Games like Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Games like Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden surprised gamers in 2018 as an exciting experiment in the turn-based RPG game. The plot takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where the human race is on the verge of extinction, and mutants have settled across the Earth. The game has attracted both hardcore and casual gamers thanks to its exciting storyline and fun gameplay.

While Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden showed the best this genre has to offer, the game won’t keep fans forever. Therefore, we have prepared several similar in spirit projects that can provide the same experience.


There is no doubt that the authors of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden have taken a lot from XCOM in terms of gameplay and story. The gameplay in these projects bases on a cell-based turn-based field, and the action takes place in a sci-fi world with the opposition of external threats, which makes the similar Games like Mutant Year Zero.

Strategy is the key to success in these games, especially in XCOM. Going into battle with the wrong team or making a mistake while researching valuable resources can hurt not only in a secret mission but also completely ruin your campaign.

The only difference is the developmental structure. In Road to Eden, the exploration of the world and the search for objects are separate from the battles, while in XCOM, the entire gameplay built on the constant search and battle with opponents.

This straightforward method will appeal to those who love the gameplay of Mutant Year Zero but can do without exploring the world.


If you are looking for a game that is as similar as possible to Mutant Year Zero, then it will be Corruption 2029. It is because it made by the same studio, The Bearded Ladies, and uses the same assets and gameplay mechanics.

Only the setting has changed: the civil war in the US of the future, where augmented fighters fight with the opposing faction. If it were not for the new plot, you would not have noticed the substitution: the same advantages and disadvantages await you here. So, if Mutant Year Zero wasn’t enough for you or you are not attracted to the post-apocalyptic world, Corruption 2029 will be the only close alternative.


Low Magic Age is a medieval fantasy that focuses on customization and world exploration and a turn-based strategy system. Field of view, the fog of war, breakouts and flanks, spells, maneuvers, etc. Is just a distant view of this little-known title.

The arena mode is a fun place to grind, and the flexible character customization reminds players to create a unique character in DnD. This element makes the game special on this list, even if it does not greatly affect the game as a whole.

Low Magic Age may not be the brightest game, but the battles, character creation, and arena mode bring it to the top indie projects of a similar Games like Mutant Year Zero on Steam. And with a price tag below $ 10, it’s worth it.


The Wild West theme is trending right now, but this turn-based game, inspired by XCOM, most likely cannot compete with such giants as Red Dead Redemption 2. Despite this, the writers of Hard West have done a decent job of recreating that dramatic era of the American West, using stylish and interesting stories.

Bank robbery, raids, gold rush, are typical elements of the game world, but like Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, Hard West has a metaphysical dimension.

Death and the Devil directly affect the lives of the local population, creating demons, ghosts, immortal shooters who must fight to survive. In addition to these elements, there is a system of attributes – the most exciting part of the game.

Instead of the standard system of randomly generating damage, the characters have the attribute of luck. This trait affects the chance of a shot, and the consistency makes a successful hit if the luck parameter meets the requirements. Such a system adds the necessary variability to the well-established combat system of such games.

A few small changes and this era make it easy to understand the charm of the Hard West.


With a culture of tough battles and conquest, Expeditions: Viking has a turn-based RPG mechanic that allows players to have their fill.

In the role of the newly minted leader of the modern Viking clan, the player gives a simple task: to leave their mark on history. To do this, players present with a group of warlike Nords on the shores of England. You collect loot from raids, conquer and interfere in the politics of countries along the way.

Along with political adventures, Expeditions: Viking has a reputation system where every decision has a consequence. While fear can help keep enemies at bay, it draws a target on your back.

Strategic gameplay will make it easy for fans of Mutant Year Zero to get involved, and the plot will keep players on their toes and feel awe before each next raid.


The game introduces the Cold War era based on a “planetary defense simulator” and tells the story of a hostile invasion of an alien race.

The player takes on the role of commander-in-chief, training soldiers to fight the alien threat. The game has a wide selection of classes and pumping options; characters get the opportunity to increase levels, turning into a formidable weapon, where each plays an important role on the battlefield.

