38 Action Role Play Games Like Mount And Blade In 2022

In Games Like Mount And Blade player will have to try on the role of an adventurer in the territory of Calradia, a fictional medieval kingdom in which there is no place for fantasy elements like magic or fictional creatures. The player given complete freedom: you can explore the map, visit cities and villages, complete various quests, or find something to do to your liking. At the same time, the world of the game does not standstill. Bandits attack caravans traveling between cities; villagers sell goods at local markets; armies gather and prepare for sieges of cities, castles, and settlements. News quickly spreads across the game world, and soon the locals will begin to recognize the player, it will be possible to acquire loyal allies or make the worst enemies.



EverQuest is a fantasy MMORPG based on classic text RPG Games Like Mount And Blade. To begin with, the player will have to create his avatar and decide on a race: from classic elves to more exotic people-dragons Drakkin, and then choose a character class from 16 possible options.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


Take on the role of a hunter sent to explore a monster catcher’s paradise in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, hone your skills, and upgrade your gear as you complete exciting quests. For the first time in the series, it became possible to use the touchscreen for more convenient interaction with the map, books, and weapons.

King’s Bounty: Crossworlds


King’s Bounty: Crossworlds is an add-on to the acclaimed RP Games Like Mount And Blade King’s Bounty: Armored Princess, which includes an updated version of the original, two new campaigns, and a map editor.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment


The plot of Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment split into two parts. The first is a slightly modified version of the previous game, Infinity Moment. The second is a completely new Hollow Area, the story of which includes the guild of assassins of players “Laughing Coffin” and, of course, a new character – Filia.

Forsaken World


Forsaken World is a land full of wonder and adventure. Team up with adventurers against the dark forces that threaten the world of Eidra. Choose from six races and nine classes, each with its own story. Explore an ever-changing dark fantasy world.

Cube World


Voxel RPG with an emphasis on exploring the world around you.



Orc hordes are advancing, and the ruler will need a lot of magic ore to arm his army. By decree of the king, all prisoners sentenced to life work in the mines. The barrier created by powerful magicians, preventing the escape of criminals, gets out of control and cuts off the magicians themselves from the outside world. Taking advantage of the turmoil, the prisoners kill the guards and seize the territory of the island of Khorinis.

Monster Hunter Tri


Monster Hunter Tri is an Action RPG in which the player hunts dinosaur-like monsters for money, fame, and items to upgrade their equipment. Despite numerous innovations, including the development of its own “base,” the basis of the game still battles with giant monsters.

An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire


An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire is an open-world RPG developed and published by Bethesda Softworks, set in The Elder Scrolls universe.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


The acclaimed Bethesda Softworks presents a new chapter in the epic saga of The Elder Scrolls. A huge open-world available for research, exciting adventures Games Like Mount And Blade, hundreds of spells, skills, and types of equipment, the ability to choose your path – everything for which players around the world love The Elder Scrolls series elevates to a new level in Skyrim.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is an action RPG game set in the fantasy world of Amalur, divided into several kingdoms. Peacetime in the lands of Amalur ends when Gadflow, the newly minted King of the Winter Court, unleashes war on the young races. It would seem that the outcome of the war is a foregone conclusion because Gadflow’s minions are immortal. Still, you can correct the situation – an unnamed hero resurrected with the help of magical technologies.

Kingdoms Rise


Kingdoms Rise is a multiplayer fantasy game that brings fresh ideas to an already stagnant genre – a unique combat system based on a combination of classic weapons and magic. Choose equipment, spells, and skills to your liking. Hone your tactical skills and engage in battles with other players in a wonderful fantasy world.

Titan Quest


Legend has it that there was a great battle between the Titans and the Gods at the beginning of time. During this war, which stretched out over many centuries, people appeared who took the side of the Gods. In the end, the Gods were victorious, and the Titans banish into great darkness. But now, the Titans have broken free from oblivion and are spreading evil throughout the world. You are exactly the hero who will have to fight the armies of darkness and restore peace.

