5 Games Like It Takes Two That Will Inspire You In 2022 To Play

It Takes Two is finally out. Critics, including our website, give her high marks for her fascinating, creative and exciting implementation of cooperative gameplay. But if you’re already here, you’ve probably played this game – or can’t play it yet – and you’re looking for something along those lines. 

Games Like It Takes Two.

Be that as it may, for this collection, we have selected the best Games Like It Takes Two to help you in your searches games like it takes two mac.



A way out

We’ll start with the previous game from the Hazelight Studios portfolio, A Way Out. Here, each player controls one of the prisoners who work together to escape from prison.

Each of them has their reasons for this, and as you implement a plan for a successful escape to freedom, you will learn more about the characters and their motivations. The game is a combination of testing your skills, dynamic action and even choosing the plot’s direction because depending on your activities, it can go a little differently.



lovers in a dangerous spacetime

If you like the need for communication and collaboration in It Takes Two, you should pay attention to Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Here, both players must work together, controlling a single ship to handle all weapons and systems while battling enemies in neon tones games like it takes two ps5.

Thanks to cute pixelated graphics, the game seems deceptively flippant, but working together to manage all the nuances of the ship to win every battle can be very challenging. Ideal for those who want to test their collaboration skills.




If you’re a fan of platformers, puzzles, and casual play, games like it takes two for pc then be sure to look at Sackboy: A Big Adventure, especially if you have a PS5 and want to play together on the current generation.

You may already be familiar with the LittleBigPlanet series, where the same character is in the title role, but in Sackboy: A Big Adventure, everything has changed – now it is a full-fledged three-dimensional platformer with small elements of collecting items free games similar to it takes two. The game has special cooperative missions where players will have to solve different puzzles together games similar to it takes two xbox, as you are used to in It Takes Two.




What happens if you mix a bit of A Way Out and It Takes Two in one game about bank robberies? You get Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine. And even if this game is not as cute or kind as It Takes Two, it is no less bright and almost as complex in the aspect of cooperative play games similar to it takes two reddit. You and your friends of up to four people will need to act together and develop tactics that allow you to carry out serious crimes such as bank robberies and kidnappings from museums.




If you want to take an even deeper look at the work of Joseph Fares, lead developer of It Takes Two, be sure to take a look at Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Once upon a time, this game was difficult to recommend to fans of the co-op – initially, both brothers had to be controlled by one player.

With the Switch release, the game received a special update that allows you to go through the game together. If you have a Switch and want to play something similar to It Takes Two games similar to it takes two ps4, you have to see this game. Initially released in 2013, it received rave reviews from critics for its excellent puzzle gameplay and deep plot. All this still looks great today 50 games like it takes two.


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