7 Best RPG Adventure Games Like Heroes Of Might And Magic

We present to you a selection of the best Games Like Heroes Of Might And Magic (Heroes of Might and Magic), all of them have one thing in common – this is to bring a lot of fun to any fan of turn-based strategy in the style of Heroes.

Most of the games featured are fantasy-themed, and we’ve also added a couple of RPGs. For reference: the turn-based strategy genre became popular with the release of the A Strategic Quest series, the first game released back in 1995. Now let’s finally take a look at its best representatives:

King’s Bounty: The Legend


According to developer Katauri Interactive itself, this is a real-time adventure packed in tactical turn-based battles with RPG elements and many other fun features. Against the backdrop of a fabulous fantasy world, you will find everything related to this theme: evil magicians, beautiful princesses, brave knights, and wise kings. Choose from 3 character archetypes and explore many different locations.

The gameplay divides into two familiar parts: the battle mode and the adventure mode. So in the course of the game, you will both command armies and complete various quests, the reward for which will not keep you waiting. You can also purchase the Platinum Edition of the game, including additional content for The Legend, Armored Princess, and Crossworlds.

Civilization V


Firaxis Games for the PC terrain first developed the first part of this turn-based 4X strategy game. Once in this virtual world, you will be stunned by the epic battles, intuitive interface, friendly gaming community, and 18 real historical civilizations, one of which you will develop over different historical eras.

During the game, you can declare wars, research new technologies, create powerful empires, and even come face to face with famous historical figures. Another feature is the new hexagonal move mechanics, allowing you to build truly unique strategies.

Age of Wonders II: The Wizard’s Throne


Developed by Triumph Studios, this fantasy game fills with mysterious continents and mystical creatures. A direct sequel to Age of Wonders is a combination of such interesting elements as a role-playing game, empire-building, and all this cooks under the sauce of turn-based strategy.

Briefly about the plot: you were called to join forces with a group of immortal wizards in the Circle of Eternity and together stop another apocalypse. There is a single-player campaign for 20 scenarios, more than 130 unique units, over 30 heroes, and seven magic spheres – fire, air, death, and life. In addition, a whole dozen playable races are available to choose from, among them: Draconids, Halflings, Elves, Undead, Dwarves, etc.

Disciples III: Resurrection


This game, which got into our top alternatives to Heroes of Might And Magic, tells the revolt of the Undead Hordes. According to the authors themselves, the entire drama of the plot revolves around truly immortal things, such as unfading fame and selfless love.

The game contains more than 70 hours of the main campaign, includes four leaders of the Horde of the Undead, two storyline characters, a couple of bosses, and more than 50 new units. The game perfectly conveys the gothic atmosphere, the game world looks quite lively, and many exciting quests will not let you get bored during the leveling process.

Fantasy Wars


Get ready to plunge into a fantasy world games like Heroes of Might And Magic, assembled using 3D graphics combined with game mechanics of classic strategies. Engage in epic battles as the leader of the goblins or orcs, the leader of the elves, or the captain of the human army.

First of all, the game attracts three campaigns, united by a common plot. In passing, you will look for magic artifacts, form your army, learn magic spells, and improve units. You will get acquainted with nine types of armies throughout history, consisting of 70 types of units. They also did not forget to give a lift to the game mode on the network.

Battle for Wesnoth


A turn-based fantasy strategy game filled with many RPG elements. Gather your great army, personally selecting each specialist from the many available, and they will help you reclaim the throne of Wesnoth. Put on the boots of a young officer who must unite the orc tribes and destroy the undead army summoned by the evil necromancer.

The game features over 200 types of units and over 200 scenarios in 15 campaigns. You can download the game to your phone from Google Play or install it on your PC from the Chrome Web Store.

Palm Kingdoms 2 Deluxe


Flavored with beautiful graphics, our latest contributor will satisfy all your needs for conquering castles, battling ferocious enemies, and gathering resources. games like Heroes of Might And Magic 2021 There are seven different factions in the game: Barbarians, Wizards, Sorcerers, Knights, Necromancers, Mages, and Varangians.

There is also a hot-sit mode, which allows several friends to play together on one device. The game is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC.



If you are a big fan of the games like HOMM series, and the last part of Might & Magic Heroes with all the additions has already passed, and now you are trying to find something similar, then go ahead, you can try all the above games.

Among several PC games, we also picked up a couple of mobile games for the trip. So which ones you can’t wait to try out first?


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