34 Best Role Play Games like PUBG To Play In 2022

Two months after its release, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds sold 2 million copies and became the most popular shooter in the battle royale genre. What can I say, do not feed our brother (that is, a gamer) with bread, but let us survive in conditions when some insurmountable circumstance props up behind (in this case, a narrowing electric field), and the muzzles of shotguns and the sights of sniper rifles of comrades in misfortune loom in front … But the genre does not live as a single PB; no less exciting games have settled down next to it. We present to you games similar Games Like PUBG – a selection of projects in a battle royale format.



The Battle Royale mode also features in Crytek’s free multiplayer shooter. Here, Games Like PUBG players can face off in a large-scale battle on a huge map representing the ghost town of Pripyat, located in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.


If you are looking for PUBG-like games for weak PCs, this project is the most promising candidate. If you turn off the newfangled effects and reduce the detail to a minimum, then the game will run even on the Mark-1 computer produced in 1944, which weighed 17 tons. It is, of course, an exaggeration, but Fortnite: Battle Royale is well optimized. At the same time, it cannot say that the game looks behind – after all, it bases on Unreal Engine 4. It’s just that the graphics in it are cartoonish; therefore, they are not demanding on the hardware.

The project itself offers the already familiar rules: a PUBG-like system with a shrinking map, a game lobby where you can fool around before a match, and complete freedom of action within the space reserved for men’s fun. Games Like PUBG land on the island from a flying school bus, grab a huge ax in our hands and begin to survive to the best of our ability.


An April Fool’s joke from the developers of MMO shooter Enlisted, which turned into a standalone game, was released on Steam and received thousands of positive reviews.

Cuisine Royale invites players to go to the battlefield where only one will survive. A feature of the project was unusual equipment: the characters are protected from bullets by pans, pots, and colanders, which is why the action turns into a performance of half-naked people in suits that Tony Stark himself would envy. The gameplay of Cuisine Royale imbue with humor and recklessness, so even defeats are somehow offensive.


Technically, H1Z1: King of the Kill is a survival sim, but you don’t have to scour the area looking for food and water. The players are thrown onto the island on parachutes with bare fists, after which the main fun begins. Unlike Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, where other gamers are the only danger, H1Z1 zombies are still confused underfoot – relics inherited from the original version. The rules of survival are familiar – only one should remain alive. And how you do it, nobody cares.

The map in the game is quite spacious, the spaces between the villages are freely shot through, so experienced players immediately try to find a suitable vehicle. For example, a police car or a rusty farm pickup. It will not work to sit in the shelter, because a cloud of poisonous gas gradually rolls onto the island , forcing gamers to pull together at one point on the map. The project does not offer anything new, but it implementes at a high level, which attracts users’ attention.


Running around the map looking for gear is too boring. So the developers of the mod for the original survival simulator ARK: Survival Evolved decided. Therefore, all players in this game like PUBG start at one point and immediately run to the central circle, within which boxes with spears, axes, and other high-tech devices scatters. If you are lucky and grab some stick, you can try to kill someone right away and pump a couple of useful skills. If not, we quietly retreat into the jungle and begin to partisan. Experienced gamers do this from the very beginning since in a common dump, the chances of survival tend to zero.

Dome War takes place in several modes. Particularly interesting are the variants with the confrontation of the tribes, that is, team fights. And to make the life of gamers even more fun, in ARK: Survival of the Fittest, “evolutionary” events periodically happen acid rain, mega-fog, Arctic monkeys (aggressive monkeys fall on the head of each player), and other surprises. And bosses regularly appear in the center of the map: a dragon, a spider, and a huge gorilla, which you can tame.


In this analog of PUBG, there are regular bombings of random zones, from which it is better to get out in good health, and then the notorious circle appears, forcing the players to move towards each other. Shootouts here usually take place in a sniper format due to the solid size of the map, and only at the end of the race does the harsh action game begin with knives.

The game creates on the original ArmA 3 engine, so it’s not suitable for weak PCs, to put it mildly. But the owners of powerful computers can enjoy gorgeous views and ballistics worked out to the smallest detail. To play this mod, you need to buy the original version, which costs a whopping $ 40 on Steam. Not the cheapest entertainment, but quite well made.


