15 Fighting RP Games Like Mortal Kombat In 2022

Do you like destroying enemies in Mortal Kombat? Let’s say Mortal Kombat is a very aggressive game, and there aren’t many games that offer this kind of brutality and violence. We have compiled a list of games like Mortal Kombat  experiences.

Some of them are bloody, while others have less violent gameplay, but each is very enjoyable. Here are the 15 best Games Like Mortal Kombat :

Killer Instinct


It is the latest version of the game and was released exclusively for the first model Xbox version. But, at present, the developers have adapted it for the PC and made it suitable for the tenth version of the operating system created by Microsoft. Both in the past and the present, the game is recognized as one of the best Games Like Mortal Kombat in its genre. Some fans of the fighting game genre even put it next to the famous creation called Street Fighter 5 because it can please with the easiest game mode in which there is no braking, which cannot avoid during virtual competitions. The gameplay is also distinguishs by a variety and a wide selection of fighters with a large arsenal of techniques. The player does not need to pay for the game, and he can buy different heroes with the money he has. You can also get various bonuses and unlock all characters. It is safe to say that Killer Instinct should plays if the player wants new experiences. In addition, unlike other games, this one can give the player the skills necessary for such games.

Tekken 7


The game developers “ Tekken 7” Has stopped releasing its version for consoles not so long ago. The game is perfect for personal computers and recognizes as one of the best fighting games created in the early days. The game inherits a lot from its previous series and has especially unique features in its gameplay. There are over 30 characters available for the player to choose from, which looks pretty impressive. The all-new and redesigned expansion give each character their own unique story. You can also find out exactly about the events that led to the shame of Mishima during his rivalry in the Tekken universe. Also, in the game, you will find guest characters from other games—for example, Akuma from Street Fighter, Geese Howard from King of Fighters, and Fatal Fury. The gameplay is constantly changing and is very similar to previous versions of the game. Of all the fighting games we are used to,

Injustice 2


The same developers created the game like Mortal Kombat. Therefore, if you love Mortal Kombat, you will like Injustice 2. The game is not like Mortal Kombat, which can not say about its gameplay, which still has some Games Like Mortal Kombat. The graphics and super-hitting system will make you remember Mortal Kombat. You will find all the superheroes and villains like Superman, Batman, Flash, Darkseid, Catwoman, and other heroes fighting to the death with each other in the game. Get ready to become the protector of the Earth and become the winner in a one-on-one battle with your enemy. At your disposal are special techniques and movements that allow you to defeat your enemies and become the main fighter and savior of the world. You will love Injustice 2 if you love comics, superheroes, and supervillains. Every Mortal Kombat fan should play Injustice 2.

Street Fighter 5


The game is considers the first in the fighting game genre, and the creators of Street Fighter 2 inspires by the game Mortal Kombat. Street Fighter 5 is the latest edition of the series and will allow the player to meet the most famous and beloved fighters with new styles. Newer graphics also accompanies fighters. Try your hand at tough street fighting and see how the games in this series have influenced the genre over the decades. The game will delight the player with new gameplay and mechanisms that enhance the player’s experience. During the game, the player will not encounter blood and associated visual effects. The game was creates with an emphasis on the fact that the gameplay will allow the player to test his fighting skills. If the player is a real fan of fighting games, he should at least try to play this game once.

Blaz Blue: Central Fiction


Blaz Blue game , created with Flash technology for playing at a fast pace. The game develops the player’s quick reflexes and his ability to defeat enemies completely. The anime-style game will allow you to gain a gaming experience thanks to various characters from a long list. The system of super attacks can be called unique, and the game allows you to use the fighting style at a fast pace. Visually hand-drawn characters look more agile and lively, as every line of them looks extremely attractive. On the other hand, the musical accompaniment of the game makes you feel the excitement and gives an adrenaline rush when listening to the game track at high octaves. Players have the opportunity to test their courage in multiplayer mode, fighting other players from all over the world.

Guilty Gear Xrd Relevator


The same developers created this game as the previous one, and it is also an anime-style fighting game for playing at a fast pace. This game differs from the previous game in unique gameplay and introduces various tricks that distinguish it from its predecessor. It may seem to a beginner that both games are no different from each other. But, they both have pretty similar gameplay elements. The game focuses more on the principle of small levels than Blaz Blue, in which the levels are large. The 3D graphics allow for a different look at the game, and the characters in it are more compared to Blaz Blue. Superhits in Guilty Gear are not as powerful as in Blaz Blue. If you are looking for a good game with beautiful graphics, then Guilty Gear is your choice.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite


Game Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Is the most recent edition in the Marvel vs. Capcom series. This episode is very impressive and reminiscent of arcade games. This series is to the liking of fans of fighting games due to its spectacularity and design at the highest level. Marvel vs. Capcom is the most recent edition in which the player has to fight on the side of Marvel against Capcom. During the game, the player will meet his favorite heroes, namely Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, and others, who will fight the fighters from Kapk. Among the fighters of the enemy team, the player will come across Ryu, Dante, Megamen, and others. The gameplay is designed for fast play. The player needs to choose a team of two fighters and then use spectacular super attacks to defeat their opponents. By default, the game has a familiar history. But,

Samurai Shodown V Special


Samurai Shodown V Special is a classic game released in the arcade style of yesteryear. But, it is still considered one of the best games out there. Fans of Mortal Combat cannot help falling in love with this game because it can please the player with impressive super strikes, allowing them to turn the enemy into a bloody mess or cut in two and end their lives in another no less bloody ways. The game has many different unique techniques and movements that allow you to finish off your enemies in various ways. Old graphics are combined with amazing gameplay to make the game very addictive. The game is worth playing anyway.

SoulCalibur V


Players who love 3D fighting games will love SoulCalibur V because it can be called the best 3D Games Like Mortal Kombat. An abundance of heroes and game modes will delight players, along with the ability to gain gaming experience and beautifully executed graphics that grab attention. The player is provides with a varied selection of heroes with different styles of play. Also, the game hosts various heroes whose appearance borrows from other games. Thoughtful gameplay makes it easier for beginners to play. And seasoned players can quickly grasp complex game mechanics and start crushing their opponents in no time.

Primal Rage


Primal Rage is one of the games that resemble Mortal Kombat in cruelty and bloodshed. Released in the old days, the arcade is also suitable for playing on consoles of previous generations. Primal Rage allows the player to become a participant in historical and epic battles. Playable characters can be chosen from Godzilla-like dinosaurs to King Kong-like gorillas. Each of the heroes has unique fighting skills and special movements. Most of all, the player can enjoy the special moves and super attacks like in Mortal Kombat, in which each and the characters are unique. You can either devour the flesh of your enemies or beat them with such force that the contents of their cranium leave it.

Naruto Shippuden 4


The game is a three-dimensional fighting game in which you can tear your enemies to pieces. The game has those unique features, gameplay, and game mechanics that set it apart from other games in its genre. The player has access to a whole arena where you can run, hide and jump. You can also give enemies a beat with spectacular super hits and particular movements. Fans of manga and anime will appreciate this game because it allows you to enjoy your favorite characters from the series. The player must use characters to develop their special skills. Wonderful graphics and gameplay differ from other fighting games and make the player feel good.



It is the latest game in the King of Fightners series and is very popular with players. This adorable anime-style game features teams of three characters fighting each other. In the newest game, the player will meet all their favorite characters with new three-dimensional additions. The game’s graphic design cannot be called modern, but the gameplay makes it attractive in the eyes of the player. The game combines the fearsome features of the previous series with unique game mechanics to create a unique gameplay experience. The player needs to choose a team of fighters and try their hand at the competition. The fact that the player can compete with other players in the virtual space will not be the only good news for him.

Dead or Alive 5


Game Dead or Alive 5 is a direct reference to the series of Tekken games thanks to its three-dimensional graphics and an impressive arsenal of techniques. During the battle, the player will have to focus on using the arena and its surroundings to gain an advantage during the battle. We can say that the graphics in the game do not deserve modern titles, and the player receives a shock dose of adrenaline after each strong blow. The realism of the game is off the scale, and the player will get an incomparable sensation. Most of all, the game is suitable for those who like beauties and games in which you need to act without delay. Overall, we can say that by playing Dead or Alive 5, the player will gain invaluable experience in dealing with unique fighting styles.

Pocket Rumble


The developers of the game, which can play with only two buttons, got the inspiration for its creation thanks to Neo-Geo Pocket’s SNK Vs. Capcom. Also, during the game, you can compete with other players. The graphic part of the past game comprises pixels, and the developers have focused on the gameplay and fighting styles. During the game, you can say goodbye to all the complexities of management. The player will only have two buttons to control. The player will have the greatest advantage over the enemies due to good basic game skills. The most “juicy” part of the Games Like Mortal Kombat is the ability to conduct spectacular competitions with many other players over the network. The game code designs so that the player will hardly encounter any crashes, for players who like simple games that are easy to play, Pocket Rumble. In addition, the player guarantees to know all the nuances of the game during the game.

Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit


If the player prefers Games Like Mortal Kombat in which they have to fight, they will also love Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit, as this game is one of the best in its series. The game will delight the player with a wide variety of add-ons that will interest him. The game mechanics and process of the game can be called unique and created specifically for fighting games in general. Thanks to this, the player will get great pleasure from the game. In the game, the player has a large list of favorite characters to choose from. The control system is more compact and easy to use, and special movements are easier to imagine. Thanks to the above, the game can recognizes as the best.

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