27 Action Games Like Life is Strange In 2022

Life is Strange (LiS) is an adventure quest in interactive cinema from the Dontnod Entertainment studio, where the plot and the ending depend entirely on the player’s actions. If after completing Life is Strange you are looking for something Games Like Life is Strange, then below, we will tell you about the games you might like.



A free adventure game from the creators of Life is Strange set in the same universe (essentially a spin-off). The plot tells the story of a 9-year-old boy Chris, who imagines that he is the superhero Captain Ghost, who went to fight the inner demons.

The game is the link between Life is Strange 1 and 2. You will meet some of the characters from the sequel and perform actions that will affect its plot.

The game is short, played in just a couple of hours, and the gameplay in it is the same as in Life is Strange; that is, its tie to the interactive interaction of the user with the world. The player will have to go through quests, each of which embodies Chris’s fear.


Remember Me - Game Like Life is Strange 2021

After completing Life is Strange, you will surely notice how much the time travel mechanic recreated in it is similar to the previous game from Dontnod – Remember Me. Not only does the protagonist Nilin look like Max (the similarities are visible), but overall she has a reasonably similar Memory Remix ability, which allows her to edit people’s memories.

Remember Me is an action game with a unique combo system. In the games like Life is Strange 2021 course of the plot, you will have to fight opponents and edit the memories of some characters. You can force a person to perceive any events in life in a completely different way and even prevent those that have already happened. However, it is essential to ensure that the remixing does not entail the death of the memory owner.

Being a game in a completely different genre, Remember Me will appeal to fans of Life is Strange, and after completing it, it will be clear how much it influenced the creation of the next title from Dontnod.



Mass Effect is an epic sci-fi RPG trilogy. Its distinguishing feature is a huge number of key ethical decisions and forks of events. This hugely successful and award-winning saga showcases a fantastic mix of heavy doses of adrenaline, addictive leveling systems and tons of engaging dialogue. All lines are extremely well voiced (this is especially noticeable if you chose the game as a female character).

Mass Effect has a ton of hard moral and philosophical reflections that you’re immersed in every now and then. The title was awarded Top Class, guaranteeing that Mass Effect has earned its well-deserved place in the market as one of the best choices and consequences games. This is ideal for players looking for a Life is Strange-style game.


Spec Ops: The Line is the most underrated game on this list. This stunning action-packed military shooter is completely different from the rest. The game is from the third person and has an avalanche of tense alternating battles, echoed by an amazingly detailed and thought-provoking storyline.

The game will have to make many difficult moral decisions, each of which leads to a climactic denouement. Critics praise Spec Ops: The Line for its ability to resolve controversial issues in ways that dramatically blur the lines between good and evil. Life is Strange gamers will love this gem too.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a stunning symbiosis of first-person action with RPG elements, accompanied by sophisticated choice-and-consequence gameplay. Fans of the game are delighted with engaging dialogues, versatile NPCs, open level design and the ability to diversify the play style (for example, be a lone hero, a spy, etc.).

It is one of the few games similar to Life is Strange in which players are invited to make key ethical decisions with very serious consequences for the storyline. The game also features a variety of technical innovations, collectibles and alternative mission paths, which allows you to explore the game with interest.

The hallmark of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a breathtaking orchestral score that is perfect as the perfect soundscape for a tense sci-fi thriller.


Despite the initial negative from critics after its release, Alpha Protocol game has stood the test of time and won a few but loyal fans. They fell in love with the game for a truly authentic storyline in which the course of events depends on the player’s choice. The game has been labeled a “spy RPG” that features a series of action and stealth missions. These missions give the player the opportunity to decide who owns his patriotic sympathies: smug capitalists, the morally questionable American government, or religious extremists from the Middle East.

Each choice creates a significant non-linearity in the storytelling, which generates a large number of unique dialogues. All of the above makes the Alpha Protocol game undoubtedly worthy of repeated play. Despite the genre dissimilarity, gamers looking for a Life is Strange-themed game will find unexpected pleasure in this not-so-polished spy thriller of all time.


Fallout 4 is a massive and highly addictive adventure RPG that takes you through an intricate story set against the backdrop of a devastated post-apocalyptic Boston. Critics and players unanimously praised the game for its incredible detailed open world, rich game content, highly customizable systems for crafting weapons and equipment, complex and unique characters, and a perfectly matched soundtrack.

