Best Role Play Games Like Dead By Daylight To Play On PC and Android

Co-op games are great. Well, what could be better than a good match with friends, in which you can enjoy all the delights of teamwork? The only game in which you can hunt down your friends, one by one, and tear them to pieces. Games Like Dead By Daylight wide selection of psychopaths lining up for fresh victims and the methods of killing presented in it may satisfy the most discerning tastes, but if this is still not enough for the sleeping maniac in you, keep a selection of Games Like Dead By Daylight

with similar mechanics.


The game has a capacious, self-explanatory name, which in itself already serves as good bait. However, Deceit is a little harder to find in search engines than a game with a unique name because of him. Players take on the role of six strangers who woke up in an unknown place. A third of them are infected with a terrible virus, allowing patients to take on a monstrous appearance and terrorize people unaffected by the disease when the lights turned off. The trick is that the infected must pretend to be normal, not allowing them to suspect they are monsters while it is light around.

Well, let’s taste the meat!

Are you my dinner?


Light or Darkness. Good or Evil. Cat or Dog. Hide or Die. In this asymmetrical horror game, 16 players face each other and their temptations. They all start in unfamiliar surroundings with the sole purpose of getting through the night. A mysterious power is known only as “Darkness” offers players incredible power, along with it transforming the character into a bloodthirsty muttering psycho. The player, tempted by the promises of Darkness or captured by it in any other way, gets a new goal – to kill as many opponents as possible.

Darkness can make a hunter out of a victim.

At first glance, it looks quite safe.


Choose your side: a group of young people who came to have fun or the indestructible Jason himself. On the one hand – all the archetypes of teenage characters from slashers, from depraved girls to handsome jocks and bespectacled nerds. On the other, a silent man in a hockey mask. “Breakfast Club” at the slaughterhouse. A couple of rounds of hectic running and wandering through the forest, and you are already trying on the legendary mask. You are Jason.

In fact, “Friday the 13th” is the same Dead by Daylight, but every hardcore fan of the cult slashers of the same name should try it. To find out what it feels like to be on the other end of the machete.

Fashion retrospective.

Going into the forest in a bag is a disaster.


The nineties of the last century became the Golden Age of slashers. We all remember, for example, “Scream” and “Scream 2”. So Last Year takes us away from the days when all that needs to start a bloodbath was a group of stereotyped teenagers and a Halloween night. Assassins in the Games Like Dead By Daylight can move around the map with great speed and remain completely invisible, which allows them to arrange the most magnificent cinematic ambushes. If you want – blow off their heads with trap doors; if you want – immobilize in a trap, then slowly cut into pieces.

Good old-fashioned running around at recess.

This guy is very, very angry.


Reality split, the veil between our world and others has torn. A group of researchers is trying to close the rift between dimensions, while infernal aliens are eager to taste their flesh and finally destroy the fragile border. White Noise 2 uses lighting and Darkness very effectively; monsters lurk in the Darkness, tracking down a team of brave men whose only weapon is light. Players whose characters each have their strengths and weaknesses will have to find eight pieces of the puzzle, the solution of which will banish the creatures forever. Of course, a bloodthirsty alien from the other side interferes with this.

– John, is that you?

Go ahead; the world will not save itself!



The detective takes refuge from the weather in an abandoned mansion, where he gradually discovers evidence that reveals the veil of secrecy over the past events. The plot doesn’t matter in this game. The important thing is that on a long transport trip, in a long line or at another boring dinner with relatives, you can devote time to the real fun – the massacre of the avatars of your friends and strangers from all over the world. It is the essence of Identity V. A real slash fest right on your smartphone.

Kids with buttons for eyes. Quite original.

Burn, burn clear!


In this little game, man and nature clashed in a fierce battle. A group of friends wants to get rich on the search for sunken treasures, but between the amateur archaeologists and their prey, the owner of fins and toothy jaws suddenly stands. Divers against the shark! Armed with a harpoon, dive into the ocean abyss in search of gold and jewelry. Coordinate with your team, and, perhaps, you will live up to the moment when you can spend the doubloons you have earned. Or try on the role of a shark, a ruthless and lightning-fast predator. Eat every single one.

And remember: sharks are usually more afraid of you than you are of them.

Such a carcass is not easy to stop.


Your friends are vile pests who dream of seeing your defeat. Oh no, I’m not trying to blacken them at all! I am just describing the game mechanics of Crawl. One of the players in it takes on the role of a hero, scouring the dungeon in search of a handful or two of magic dust and three more control, each ghost, goblin, gargoyle, and trap guarding local treasures. And, if the first falls victim to the forces of Darkness, then the one who took his life will take the place of the hero, having received his chance to get to the coveted prey in the depths of the dungeon.

A real hero never leaves the house without taking his magic-blazing knife hands with him.

Slay the dragon, slay!


L4D2 is a classic title in which most Games Like Dead By Daylight in the world have played at least once. It features a perfectly balanced balance and an exciting confrontation mode: the players divide into two teams, consisting of the survivors and the other infected. This mode, namely, the ability to play as a nimble bloodthirsty dead man, has become one reason for the restless, at one time, the game’s popularity.

Friend or foe? Sometimes you can’t tell.

Sometimes you have to deal with such opponents. Or run away from them.


Welcome to Louisiana! The local lands have recently flooded with infernal creatures, so someone will have to take the trouble to get rid of them. Hunt Showdown puts players in the shoes of bounty hunters with supernatural abilities, roaming the swamps in search of otherworldly spook. But be careful! You are not the only predators in the swamps here that may be too cramped for you and your rivals. And, of course, for the monster for which you are here.

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