5 Action Role Play Games Like Outriders In 2022

Games Like Outriders is an impressive new addition to the looter and first-person shooter genres. It combines elements from many popular games that have come out over the years while maintaining its unique spirit. If you are reading this article, then either you have already passed Outriders and want something more like it, or you are just curious about what other games it might look like. However, we have compiled a selection of the best Outriders-like games.


In Division 2 with Outriders a lot in common. Both games are third-person shooters with looter shooter mechanics . RPG elements are strong in both games, such as the right leveling of different classes, the choice of equipment, and selecting a character suitable for your style.

Both are highly co-op, and each has a story campaign that can be played alone or with friends. And the gameplay, in general, feels similar. There are several key differences, though.

The Outriders setting is much more fantastic. The game takes place on a distant planet, and your character will have abilities close to magical, somewhat akin to Destiny. Also, Outriders is somewhat more aggressive in that it encourages constant offensive, while The Division 2 is more realistic, tactical, and subtle.

Finally, Outriders is not a service game. Its gameplay is focused on the main campaign and optional endgame content, while in The Division 2 players are more attracted to this component, particularly PvP co-op raids.


Even though the perspective of shooting, in this case, is different – from the first person rather than from the third – Borderlands 3 is very similar to Outriders in many other ways. Both games primarily focus on the co-op PvE gameplay of the story campaign, with additional content available after the passage for those who want to get more for their money.

Since both games are focused on PvE, they don’t have to worry about any PvP balance. So in both Borderlands 3 and Outriders, you can make your character as strong and insane as you want – and both games take advantage of it. You can choose one of four classes with several skill trees that you can develop according to your control in each of them. And with a sufficient level of equipment and pumping, your character becomes simply unstoppable.


If Outriders was your favorite of the solo campaign and space exploration themes, then the Mass Effect franchise will take your experience to the next level, and you should try it. Even in the worst cases, the Mass Effect games are some of the best in the third-person RPG genre, thanks to the perfect blend of story, decision-making, and gameplay.

Looking at more modern games, you have two options to get to know the Mass Effect series. First, it is the most recent game in the series, Mass Effect Andromeda. Of course, she is considered a “black sheep,” but it is close to Outriders in many ways in terms of subject matter. It takes place in an alien galaxy. The main characters of the plot try to turn inhospitable distant planets full of aggressive local creatures into a home suitable for living. Also, this part is loosely relates to the previous series, so it is good for beginners.

Second, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is coming soon; a remaster of the original trilogy that has received a much warmer welcome. And this option is much better – if you are not intimidated by the time, it will take to complete it.

The set includes three full games. Suppose you want a real immersion in Mass Effect, with difficult choices, building relationships with companions, and influencing the epic storyline that unites all three games. In that case, the entire trilogy is worth going through.


On the contrary, in Outriders liked hardcore battles more than RPG elements, Gears 5 is undoubtedly one of the best third-person shooters. It is one of the most beautiful and graceful games in the genre, especially when played at 60 frames per second. For example, compared to the sometimes awkward movement in Outriders, the character movement in Gears 5 is incredibly crisp, clean, and simply pleasing to the eye.

And even though Gears 5 will have to ditch the powerful random guns, the game’s arsenal is beyond praise. And the gameplay is a real miracle. There is a very interesting campaign here with the possibility of cooperative passage and several additional PvP and PvE modes that you can play after its completion.


Finally, we can’t help but mention the titan of the looter shooter genre, Destiny 2. Perhaps the Destiny series started the modern trend of service looter shooters and continues to live today after more than six years.

And it is well deserved. This game has a lot to offer to those it hooks on. Shooting (again from the first person) here is perhaps one of the best of its kind. Each weapon feels unique, and exotic types of weapons (similar to the legendary ones in Outriders) have special features tailored to certain abilities. It is very interesting to develop your characters.

Destiny 2 has three character classes, each of which divides into four subclasses, which in turn are divides into 12 different paths. Finding a playstyle to your liking is easy, and almost any approach can work in Destiny 2. It is true even for the highest levels of PvE and PvP – of course, with enough tenacity and a thoughtful combination of effective gear and leveling in your favorite class.

Just keep in mind that, unlike Outriders, this is a real service game, and for a full experience, you will have to regularly spend money on season passes and add-ons – although the basic version of the game is free.

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