An incredible array of life-changing moral decisions take Fallout 4 to the top of the list of Life is Strange games. There’s also the bonus of a truly endless journey with countless hours of exploration and side quests.


Adventure game Game of Thrones is a cameo fantasy drama inspired by the novels of George R.R. Martin and the hugely popular TV series. Like other Telltale Games products, Game of Thrones allows players to make key moral decisions that affect the entire story, personal and political relationships.

This game is similar to Life is Strange in that it has a host of richly detailed main characters and many plot twists that ensure that gamers will be at a loss for the end result of their difficult decisions.


In Firewatch, you play as a watchtower observer in Wyoming National Park. The protagonist agrees to a job offer after his wife is diagnosed with dementia. For him, this is a way to escape from problems. Firewatch is a first-person adventure Games Like Life is Strange that can classify as a walking simulator. There are no evil enemies, intricate puzzles, or action games. Firewatch gives the player something more and talks about the unusual relationship between Henry and his boss, Delilah.

At the beginning of the game, you communicate with her on the radio and carry out assignments. As the story progresses, you will choose between different options for answering Delilah’s lines, and her attitude towards Henry will depend on this. Will you flirt with your boss? Or will you limit yourself to your remarks, not ceasing to think about the sick wife you left at home? Like Life is Strange, Firewatch invites you to be Henry, put yourself in his place, and make decisions that will affect the plot and the ending of the game.



Company Telltale continues to produce content based on other popular products. Among the most successful games is the first season of The Walking Dead. In the center of the plot is Lee, who unexpectedly meets a girl named Clementine, and to survive in the new world, they must take care of each other.

Almost all of Telltale’s games are point-and-click, with dialogue options available to choose from. Therefore, the narrative will proceed as you decide.

Just like in Life is Strange, the first season of The Walking Dead doesn’t give the player a lot of time to think before making the next “right” decision. The further you progress through the plot, the stronger this effect and the realization that each action or line can seriously affect the fate and character of Clementine, whose further fate told in the following seasons.



It is not the first time that Quantic Dream has put the protagonists of their games under harsh conditions. From the fate of Ethan, who tragically lost his son in a car accident, Jody avoids communication with peers throughout her growing up. It is her fate that will discuss in Beyond: Two Souls.

In the center of the plot is Jody, who has been trying to figure out her unusual abilities, which are directly related to a certain entity following the girl from birth.

The gameplay spans 16 years of her life (from 8 to 24). Therefore, it is an almost adult story of how difficult it was for her to grow up and what decisions she had to make because of her “problem.”

Beyond: Two Souls is an action-packed narrative story that is very different from Heavy Rain’s previous game, but at the same time, both games have apparent Games Like Life is Strange. If only because of the similarity of the main characters.

Both Max and Jody have unusual abilities that simultaneously become gifts and a curse for them, striking the most painful points. Both heroines are destin to go through a difficult path alone, without the opportunity to share it with someone else.



The plot of the game tells the story of a twenty-year-old girl named May. She dropped out of college and returned to her hometown. In an attempt to restore old friendships, Mei discovers a terrible secret deeply hidden in the forest. The game raises complex and controversial topics, including depression and other mental disorders.

Overall, Night in the Woods is an adventure quest with a fairly linear storyline. But in passing, the player can make several key decisions that will lead to the disclosure of the backstory of the main characters and other residents of the city. Whether it is worth entering into a dialogue with this or that person depends only on you. But remember that playing can be very rewarding for your efforts.



An exclusive for Sony PlayStation 4 owners releases in 2015, but not immediately gained popularity. Once people realized how awesome the game was, Dawn equates with the best horror games that came out recently.

Just like in Life is Strange, Until Dawn’s storyline is completely player-driven. All actions entail consequences; therefore, they directly affect the further fate of the characters. There are several different endings in the game, which is why Until Dawn can replays, at least to find out what happens if you choose a different route or change the line in the dialogue.

In Until Dawn, the player’s actions play a decisive role in the further development of the plot, but unlike Life is Strange, turning back time, if you suddenly do not like the result, will not work; unfortunately, UD characters do not have superpowers and cannot travel through time.



The Longest Journey is a point-and-click adventure quest that was released back in 1999. Which is about 15 years earlier than the release of Life is Strange. That said, games have a lot in common. First, the events of The Longest Journey and Life is Strange take place in a place called Arcadia. But that’s not the fun part.

