Best Role Play Games like Hearts of Iron 4 To Play In 2022

Hearts of Iron IV is the latest addition to the WWII global strategy games. I believe that these two genres go well together, like a bun and a poppy. Fighting in war as a soldier, pilot, sailor, or tanker is fun, but for those looking to command armies on the battlefield or rule entire nations, there are thankfully plenty of other games out there. And if Hearts of Iron IV is not enough for you, then we have in store for you a list of the Best Games like Hearts of Iron 4 that you will like.



Rejecting the traditional formula of present-day strategy that emphasizes base-building, Men of War combines tactical missions and control over multiple fighters with storytelling and specialized missions with elements of third-person shooters.

However, the mechanics that stand out in Men of War allow you to take control of any tactical unit, be it a tank or an infantryman, at any time in the game. While the rest of the fighters are doing some tasks under the control of the AI, you can participate in the battle as a third-person action hero.


Although the global strategy game in the days of knights, swords, and bows does not in any way allow you to control tank divisions and bombard cities to dust, Crusader Kings II is fun in its path. Particular attention is paid here to dynastic ties and the strengthening of their own family through the state, but it is also on this list because it is directly related to Hearts of Iron IV. Like the series of games like The Witcher and Mass Effect, games made by Paradox allow you to transfer saves, so with Europa Universalis IV and Victoria II, you can play from 789 to 1964 AD.


The first Company of Heroes is an amazing game; not many games can stay so stubborn and addicting even after 30 playthroughs of the leading company. Among those, a few is Company of Heroes 2. While I prefer the original more, the second installment in the series is not a bad game. It has a lot of new, well-built mechanics like weather affecting an already dynamic environment. And the campaign mode, this time in the Eastern Front, not the Western, offers the player one of the best stories in all global strategies. In this case, the gameplay fits perfectly into the narrative.


Focusing on the events just before Hearts of Iron IV, Victoria II focuses on trade, industrial production, and population management during the Industrial Revolution. While the game also features well-implemented combat and war systems, Victoria II provides the player with a refreshing break from the full military focus in HoI IV, allowing the user to build his (or her) power’s economy and population, rather than only weapons and army. As with EU IV and CK II, Victoria II saves can be imported into Hearts of Iron IV.




Hearts III was one of the first games from Paradox to use their proprietary Clausewitz engine. The third part in the series transferred a series of global strategies about the Second World War in 3D with a dynamic map, completely three-dimensional models with tons of parts, and many new mechanics distinguish it from its predecessors. The Games like Hearts of Iron 4 allows you to create your battle schemes, allowing you to plan each step of your military operations, making the game more like how a general looks at a battle map.




The most popular game of the entire Paradox global strategy franchise, spanning a huge period (1444-1821), contains a huge amount of content. You will not miss the dynamic battles and technological growth of WWII; EU IV will accompany you on the path of progress from halberds and bows to musketeers and cannons. And of course, games from EU IV are portable so that you can follow the history of your power from the Middle Ages to the Cold War.




As hilarious as the first Men of War was, it seems clear that the specialized missions in conjunction with the story did not go well with the game mechanics. Fortunately, Men of War: Assault Squad fixes the issue completely. Missions are now pleasant and simple: you need to capture every strategic point and move your army to the very end. The difficulty increases as you capture new points. More resources appear, and new units open up, both for you and for the enemy. If Company of Heroes felt realistic in detail, Men of War: Assault Squad felt real in its battles.


This WWII real-time strategy game is hardly worth imagining; Company of Heroes is a beloved game by many. More than ten years have passed, but it is still holding on. Moreover, fully integrated fan modifications are still releases for the game.

Although it is already a fairly coherent strategy, it is really fun; for me, small details convey the realism of what is happening. You can hear conversations on the radio and the thoughts of your soldiers, which change depending on whether they are in combat or not. And the soldiers are constantly moving, which also adds to the realism of the game.


