18 Best RPG Monster Games Like Evil Hunter To Play In 2022

A selection of Games Like Evil Hunter in which the protagonists are people (and not only people) whose main activity is to hunt evil spirits – vampires, demons, monsters, and other evil creatures.



The Witchers are mutant mercenaries trained from an early age to hunt the monsters that appeared in the world after the Conjugation of the Spheres. After completing a long course of training, they acquire incredible combat and magical abilities, undergo body changes, and then set off on a journey to clear the land of monsters.

The most famous witcher is Geralt of Rivia, the hero of the book series by Sapkowski, and the series of games from the CD Projekt RED studio . The latter received popular adoration and huge sales, thanks to high-quality gameplay, an interesting scenario, and the attractive charisma of the protagonist.



Hunt: Showdown is a PvPvE shooter set in the 19th century USA. The Hunting Association fights monsters who have crawled out of hell, and players act as hunters who fulfill contracts in lands full of danger.

For the extermination of monsters and the extraction of artifacts, characters receive rewards that can spent on new weapons and equipment. Still, the gameplay is not limited to battles with AI mobs: in each match on the map, there are several opposing squads competing with each other for valuable loot.



Van Helsing is a famous vampire hunter, son of the hero of “Dracula” Abraham Van Helsing. In the games of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing series, he travels to Borgovia, where, accompanied by the ghostly lady Katarina, he fights the creatures that have flooded the country.

This trilogy of games in the diabloid genre was remembered for the good hack’n’slash gameplay, good humor, and the atmosphere of the “gothic noir” invented by the developers.



In fantasy Sanctuary, the setting for Diablo games, demons are besieging the human world. Adventurers will have to fight monsters, which the players will do for many hours.

Every RPG and hack’n’slash fan knows about Diablo. Each of the games in the series is good in its way, be it the extremely dark first part, the events of which took place in the dungeons of the city ​​of Tristram. This sequel expanded the action into several spacious areas, and even Diablo III, which many criticized for its “cartoony.” Meanwhile, Blizzard is preparing Diablo IV, and mobile players will enjoy Diablo Immortal – the series will delight Games Like Evil Hunter with new adventures for a long time.



In this horror game, you take on the role of a witch hunter who has vowed to eradicate evil in the vicinity of the town of Bellville. To do this, he uses weapons, magic, and gadgets, which a local merchant sells, and not only witches but also other manifestations of evil spirits, including huge, indescribable monsters, will confront the hero.

Witch Hunt combines an eerie atmosphere, free exploration of locations, role-playing elements, and intense skirmishes with monsters. It is a very hardcore game, and we do not recommend buying it unless you are prepared to face challenges.



The games’ main character in the Painkiller series made a deal with the archangel to leave Purgatory and go to Paradise to his wife. He needs to destroy the demons, deal with the generals of Hell and get to Lucifer himself, and he does not intend to stop until he completes his goal.

Painkiller is a line of first-person hurricane shooters that players will remember with a large selection of weapons, various locations, and hordes of monsters that they had to deal with in every possible way. Not all Games Like Evil Hunter in the series turned out to be successful, but the first part has passed the test of time and even now deserves attention as good entertainment for a couple of evenings.



Jack Crowe, the protagonist of the horror shooter Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi, had no idea that being late for his older sister’s wedding to the son of Count Tepes would save his life. Arriving at the castle later than the rest of the guests, he found that the estate inhabits by monsters who gladly deal with the newcomers. The hero will have to take the crucifix in his hands and challenge the creatures of evil.

Jack turned out to be a hunter of evil spirits by chance and did not choose this business as his profession, like the heroes of other games from the selection. But thanks to the impressive atmosphere, impressive bestiary, and gripping storyline, we decided to include this game on the list.



With Castlevania series is familiar to anyone who loves the game about vampires. Indeed, in this line, you can act as a hunter for bloodsuckers and send Dracula himself to the grave!