The main character of The Longest Journey is an 18- year-old introvert, April Ryan, who can move between two dimensions. One day, April falls on the shoulders of the difficult task of saving the world. She must find a balance between two parallel universes and prevent their death. At the same time, an art student discovers that she can travel in time, after which the gameplay part begins, consisting of solving puzzles.

If you consider yourself a fan of Life is Strange, then Endless Journey could be your next game where “an introverted art school student saves the world.” The Longest Journey is available not only for PCs but also for mobile devices based on iOS.



Gone Home tells a roughly two-hour story about a girl who returns overseas, but upon arrival, discovers only an empty house. While exploring your native mansion, which locates in Portland, Oregon, you have to figure out what happened to its inhabitants. To do this, study the notes scattered around the house and other clues. Finding some takes a lot of curiosity as well as your wits.

Interestingly, there are no other people in Gone Home, only you (the player) and the house, which is essentially the game’s main character. The storytelling, visual design, and even the atmosphere of what is happening are very similar Games Like Life is Strange. Of course, Gone Home has its own story and a bunch of puzzles that will have to solve in the process of passing. But even the fact that the game set in Oregon is already suggestive of Arcadia Bay from Life is Strange.



Dreamfall Chapters is essentially a sequel to The Longest Journey. The game is an episodic quest of five parts, which continues the story of The Longest Journey and tells about the already familiar (for fans of the first part) universes of Arcadia and Stark.

Just like Life is Strange, Dreamfall Chapters has a linear storyline, but with one difference. There is only one end here (while there are two in LiS). At the same time, there are many moments in the game where you need to choose and decide which further development of the plot will depend. But they will not influence the ending itself at all.

Another rather interesting feature of the game is that when you decide, you can immediately see what percentage of other players have chosen the specified option. But only if you link an account to Dreamfall Chapters to synchronize data over the Internet.

Unlike other adventure games that show Games Like Life is Strange statistics at the end of the game or individual chapters, the creators of Dreamfall Chapter decided to immediately make this information available to see in advance what most of the gamers did.



Tim Shafer, the founder of Double Fine Productions, also known for several other adventure games, gave us another great hit, Broken Age. In the center of the plot are teenagers Vella and Shea, who dream of changing their lives and do not want to live according to “someone else’s” rules. While Life is Strange takes a more modern take on the genre, Broken Age is exactly what you’d expect from a famous adventure developer like Tim Shafer.

Shay and Vella live in completely different worlds, the player can freely switch between them, but they cannot interact with each other in any way. The characters have similar Games Like Life is Strange thoughts and ideas, even though Shay lives in space, and Vella is from a tribal people. The theme of otherworldly worlds and parallel universes fits the plot of Life is Strange very well, so we can combine these seemingly different games into the same category without any problems.



When it comes to interactive adventure games (with some drama), it’s impossible not to mention Heavy Rain. The game releases by Quantic Dream in 2010 and follows four different stories, each leading to the same event.

When the mysterious Origami killer kidnaps Ethan’s son Mars, he begins his rescue mission, the main goal of which is to correct the mistakes of the past and return Sean home. In this case, the criminal is pursued by three other people, each with their motives and goals.

As in Life is Strange, in the process of passing Heavy Rain, you will have to choose between different actions and lines in the dialogues, on which the further development of the plot will depend. The ending will also be influenced by how the player coped with certain situations, as he did during the fight scenes. The game features a well-thought-out narrative and surprises with plot twists.



In the center of the plot is a group of teenagers who decide to go to a local closed island and throw a party there. But the fun quickly gives way to a series of mysterious events, which gives the story an unexpected twist.

The game’s main heroine is Alex, who arrived with her best friend and new stepbrother, who then meet with her brother’s ex-girlfriend and his secret love. After teenagers accidentally free the evil lurking on the island, the usual beach party turns into a real challenge. Ghosts and other paranormal phenomena are not assigned the main role; Oxenfree is distinguished by a well-developed narrative part and a dynamic system of dialogues.

As the plot progresses, the player can influence different events through dialogues. Moreover, you can even use your radio, which will help uncover the secret of Edward Island and the spirits living on it. The number of teenage fears that will have to face during the game, because of which the similarity between Oxenfree and Life is Strange only intensifies.



Like most other Telltale games, The Wolf Among Us is an interactive story where the player’s actions influence the further development of the plot. This time you are assigned the role of Bigby Gray Wolf, Sheriff of Fabletown. He is investigating the case of the mysterious murder of a woman, so the player will have to devote a significant part of the gameplay to collecting information that will help find the criminal.

