10 Best Role Play Games Like Night In The Woods

Night in The Woods is a fantastic game, and you might like the style and want to play other Games Like Night In The Woods in the genre. Whatever your reason, here are games similar to Night in The Woods, all great for their gameplay features.



In this game, the main character and her friends force to navigate Edwards Island, making choices that can lead to dangerous consequences.

After the beach party goes awry, they get caught up in strange events, with strange phenomena and even ghosts.

It is a gripping story about young teenagers who try to piece together the past and ultimately survive in the future. The game is a must for any fan of the horror genre.


In this detective game, Jenny LeClue solves riddles as she participates in this captivating story.

Proving her mother’s innocence of the murder charge, Jenny explores dangerous areas and searches for the truth.


Kentucky Route Zero – this adventure game in the genre of the quest.

If you are looking for atmosphere and captivating storytelling, this is the game for you.

Traveling along secret underground highways and uncovering the past, you will immerse yourself in a truly interesting world.


The Darkside Detective is an exciting adventure in a mysterious haunted city.

In Twin Lakes City, Detective Francis McQueen solves any mysteries that come his way.

Witty, fun, and addictive! – “Detective Darkseid” is a fantasy game.


Rainswept is a murder mystery story, not for the faint of heart.

Not too scary and gloomy world touches on very serious topics during the passage.

Immersive gameplay conveys emotion and makes you feel the characters as you play Detective Stone.

Soundtracktempting, people are mysterious, and the story very well present.


The game takes you into the mystery of the meta murder.

With a lot of content, Thimbleweed Park takes pride of place in the quest genre. Also, who doesn’t love a good riddle?


You are a child trapped in the underworld of monsters, and you give something unique to this game: a choice.

Usually, in games like this, all you do is kill monsters, but instead, you can show mercy to the inhabitants of this world and find out how lively and lovable the monsters you could kill are.

Great music and visuals, witty humor, funny story – and you have to choose who to become.


The 20-year-old classic is back!

Here you are responsible for saving the world. To stop the evil mutant tentacle from creating a catastrophe, the three friends join forces and try to end the madness.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered is an original adventure suitable for any player.



Miles Fordham is a private investigator, and the story of the game takes place in a steampunk style.

With fantastic voice acting and gameplay, you ask questions and investigate your partner’s murder—a classic who made a game with fun scenarios.

You are in the role of a detective, and you must be the decision-maker.


Yeltown Fever will infect the world, and you need to get to the bottom of her conspiracy.

Harper Pendrell is a handyman who finds himself at the center of a mystery with only two people to rely on to stop the disease.

How will he do it?

Play this tempting story, and you will find the answer.

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