Motor Wars is a competitive mode in GTA Online. Having arrived in the landing zone with a parachute, Gamers must look for weapons and explosives and confront each other. Gradually, the designated area is narrowing, which encourages players to meet more and more often with each other.

But the goal of the model is somewhat different from that presented in PUBG. Here you need to seize the transport as quickly as possible and capture all the objects presented. Cars equips with weapons, and over time the match turns into something like Crossout or Twisted Metal. The mode design for four teams, so it’s best to play with your friends!


“Cannon” from Respawn Entertainment (creators of Titanfall) in the battle royale genre, which uses the developments of PUBG and introduces many unique mechanics. For example, battles here occur exclusively in teams of three, and users can choose heroes with unique abilities. Clashes take place on a small map with an abundance of objects and buildings. If a team member dies, he can resurrect through the respawn beacons.

And that’s not all: in Apex Legends, there is a “smart inventory,” modern graphics, the ability to change the character’s appearance. An excellent Games Like PUBG, which we recommend to play for those who are tired of the formulaic battle royale.


The downturn in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive online prompted the developers to take extreme measures, namely to introduce a battle royale mode called Danger Zone. The player alone or in a team with friends will have to survive on small maps. With only a knife in your arsenal, you have to get weapons, armor, and explosives and try to kill all rivals. As in PUBG, the safe zone is gradually narrowing, provoking gamers to fight.

Danger Zone has a place to be – if you are tired of CS: GO matches, you can get distracted. Matches are short-lived (especially if you get killed first) and are quite replayable.


Another battle royale is offering different mechanics from PUBG. The battle royale takes place not on an island but a giant multi-level skyscraper. Thus, there is vertical gameplay – you can move between floors and track the movements of enemies.

The idea of ​​the game is interesting: you, finding yourself in the future, take part in a bloody show. Although it entertains the audience, you are risking your life. To survive, you can use various weapons and auxiliary devices (shield, defense drone, and so on).


Another great candidate for the title “Good PUBG-like Game” that offers its unique mechanics. For example, in the game, you can use hooks, gliders, and bicycles to move around the location quickly. Previously, there were snowboards on the winter map, but, unfortunately, they decided to remove them.

The local movement system is similar Games Like PUBG that depicted in the Attack on Titan anime. Thanks to this, the dynamics of battles increase significantly, and you can completely escape from the battlefield if you smell fried.


A mobile clone of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, which received a separate client for the PC. It is notable for its ardent borrowing of PUBG chips, which even led to litigation between PUBG Corporation and Tencent: the authors of the shooter that popularized the battle royale genre believe that stealing the famous phrase “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” is not very ethical.

Be that as it may, Knives Out is a typical clone – if you’ve played PUBG, then this project will not surprise you with anything. Is that ugly graphics (mobile legacy affects). On the other hand, the game simultaneously puts forward some ridiculous requirements for the configuration of the computer, so the owners of weak PCs will only be glad of this fact. We won’t consider trifles like reconnaissance drones as innovations – in self-respecting games, new gadgets appear almost weekly, so it’s even a shame to make a special “feature” out of them.


Battle Royale is a shooter from the Russian studio Tantum Games, which is not tactics, but fun. Matches here designs for short but very fierce battles, and players have at their disposal an extensive arsenal of weapons and the ability to roll away from enemy fire. In practice, it looks like this: the characters rush around the location in a whirlwind, pouring fire on each other and constantly doing unimaginable somersaults. Add to this the partial destructibility of the environment and an impressive wardrobe of ridiculous outfits – and you get a bright and not boring MMO project.

True, there are nuances: in the pursuit of fun and fun, the developers completely forgot about the balance, as a result of which some types of weapons are much more effective than others. However, during your stay in Early Access, these shortcomings will certainly corrects.


An unusual Battle Royale in which players are participants in a certain reality show with the only winner – whoever survives. This game is less ambitious than PUBG and Fortnite (only 10 participants on one map). Still, no less intense: here it is important not only to get rid of rivals but also not to die yourself – the action of the show takes place in a snowy area, so an unwary gamer runs the risk of freezing death without ever meeting his enemies.

