13 Battle Royal Best Games Like Fortnite To Play In 2022

If you enjoyed Fortnite and couldn’t get away from it, you are most likely already hungry for games in this genre and are looking forward to releasing new ones. Well, if you want to try something new, then this article is for you. Here are 13 Games Like Fortnite in the battle royal category:

The Culling


The Culling is similar to the movie “The Condemned,” where ten criminals are sent to the island. Everyone has one task – to kill everyone else, and for the victory, it was possible to regain an ordinary human life. Everything is very similar in the game; here, other players try to catch and kill and lie in wait for various dangers that impede progress. For survival, special items scattered throughout the island. Also, to improve your skills and abilities, you need to get points as you progress through the game. If you want a simple game, then The Culling is the best choice.

Unturned: Arena Mode


Combines blocky graphics and survival mode. The game was not without a zombie apocalypse, where not only players but also bloodthirsty monsters want to kill you. There is an opportunity to team up, collect resources and create items. There is also an Arena mode, where players appear randomly on a vast map. If you like Minecraft graphics, then this game is definitely for you.

Rust: Battle Royale


Rust has a large map on which various natural disasters and other hazards occur. Survival mode begins when the player, completely naked, lands on a random map. It would help if you found a weapon very quickly or have to defend yourself with a stone; it can kill you in a bad outcome.

DayZ: Battle Royale


We can safely say that this is one of the first games that made this genre popular. The hero finds himself on a distant island infested with zombies. The task is to survive among people and non-humans who are trying to destroy you. You must always be on your guard because at any moment; someone can stab in the back and take everything for himself.

Minecraft: Hunger Games


For Minecraft lovers, different servers are develops in the game. Of course, it was not without the battle royale genre. In a war, everyone is against everyone; only one player will survive. At the beginning of the game, everyone has a set containing random items. To get weapons and other items, you need to search the area on the map. The last survivor wins.

Ark: Survival of the Fittest


A game in which you can see the days of BC with dinosaurs, predators, and the first people. There is a new Games Like Fortnite Survival of the Fittest mode, which implies that only the fittest will survive. Players, dinosaurs, predators, and the world around you will try to kill you. In addition to creating weapons, it is possible to tame certain dinosaurs and send them to the battlefield.

ARMA 3: Battle Royale


A specially designed mod for ARMA 3. There is a sea of ​​blood here, and you can die from any inaccuracy on the battlefield. Of course, this map will also shrink, which will inevitably lead to a clash of all the heroes of the battle royale in one location for the final battle.

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale


One hundred players in one sci-fi shooter are trying to survive. The gameplay is high, and the graphics are well done. The game is brighter and more unique than its genre counterparts. It inspires by the Hunger Games series of books and films. Allows you to track your rating and the progress of other players.

GTA V: Smuggler’s Run


The developers, who love GTA V, are constantly supplementing the game with various modes. In Motor Wars, you choose four teams that have jumped out with parachutes and find themselves in any area of ​​the map. It shortens so that in the end, everyone is on the battlefield against each other. This mode is suitable for the variety of playing in GTA V.

Infestation: the new Z


Play against everyone and try to survive in a world where there are several game modes. In the best traditions of this genre, some zombies need to kills before they try to kill you. There is a cooperative mode, where there is an opportunity to explore the open world, create your clan, or hunt for everything and everyone. The game contains extensive content, and updates are constantly being added to it, which cannot rejoice.

Last Man Standing


The gameplay of this game is pretty fast, but that doesn’t make it less fun. Fight hundreds of players, try to find equipment, weapons, and any other items that may come in handy. The character can customize according to various parameters. Survive and win.

H1Z1: King of the Kill


The game forces the player from a third-person perspective into a fast-shrinking area with zombies and other players. It would help if you defeated them all. To complete the shooter, you can find items and create them from various resources. Battle Royale is not the only model in the game; you can try others if you want.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


PUBG is one of the foundational games of this genre and the best. Here Games Like Fortnite 2022 everyone relies only on himself. The focus is on survival. You always have a choice: team up with friends or find people from the Internet. But it would help if you remembered that any of them is ready to kill you and take everything that found.


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