, but with us, it is possible.

Skyforge aims to simplify many typical Games like Blade and Soul for mac systems, allowing players to change their character class at any time to ensure that matchmaking runs smoothly and does not affect standard level progress. Instead of leveling up, the characters raise the prestige system, determining the player’s strength level based on general statistics. With changes to the traditional MMO system, an engaging sci-fi world, and action-packed action, Skyforge offers a great alternative to the boring work of other MMOs.



Like Allods Online, Aion can be summed up in one word: flight. However, flying in Aion is not just a trick or movement mechanic; among other things, it is a key feature that plays an important role in PvP combat. In the excellent playable PvP arena, the Abyss flying adds dynamic strategy, raising the bar above most opponents.

How he holds himself in flight, and the way he opens up another dimension of space during combat, makes him a meaningful addition to the battle already begun. For a game that came out in 2009, Aion is still visually striking, especially with the environment and the design of the enemies. And even seven years after its initial launch, Aion continues to evolve and explore new areas of research and development.



Neverwinter is a surprise. The theme is Dungeons & Dragons, with positions, classes, spells, and abilities from the board game and their adaptation in one of the best MMORPGs. It shouldn’t have happened, but it happened despite everything. A sincere love for the source helps, and each quest feels just like you could imagine, starting with it, sitting at the table.

Numerous free expansions, including new races and classes, have been introduced since Neverwinter’s first installment, taking players further from the safety of Neverwinter to places like Icewind Dale, where savages and unpleasant temperatures are your least worries. It is mainly a linear MMO, but if you run out of new content, there is always player-generated material that contains real gems hidden away from the trash.

However, one caveat: if you have approached the game casually, you will probably have to spend money. It’s getting harder and harder to play for free, although it is certainly possible.

Blade & Soul


Blade & Soul is a Korean fantasy MMORPG often confused Games Like Blood And Soul. These are two different games. And, if that’s not enough to pique your interest, we honestly don’t know what to add. Perhaps inspired by the visual style of artist Hyung Tae Kim, an intricately conceived game world, four unique races, and ten attractive classes will influence you.

Whether you want to play the mighty Gon, versatile Jin, the master of the natural world, Yun, or the mystical Lin, the high-octane combat system is always a joy. Fast counters and combo chains are crucial, whether you’re teaming up with friends to tackle a wide variety of dungeons or wanting to virtually clear players in PvP. Don’t forget to check our tips before embarking on a new wushu quest.


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