Another feature of the Darwin Project is the Director – an individual player who is invisibly present in the match and constantly throws new challenges to the participants. He can help (for example, heal a wounded character) or harm (for example, highlight all the players on the map) – in general, he has fun as he can. The presence of the Director significantly diversifies the gameplay of the project, making it more unpredictable.


Another Battle Royale with an unusual concept. This time, gamers act as hunters who hunt down dangerous monsters somewhere in the swamps of Louisiana. The match involves five teams of 2 players, and only one of them can win. Therefore, the main enemy is not monsters, but people: here, each team conducts a double hunt, and sometimes it is better to let the boss be torn apart by rivals to then lie in wait for them in ambush and take away the prey.

The unique gloomy atmosphere of the American hinterland of the 19th century perfectly suits such unusual gameplay, due to which Hunt: Showdown turns into a very stylish Battle Royale with an admixture of horror.


If you have a virtual reality device lying around, then STAND OUT: VR Battle Royale will help you find a use for it. It is quite a standard Battle Royale, but in VR performance: now you can hide somewhere under a bush for the whole match with an even greater effect of presence. Moreover, everything is as realistic as possible – even the weapon will have to be reloaded by hand and not by pressing one button.

Of course, not everything in STAND OUT: VR Battle Royale is perfect: the graphics is weak, the sound jams in places, sometimes the controls work incorrectly. But for the opportunity to watch PUBG in virtual reality, the game can forgive for many of the shortcomings.



An attempt (very successful) by the developers of the MOBA action game Paladins to create their own “Battle Royale”. The Games Like PUBG originally presented as one of the Paladins modes, but soon the authors decided to develop it as a separate project.

It differs from competitors in the Realm Royale genre by the presence of several character classes with unique abilities, roles on the battlefield and equipment, a weapon crafting system, and the ability to summon a personal horse at any time across half the map in a few seconds. And, of course, the fantasy setting looks pretty fresh against the background of realistic and futuristic “Battle Royale”.



Another mobile clone of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds from the Chinese, which received a client for PC. It differs from the ideological mastermind in a large number of participants in the match – 300 people and an impressive variety of weapons, vehicles, and gadgets.

Considering the platforms from which Rules of Survival came to the PC, you shouldn’t worry about the game’s system requirements – acceptable performance is guaranteed even for “game” configurations that are far from the name. So it can be recommended, first of all, to owners of weak computers.



Battle Royale differs from its competitors in its setting: here, the action takes place in a futuristic world, so the heroes have the appropriate weapons and equipment at their disposal, including surveillance and combat drones, power shields, jetpacks, and so on.

Another distinguishing feature of Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale is excellent graphics: the Unreal Engine 4 is responsible for the local beauty, which in the right hands is capable of producing an amazing picture. Otherwise, the Games Like PUBG is a typical Battle Royale with hundreds of players on the battlefield, gradually narrowing boundaries and the battle to the last survivor.




Battle Royale originally from the Celestial Empire: here players will travel back to the Chinese Middle Ages and fight each other using arms and legs, swords and spears as weapons, horses and primitive paragliders as transport. The map gradually fills with poisonous smoke, and the match ends when the last surviving character remains on the battlefield.

The Swordsmen X looks very interesting thanks to its setting, showing a fresh take on the familiar mechanics of the battle royale genre. The game focuses on close combat, so you’ll have to face off against enemies more often. Well, beautiful graphics combined with a unique oriental atmosphere will give you many delightful landscapes that you can admire in rare seconds of rest from battles.


Battle Royale in the world of Mad Max, a game where vehicles are considered almost more important than weapons. A pedestrian player will become easy prey for an opponent who has already acquired “wheels,” so after landing on the map, here you need to run to the parking lot as quickly as possible and jump behind the wheel.

In addition to furious gameplay, colorful explosions, and stunning apocalyptic landscapes, Games Like PUBG Fractured Lands boasts detailed vehicle customization. Transport can be hung with armor and spikes, equipped with nitrous oxide and rockets, turned into a real fortress on wheels – the main thing is that there is always enough gasoline; otherwise, you will have to stomp on foot to the nearest gas station.