In Conflict of Nations, the theater of the third war stretches before players. The most advanced weapons systems, nuclear missiles, aircraft carriers, fighters, and modern tracked vehicles are uses. Players here fight and develop the economy of the ward nation and conduct research that will help them develop new means of warfare. You can play in a browser, and a client version is available on Steam.


After Hearts of Iron IV, playing Darkest Hour can be compared to watching 12 Chairs right after Avengers, but it doesn’t make the game any worse. But Darkest Hour isn’t a good game; it’s brilliant. Originally a mod for Hearts of Iron 2, Darkest Hour lacks good graphics. But the project makes up for this shortcoming with a vengeance with its excellently tuned mechanics (patches are still releases), almost endless replayability, an extensive modding community, and, in general, well-tuned gameplay. While the game follows its rhythm, it means as much to the Hearts of Iron series as Majora’s Mask to Zelda.


To some extent, this grand strategy resembles Civilization. By exploring a variety of scenarios, players will move from early historical eras to later ones. Simultaneously, the game cannot boast of authenticity but outwardly more resembles projects like Hearts of Iron 4 than the work of Firaxis Games. We must pay tribute to the developer – the author has been working on it alone for several years and is still adding content and new stories.


Free global online strategy about the Second World War. The participants here are mostly busy with battles. Taking command of the armed forces of one of the powers, they lead aviation, ground, and naval equipment into battle, conclude alliances, and destroy entire states with weapons of mass destruction. You can play Call of War through a browser or download a client, for example, on Steam.


The developers of Field of Glory used a specific technique, combining this project with the previous one – Field of Glory 2. In the absence of the latter, Empire owners will participate in events on the global map and conduct political and military campaigns. Instead of battles, they will receive an auto body, which is often not allowed in favor. Simultaneously, construction, recruitment of troops, extraction of resources, diplomacy, and much more takes place on the tactical map.


Dominions 5 is a grand strategy fighting game in the genre of dark fantasy. All game mechanics are focused on war. If you research or build something, you do it solely for the sake of your faction’s war campaign. Actions take place on the global map of the world, the conditions on which change depending on the season, and battles occur automatically. Still, players can control the alignment of forces and formulate the tasks of the squads.


The Grand Tactician focuses on the period of the American Civil War between 1861 and 1865. The project implements four large-scale historically accurate scenarios in which players will have to take command of artillery and cavalry troops, monitor supplies, the morale of the charges, and even lay railway routes—a very unusual and almost unparalleled game in this setting, somewhat similar Games like Hearts of Iron 4.


A fairly fresh sequel to one of the best strategies about the Second World War, both delighted fans of the franchise and disappointed. The project received a modern wrapper and many new mechanics but pumped up in terms of content, interfaces, and artificial intelligence. At the same time, it is still the same hexagonal military tactical game, complex and addictive, as most veterans remember it.


The weaknesses of the landmark Paradox Interactive project redesign and improved. The developers carefully moved almost all the strong ones to the third part, which is why Crusader Kings III surpassed its predecessor, despite some flaws in the release and mediocre localization. But it has a lot of content and features for every taste.


Another project from the distant past of Paradox, Victoria: Revolutions. It has a lot in common with Darkest Hour, and even shines through the years with its gameplay. The game runs from 1836 to 1936, lighting your nation’s path to great power during the Industrial Revolution. Greatness can be achieves not only with the help of the army, but also with industrial power, as well as prestige, special attention paid to the economy, not the military sphere. No other Games like Hearts of Iron 4 will offer you this experience. Anticipating this possibility of modern games, Victoria allows you to transfer your saves to the Darkest Hour.

The game could not found for sale in digital services.

The was a list of the top 10 games you’ll love if you like Hearts of Iron IV, including other global strategy games from the same company, as well as other WW2 strategy games. Chances are, if games that combine these two genres are to your liking, there is bound to be a game on the list that you also prefer.

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