Fable III


The story of the fabulous kingdom of Albion continues in the third installment of the Fable series. It bases on the same idea: any action has its consequences. And in Fable III, the player will influence the fate of the world around him in a way that he has never before. In their adventures, the heroes will face the horrors of tyranny and injustice that poison the once peaceful kingdom, see people divided by feuds, and answer the most important question: what are they willing to sacrifice for the sake of Albion?

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale


Once, in a distant kingdom, a girl named Raseth lived with her adventurer father. She lived in the very center of an unusual city, around which there were ancient ruins, gloomy dungeons, and other dangerous places that so attracted adventurers. One not very beautiful day, the girl’s father bought new equipment and went on a dangerous adventure, from which he never returned …

Ultima IX: Ascension


Ultima IX: Ascension is the ninth and final installment of the Ultima RPG series.

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot


The Spiers of hundreds of castles can be seen high in the clouds – this is the great kingdom of Opulentia. But no Opulenttian would ever call it a kingdom. They prefer the official title, The Prestigious Society of Feudal Lords and Heroes. The inhabitants of Opulencia are known not only for their constant feud with their neighbors but also for their inexplicable love for everything dear: jewelry, precious metals, wrought-iron furniture, priceless pet outfits, and all kinds of treasures.

Dragon’s Dogma


Dragon’s Dogma is a brand new franchise that reimagines the action RPG genre. Designed by the team behind some of Capcom’s finest projects, Dragon’s Dogma will take players through breathtaking battles and explore a vast open-world that is dazzling in its diversity.

Neverwinter Nights


Game Neverwinter Nights developed by Canadian studio BioWare and bases on the third edition of Dungeons and Dragons. The possibilities for character customization are pleasantly surprising – you can customize almost everything, from gender and appearance to a set of skills and abilities. Exciting quests are striking in their variety: here, the player will have to expose the cult, find a cure for the plague that struck the city, and even travel back in time to get magical artifacts there – you won’t be bored!

Gothic 3


At the end of the original Gothic, an unnamed hero destroyed the Sleeper, the avatar of the god Beliar. Escaping eternal oblivion, the Sleeper found himself a new carrier – a dead dragon and led the armies of darkness in Gothic II, and then fell again at the hands of a nameless hero. In the third part, the hope for a calm and peaceful life destroys by the evil orcs, who captured the kingdom of Myrtana and turned all inhabitants into slavery.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


Developed by Bethesda over a decade ago, Oblivion is about a prisoner who narrowly escaped punishment and received a mysterious amulet. The “obligatory” part of the game ends, and the player is presented with a huge world, full of opportunities and activities for every taste.

Dungeon Siege


Evil leggings have destroyed your farm, killed your family and friends. It’s time for revenge, and only the blood of your enemies will quench your thirst for battle! Embark on an adventure full of dangers and find powerful allies for fighting the forces of evil!

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is an updated version of Monster Hunter 4. Not much is known about the game; it is scheduled for release in 2014 in Japan and early 2015 in the rest of the world.



Fable is an acclaimed RPG by Peter Molyneux, in which every action the player takes determines his skill set, looks, and reputation. Live all the stages of a new life, from childhood to death. Walk the path from an inexperienced teenager to the most powerful creature in the world. Choose which side to take: good or evil. But remember, all decisions necessarily lead to consequences.

Fable II


The second part of the game, the events of which take place 500 years after the end of the original, introduces many innovations and choices, without deviating from the main feature of the series: all the player’s actions affect what the character will become Games Like Mount And Blade, which allows you to immerse yourself in the world of fabulous Albion … The player can get married, buy a small house, have children and live happily with his family, or succumb to the call of adventure and embark on an exciting and dangerous journey.

Jagged Alliance – Back in Action


Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, also known as Jagged Alliance 2: Reloaded, is a tactical RPG developed by Coreplay. The plot tells the story of rebels fighting against a dictatorial regime in the Latin American country of Arulco.

Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends


Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends brings even more fun to the already fun original game. In the story mode, you can immerse yourself in the history of the Three Kingdoms, try on the role of the great warrior Lu Bu and go on a journey that will determine his future fate. New heroes, weapon types, and alternative scenarios are all available in Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends.

Perfect World


An addictive MMORPG set in a world of giant monsters. Hunt together, or die alone – the choice is yours.

Dragon Age: Origins


The game takes place in the fictional kingdom of Ferelden during the civil war. The player will have to choose the race and class of his character and then unite the kingdom in the fight against the invading demons. BioWare describes Dragon Age: Origins as the spiritual successor to the Baldur’s Gate series and “a dark heroic fantasy adventure set in a unique world.”

Pirates of the burning sea


Pirates of the Burning Sea is an award-winning multiplayer, globally recognized multiplayer game set in the Caribbean in 1720. Glorifying yourself and your nation, as well as looking for legendary treasures, will be in the role of a pirate, naval officer, or free trader.

Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader


Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader is an isometric RPG developed for the PC by Reflexive Entertainment.

Divinity: Original Sin


Assemble your party and get ready for a classic RPG adventure. Discuss events with your companions, fight enemies in turn-based battles, explore and interact with the open world. Team up with friends in cooperative mode or create your own exciting adventures in a powerful RPG editor.

Arcania: Gothic 4


The hero of past games in the Gothic series fulfilled his destiny and became King Robar III. But one day, he recklessly agreed to deliver a mysterious amulet to a blind woman, and since then, his soul has become cursed. Now, all that the former savior thinks about is power and new conquests. However, the new hero will not belong in coming.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind


Morrowind is an epic RP Games Like Mount And Blade in which anyone can create the protagonist of their dreams. Games Like Mount And Blade player is free to choose: whether to follow the outline of the main plot or go on his own adventure, explore mysterious places and develop his character. An open ending, attention to the smallest detail, and a high level of interactivity in the world are what make Morrowind a truly unique gaming experience.

Dragon Age II


Deep beneath Kirkwall, you will find a collection of curious objects of all kinds, from cheap trinkets to priceless artifacts with mysterious properties. A mirror that changes appearance, a whistle that summons the war dog mabari – visit the Black Emporium today, and all adventurers will envy you!

The Guild 2


The Guild 2 is a unique mixture of RPG and economic life simulator, a brilliant sequel to the popular Europa 1400. The player and his associates will have the opportunity not only to become a part of medieval history but also to change it in real-time. Plunge headlong into the atmosphere of the dark Middle Ages, make new friends, create your dynasty … in The Guild 2, you decide your destiny.

Gothic II


The powerful demon, the Sleeper, has been banished, and the magic barrier surrounding the mine on the island of Khorinis has destroy. But great victories have to pay a great price: the nameless hero burn under the rubble of a collapsed tower, and he managed to survive only thanks to magical armor. However, the character will not have the opportunity to lie down, rest, and think about the meaning of life; the hero saved by the necromancer Xardas because the ancient dragons led the armies of darkness and again threaten the world.

Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword


This part of Mount & Blade, although it retained the main mechanics (open world and complete freedom of the player inactions), still underwent significant changes. Games Like Mount & Blade developers have abandoned the character generation process; now you can only change its physical parameters; the plot began to play a big role, the player will have to participate in the conflict between the real-life states: the Commonwealth, the Crimean Khanate, the Moscow state, the Zaporizhzhia Army and the Swedish Empire.

Mount & Blade


Mount & Blade is a non-linear open-ended game that seamlessly blends classic RP Games Like Mount And Blade 2022, strategy, and real-time combat. Unlike most RPG games, the player will have to control not a party of heroes, but one character, interacting only with NPCs. For those who are tired of elves, orcs, and other mythical creatures, there is great news: there is no place for magic and fictional creatures in Mount & Blade; the game setting is close to the real world.


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