Battle Royale from the Ukrainian studio Vostok Games. Without finishing Survarium, game developers took up a new project, trying to ride modern trends. This time, the game has a publisher in Focus Home Interactive, which, Games Like PUBG hope, will control the development process and regularly push the authors, forcing them to release patches and content updates. So far, however, the presence of a publisher does not help much: the shooter is replete with bugs and depressing with weak optimization.

Fear The Wolves sends players to the Chernobyl zone, where they will have to fight each other, mutant animals, radiation, anomalies, terrible weather, and other troubles. Those who find good equipment faster than others (like a radiation protection suit) can live a little longer so that they die in the final of the match in a dramatic race to the evacuation helicopter.



The fashion for battle royals has also gone beyond the shooter genre: the Russian MMORPG Skyforge has acquired a mode that pits 40 players against a rapidly shrinking location.

You can play Skyforge Battle Royale separately from the main game without having a pumped character. The new model differs from most competitors in the genre by the presence of heroes with unique abilities – something similar Games Like PUBG is present in Realm Royale from the authors of Paladins. In addition to special skills, players can also use melee and ranged weapons, various traps, and gadgets. In addition to rival players, there are AI monsters on the battlefield that store valuable loot.



This “Royal Battle” sends the participants deep under the water: Games Like PUBG it not known exactly what 100 divers are fighting for at the bottom of the sea, but what difference does it make if it looks spectacular and captures from the very first minute?

Underwater battles force you to choose the appropriate tactics – at least, make allowances for water resistance when moving and shooting. On the location, in addition to the players, there are also fierce sharks who will be happy to profit from a gaping scuba diver, and some joker on the surface from time to time begins to drop depth charges, so it will not be possible to relax here.



A standalone offshoot of the zombie action parkour game Dying Light, presenting a fresh take on the genre. Here, 12 players were sent to a location filled with the dead to collect their DNA. At this stage, it is useful to cooperate, jointly fighting off monsters.

When one of the participants collects the required amount of material, the second phase begins – a battle to the death for the right to get to the evacuation helicopter and fly away. Of course, only one can save, so you should forget about friendship and mutual assistance. The ubiquitous zombies add fuel to the fire, which can uses as support during the battle.



“Battle Royale” of ships with PvE elements, which invites players to fight with each other and at the same time, if possible, not fall into the whirlpools and clutches of monsters.

Here the sea wolves fight to the death for possession of the treasures that dot with the map. Several types of ships are available in the game, which can be upgraded and customized, and have unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. The battlefield is a surface of water that only at first glance seems calm: strong currents, deadly whirlpools, and dangerous monsters are just waiting for the captains, who recklessly sent their ships into a deadly trap. There is only one winner.



A Games Like PUBG that differs from competitors in a smaller scale of events: here, only 30 people are sent to the battlefield, and the area of ​​the map is 25 square kilometers.

However, the bias towards intimacy had a positive effect on the dynamics of battles: such a small location shot through, so players have to face rivals every minute. Among other features of RAMS, it is worth noting that each participant has their shelter, a large selection of weapons, equipment, and gadgets, and a flexible progression system.



A battle royale that separated from the MOBA Battlerite and adopted some of its features. In addition to the obvious fantasy setting and top view, the game uses champions – heroes with unique abilities that help them in battles.

Otherwise, Battlerite Royale follows the basic principles of the genre: battle in the “all against all” format, exploration of the map in search of auxiliary items (here these are potions, spells, traps, and special equipment), a gradually shrinking area that drives participants to the center of the location, unpredictability gameplay.



Another release of the annual series of shooters, this time having lost the single-story campaign, but received a new Blackout mode, which is a “Battle Royale.”

Moreover, the battle in it turned out to be epic:

Characters form the previous parts of Black Ops participate in the matches.

  • Various vehicles scatter on the map.
  • In the houses, you can find not only weapons and equipment but also bloodthirsty zombies.

All this is complemented by dynamic gameplay and constant generation of the most unimaginable game situations, as a result of which Black Ops 4 has already dubs the “PUBG killer.”

The list of games like Player unknown’s Battlegrounds doesn’t end there. If you are interested in this Games Like PUBG, then we advise you to pay attention to the following projects:

  1. DayZ Battle Royale.
  2. The Culling.
  3. Intershelter.
  4. Death Toll.
  5. Rust: Battle Royale.


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