The franchise dates back to 1986 and has many games, including numbered editions, spin-offs, and relaunches. In addition, Castlevania gave part of the name to the whole subgenre of “Metroidvania,” which has incorporated the features of the nonlinearity of the passage and pumping of characters.



Initially appearing as a concept for the third installment of the Resident Evil series, Devil May Cry eventually became a standalone franchise and is now enjoying great success.

Starring Dante, half-human-half-demon, founder and owner of an agency for the extermination of demons. He takes on the most difficult orders and fulfills them with unique grace and humor, and along the way – he saves the world and understands the difficult relationship with his brother Virgil. If you love slashers, be sure to check out the Devil May Cry series – this is one of the best representatives of the genre!



Victor Vran is reminiscent of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. The same Gothic style sprinkles the main character with witticisms, crowds of monsters that flooded the streets of the medieval city.

At the same time, Victor Vran is much more elegant than Van Helsing: he knows how to jump and somersault, and in battle, he uses weapons and demonic abilities and cards of fate. Victor Vran is a good co-op game in which it’s not a shame to spend a couple of dozen hours.



In this RPG strategy game, monster hunters will be mercenaries sent by the king to a city captured by a mad alchemist. If they manage to clear the streets and squares of Grant from creatures and cultists, they will receive an amnesty – so the characters inevitably have to master a new occupation for themselves.

Black Legend is a tactical RPG with interesting mechanics for using alchemical elements. The Games Like Evil Hunter falls short of the best hits in this genre, but it still deserves attention.



According to the updated lore, the protagonist of the DOOM shooter, Doom Slayer, is a warrior who has been fighting demons for centuries. And he will not rest until he sends every monster to the forefathers – every single one.

The DOOM series is one of the most significant in the gaming industry, and you can play both old and new releases. Even the first part of 1993 is well preserved and perfect for fans of retro gaming.



The charming Raine, a half-vampire girl, kills her kind: the heroine hunts vampires and other monsters, and along the way – tries to prevent the Nazis from gaining world domination.

In this two-part slasher series (let’s not remember the weak Betrayal), you’ll challenge powerful opponents. However, there are no such dangers in front of which the brave Rain would fold.



HellSign is an isometric action game about the adventures of an undead hunter who slaughters monsters in a small Australian town. You have to plan operations, get out on sorties and kill monsters while the game can throw down a serious challenge due to its high complexity.

At the same time, here, you can invent different battle tactics, study and use monsters’ weaknesses, and use an impressive arsenal of weapons. An atmospheric and stylish game that lacks variety a bit.



A connoisseur of occult sciences and a fighter against paranormal phenomena receive a task – to save the family from a powerful curse. Upon arrival at the family estate, the hero encounters ghosts and monsters, which will help him to deal with the good old revolver, shotgun, and other weapons.

Clive Barker’s Undying is the work of Clive Barker, a writer and author of famous works in the horror genre, and this can seen in the design, style, and imagery of the game. Of course, now it does not look so scary – the years take their toll, but it is a rather atmospheric horror shooter.



An impenetrable fog enveloped the kingdom of Boletaria. Those few daredevils who tried to look behind the darkness did not come back. But curiosity attracted more and more adventurers – including the main character, the role of which the player will assume.

Demon’s Souls is a hardcore action RPG that gave rise to a whole subgenre of soul bike games. Gamers are waiting for difficult battles with monsters and battles with dangerous bosses, and a large selection of classes allows you to play the game in different styles.



The protagonist of Bloodborne did not become a hunter of the evil of his own free will: he arrived in the city of Yharnam to recover from the disease but force to start exterminating monsters.

The game attracts great difficulty, original Gothic-Victorian design, deep lore, and a well-developed combat system. However, it is only available on PlayStation consoles, despite fans of soul-like games to see it on PC.



Studio, The Astronauts, is developing a long-term construction Witchfire, the protagonist of which will become a witch hunter. He will deal with them not with prayer but with the help of firearms: the game combines beautiful surroundings and dynamic shootings.

Alas, as of 2022, the shooter is still in development and has no release date yet.

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