The difference between this project and others is in a relatively high level of complexity. Xenonauts does not have a tutorial level, forcing players to apply the good old “trial and error” method to understand the mechanics and features.

But once you master the game, winning only gets sweeter.


As we wrote earlier, when designing a tactical game, companies adhere to the same formula, draw inspiration and draw on the experience gained from other well-known titles. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden takes the fundamentals of XCOM, applying a grid system, but adding exploration and plot elements to improve the game’s core.

But unlike other titles, Flamberge, while taking advantage of the best aspects of other games, has a unique combat system. Here, instead of alternating moves, players completely reconnoiter units and only then perform actions.

This approach in this genre is of interest when players have to face the consequences of actions already in battle without the possibility of consistently solving problems. The lack of real-time decision-making adds an extra layer of complexity to a strategy that fans of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden would love.


Apart from XCOM, The Banner Saga is one of the most famous games on this list. The developers inspire by the best games of the genre: Final Fantasy Tactics and Shining Force. The Banner Saga is a trilogy that combines interactive storytelling, vivid graphics, and enjoyable gameplay.

The game flew below the radar for a long time, although it was another great story about the Vikings and received good reviews from critics and players. Despite the little publicity, the developers of Stoic Studio continued to improve the project.

In each part, many combat mechanics and history elements were added, which made it possible to improve the already finished product and not fix something that did not work (as in most patches for games). As Banner Saga evolved, so did the characters and setting. Also, the game is distinguishes by a system for choosing a path for developing the plot, which depends on game decisions.

No matter how the saga has changed, its world, beauty, and history will never fade away.


A turn-based strategy game set in the Gears of War universe, a story-driven prequel set long before the first part of the series. Starring Gabe Diaz, tasked with tracking down and destroying Ukkon, one of the Locust leaders, and you and he will have to do this for 30 hours.

Gears Tactics is both similar Games like Mutant Year Zero and different from the hero of our collection. It is still a turn-based game in which we control a group of fighters, shoot enemies and use unique abilities, but unlike MYZ, here the heroes do not move around the cells, and the shot from the weapon does not end the turn which gives more tactical freedom.


What if Mutant Year Zero set during the Cold War? That would be Phantom Doctrine, a turn-based tactic about spies operating in the 1980s to save the world from another disaster.

The gameplay divide into two parts: on the global map, you hire and distribute agents, compare evidence and draw conclusions, and on the tactical one, you perform operations, fighting enemy spies. An interesting, authentic and deep game.


Invisible, Inc. It is another spy game in which you have to infiltrate sinister corporations, destroy them from the inside, get evidence, eliminate the boss, and sabotage. As in Mutant Year Zero, here, a lot of emphasis is placed on stealth – in conditions of the enemy’s numerical superiority, it is necessary to act covertly and not allow mistakes.


Multiplayer tactics, where players control mercenaries, perform deadly missions, risk their skins, and make the world a better place. Each of the available characters has special weapons and abilities, and online play allows you to show maximum ingenuity in intense turn-based skirmishes.


A strategy from the Russian studio Tortuga Team, which distinguishs by very intense gameplay: here the matches designs for a few minutes, and the situation on the battlefield changes with each move. The game features seven fighters, each with unique characteristics, and the bloodthirsty representatives of the alien fauna act as enemies. They should dealt with not by force but by cunning.


A line of turn-based RPGs set in a setting that mixes cyberpunk and fantasy. Here, orcs coexist with cybernetic implants, and magicians and shamans walk the streets of futuristic cities. Here, the main characters will have to plunge into a tangle of adventures and intrigue, and players will experience exciting dialogues, a classless development system, and dynamic tactical battles.


If Mutant Year Zero was, in fact, a post-apocalyptic fantasy, then The Dwarves is a classic fantasy about gnomes, orcs, and zombies. Taking control of a squad of heroes, you will pass through the world engulfed in war and fight against numerous opponents. The Games like Mutant Year Zero contains classic turn-based gameplay, the additional depth added by active interaction with the environment.


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