Top 10 Best Games Like GTA To Play In 2022

GTA has grown into one of the most notable game series of the last decade from a small arcade Games Like GTA. GTA can no longer talk about it as a representative of the action genre. The RockStar company spawned its genre, which immediately had imitators. We dedicated our top ten to them.

So, I ask you to love and favor – 10 Games Like GTA clones who tried to press the king of the genre on the throne, ten best attempts to surpass RockStar.



In the 10th place, we have a downfall of the series. Debuting back in 1998, the game became a real event in the world of the auto racing genre.

The plot was kept in the spirit of old police films, and the gameplay was full of action and dashing pursuits. But after the success of the third GTA, the developers chose the Rockstar masterpiece as a model to follow – and this was their mistake.

In 3 parts, Driver from an exciting arcade race turned into a gray and dull clone, where the hero also stole cars and fired a pistol.

Neither the excellent graphics for its time, nor the excellent model of car damage, nor other numerous advantages of the game helped it to win a place in the hearts of the gamer from GTA.

Part 4 once again proved that the development of the series went the wrong way, and apparently, nothing good awaits this game.

The Godfather


The Godfather was a little more fortunate. Say what you like, but the developers initially set themselves a very difficult task – to create a Games Like GTA based on the legendary work The Godfather is not the same as the gamification of some Spiderman.

Sketches and storylines thought out by the developer were present in abundance and familiar characters like Michael Carlione.

A curious feature of the game was the intimidation of shopkeepers, grocers, and other traders to make a profit. Each of the small businessmen demanded a special approach, and it was worth not calculating the strength a little, as the distraught victim lost his composure, and we – the profit.

To the pluses of the game, it was possible to write down a rather large city, filled with the gangster romance of the 40s and cars characteristic of that era.

True Crime


One of the first signs of GTA cloning. Unlike the original and contrary to the title, Tru Crime told the story of a tough cop fighting crime with her methods.

The player’s actions greatly influenced the plot and even determined which of the three endings the user would see in the finale.

Choosing the style of a good cop, you carefully handcuff the bandits, while in the role of the bad, you shoot them without unnecessary words.

A plus of the game is the recreated streets of Los Angeles. The developers were not too lazy to transfer the streets of Beverly Zils and Santa Monica to our screens. The total area was 620 square kilometers, which was a lot for those times.

In addition to those familiar from the third GTA chases, there were decent elements of beat-map with the obligatory learning of strikes in True Crime.

Even though there were no Rockstar clones, True Crime did not manage to find much fame. GTA surpassed the game from Activizhn in every respect.

Saints Row 2


This game could be an excellent semblance of Games Like GTA. The first part of the game became such at one time. And although the banal story about the confrontation of urban gangs was not a new word, at least the developers could make a worthy copy of GTA.

However, the lack of optimization, problems with physics, and many other technical problems make the game hardly suitable for passing – even despite the find with style points, which are summed up by the storyline respect necessary to access new missions.

Hardly able to save the game and a good character editor, in which you can create a brother of your dreams – well, or a sister.



As in Sens Road, the first part of the Mercenaries will forever remain console history. However, the players did not have any misunderstandings with the history. In the second part, they replaced North Korea with Venezuela, and the plot, as an auxiliary part of the game, remained with it.

Almost every GTA clone has the feature that allows you to say – “Look, only I have it!” In the Mercenaries, destructibility became such a feature. Indeed, the craving for the destruction of buildings can be satisfied here.

Otherwise, this is a GTA about war – military equipment, warring factions, boring secondary missions.

Total Overdose: A Gunslinger’s Tale in Mexico


The 5th place taken by the hot Mexican guy Romiro Cruz appeared in the most reckless GTA clone – Total Overdose or the common people – Total overdose.

Even if the city in the game was not as big as we would like, and the plot was trivial, Romero was able to do so many things that no hero of GTA-like games dreamed.

The guy had a decent amount of gun tricks that allowed him to mow down crowds of drug dealers not only quickly but also beautifully. Even during the execution of acrobatic tricks, Romero’s weapons did not stop taking away one life after another.

Like the Prince of Persia, Romero Cruz had complete control over time, winding back time.

And although Total Overdose became a bright and memorable GTA clone, it did not manage to stay in the players’ memory for a long time.



Another clone based on the cult film. This time, such an honor fell to the film “Scarface” directed by Brian De Palma.

The developers of Scar Fase turned out to be bolder than the developers of the Godfather and decided to finish the story of Tony Montano. By the will of the writers, the hero did not die in his home. In Scar Fase, Tony successfully shoots back and survives. True, at the same time, his empire collapses, and the player will have to rise again to the top of the criminal Olympus and then – severely punish all those who are to blame for his problems.

Trafficking in drugs, gunfights with competitors, and bribery of cops are standard daily routines for games like GTA.

True, the player needed to fill the reputation scale constantly. Lack of respect from the lads did not allow the player to access the story missions. However, the boring and monotony of the gameplay prevented the game from becoming a pretty good average.

Just Cause


The ardent tsareushnik Rick Rodrigers open the three leaders pacifies the dictator’s army of a fictional state.

The local government suspected of producing weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, we need to overthrow the terrorist regime and then figure out whether there were weapons of mass destruction there or not. In general, everything is in the best traditions of the United States.

In addition to the coolly politicized plot, Just Cause was very different from other GTA clones also in the place of action. The usual stone jungle replaces by the usual jungle with palm trees, sand, and the sea.

Rico could jump with a parachute and steal cars literally on the go. The number of missions also inspired respect – there were about 300 of them, but there were a little more than 20 storyline missions, which is certainly not enough for a game trying to claim the laurels of GTA.

The Just Cause programmers, who overlooked a fair amount of bugs, also deserve a fair amount of criticism. But overall, the game left a good impression, largely due to the unusual setting.



The second place with a fight was Colton White – a dashing cowboy from Gan – the most unusual GTA clone. Instead of the street – prairies, instead of cars – horses. And only frequent showdowns with dubious personalities from the perspective of the law differed little from ordinary representatives of the genre.

Of course, Gan was rife with a lot of side missions. There was even an opportunity to feel like a sheriff, finding and shooting especially dangerous criminals.

As for the plot, although the story began quite trite – with the murder of Colton’s father, it soon spun rather dashingly. Many colorful characters made the story of the game bright and interesting.



The most offensive for Mafia is that she considers a Games Like GTA clone, although she is quite worthy of cloning.

Yes, the legendary “Mafia,” although it contains GTA features, only a very short-sighted player can confuse these two games. In addition, it was developed almost simultaneously with the third GTA, so formally, the games are different.

The game is an interesting and well-presented story about an ordinary guy Thomas, a taxi driver who, by the will of fate, was drawn into the showdown of the Italian mafia operating on the territory of a fictional city—sketched from 1930s New York and Chicago.

The Mafia plot had all the elements necessary for a gangster story: intrigue, betrayal, love. Weapons and machines of those years successfully complemented the gangster atmosphere of America, for which the Mafia was so fond of everyone who played it at least once.


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