Also, as in Life is Strange, the player will be able to move between locations and interact with various objects. In addition to everything, you will communicate with other characters, and depending on the lines chosen and other circumstances, they will treat you differently.

The Wolf Among Us has many dynamic QTE scenes that appear throughout the game and offer to perform any actions on the keyboard or gamepad (for example, pressing buttons in a specific sequence). The story will develop based on how you act in different situations. If you are looking for a more complex and convoluted story than Life is Strange, you should go through The Wolf Among Us.



In the interactive paranormal thriller Fahrenheit, the player will take part in the investigation of a mysterious incident that took place in New York. It is an unusual series of killings by civilians who become possessed and attack others for no reason or no apparent reason. The player will have to switch between four different characters to solve the case and find who is behind these terrible crimes.

The gameplay Games Like Life is Strange; in Fahrenheit, you can also interact with surrounding objects and enter into dialogue with other characters. For example, when communicating with some NPCs, the answers will affect the scale of “suspicion” (for example, during interrogation) or “sanity.”

The character’s mental state will rise and fall depending on the selected lines and previous decisions. If it drops too low, the character may become depressed or even commit suicide, which will immediately end the game.

Among other things, Fahrenheit contains dynamic QTE scenes, which can also affect the mental health of the characters and other aspects. If you like paranormal games with an unusual storyline, then be sure to check out Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered.



The game focuses on Dr. Eva and Neil, who specializes in recreating artificial memories and helping to realize the unfulfilled dreams of their patients on their deathbed. To The Moon is dedicated to the story of an older man Johnny, who dreamed of going to the moon.

As the story progresses, players can move between Johnny’s different memories, immerse themselves in the older man’s life, learn the details of his life and collect special items necessary to complete the level and recreate an artificial memory of the flight to the moon.

Even though the game does not have any time travel or unusual storyline with multiple endings, the story itself and the atmosphere that accompanies it in many ways resembles Life is Strange. If you’re looking for a laid-back adventure quest that resembles LiS in some way, then be sure to try To The Moon.



The main character of Sea of ​​Solitude is a young girl Kay, who is so entangled in herself that she is plunged into a fictional fantasy world and is trying to survive in it. The gameplay combines platformer, walking simulator, and puzzle. You have to travel by boat to various places, solve simple problems and search for Kay’s memories to understand what happened to her. As enemies, there are giant monsters here, from which you will only run away.

The main thing in the game is history. True, the girl’s fears and difficult past are told to you “straight on the forehead”, which spoils the atmosphere of what is happening, but Sea of ​​Solitude is still worthy.



An interactive horror movie from the company that gave us Until Dawn. This game is made in the same spirit – the player will have to control several heroes who need to survive a real nightmare. The plot is based on the legend of the ghost ship SS Ourang Medan, a Dutch cargo ship that sank in the 1940s under strange circumstances.

The main characters of Man of Medan accidentally find themselves aboard a ghost ship , and they have to find help and survive. Gamers will have to explore the surroundings of the ship and look for clues and notes that will help to understand what is happening here. Often the player will have to make a choice, because of which he can both save all the characters and destroy them.

The game has a local cooperative for 4 players.



InFAMOUS: Second Son is an open-world, third-person action adventure game that lets the player feel like an ordinary superhero. Exclusive to Playstation 4, this game features an elaborate, crumbling world, progressively evolving superhero powers and skills based on moral choices, and an intriguing storyline.

InFAMOUS: Second Son is one of the few Life is Strange-style PS4 games that allows players to make good or evil choices and then influence the game world, character interactions, and storyline.




An upcoming game from the creators of Life is Strange, much like it. The mysterious story of the twins Alison and Tyler Ronan is brought to the court of gamers, who can relive events from the past. During the passage, players will make a choice between memories, which as a result will affect the relationship of the twins and their future life.

And, it would seem, how can Tell Me Why surprise if we saw something Games Like Life is Strange this earlier? This is the first game from a major video game development studio to feature a transgender protagonist. To make the character as believable as possible, Dontnod took advice from the LGBT organization GLAAD.



Gamers who are fans of Life is Strange praise the game for its emotionally charged themes of friendship and loyalty, interesting characters with unique biographies and situations, and stunning choice-and-consequence storytelling, delivered with great trust and sentimentality, accompanied by an affectionate folk-pop soundtrack.

What do you think of our list of Life is Strange games? Were we missing out on any games like Life is Strange 2022? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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