16 Games Like Stalker To Play In 2022 [ Updated May ]

The best shooter games that can interest fans of the Games Like Stalker series.

The Stalker series is a unique phenomenon in video games, which has gathered around itself a huge and diverse community. You could even say that this is a whole area of ​​modern culture. Every year, much different content ( books, comics, amateur films, art, etc.) based on the STALKER franchise is released, new user modifications appear, and even field role-playing games are held. It is difficult to find another similar project on the PC, popular among Russian-speaking players. And among Western gamers, the game has a lot of fans.

The developers from GSC Game World managed to release three (but what!) games, after which they had some difficulties that forced them to stop further work on the series. However, in 2018 it became known that the sequel’s development resumed.

In the meantime, we bring a list of games similar to Stalker in terms of atmosphere, gameplay, or some other feature.


The name of this game mistakenly makes you think that this is a modification for Minecraft – in fact, this is a standalone MMO shooter. Cubic graphics in the style of the same sandbox makes the game pretty. In terms of gameplay, it can be called “Stalker Online” – you will find an open world, story and quests, dynamic skirmishes, crafting, PvE and PvP modes, an economy controlled by gamers other features.

The Chornobyl Exclusion Zone lives here according to the same rules as in Games Like Stalker- with anomalies, mutants and outliers. Starcraft also inherited a charming post-apocalyptic atmosphere, which cannot underestimate.


Stalker Online is a multiplayer TPS game with elements of survival and RPG, which takes place in an open world, the same as the events of the original Games Like Stalker series.

The paradox is that this is one of the few projects that directly borrowed the setting invented by GSC Game World and, at the same time, perhaps the worst of all Stalker-type games on PC that exist today. Judge for yourself: Stalker Online has very outdated graphics, clumsy, extremely unnatural animation, poor optimization and, in general, very dull gameplay.

However, if you want a 100% stalker atmosphere and the company of other players, perhaps Stalker Online will be of interest to you.


Adventure horror, single-player role-playing game. Like Games Like Stalker, Chernobylite is set in Chernobyl . The player will have to deal with survival within the zone, look for weapons, and avoid encounters with the military, mutants, and other stalkers. In the plot, the development of which depends on the gamer’s actions, various secrets of Chornobyl are revealed, and themes of a worldwide conspiracy, love, obsession and others are raised.

In the process of passing, the player will find various items and tools for crafting and will also be able to equip his shelter. Ammunition will be sorely lacking, because of which you will have to proceed carefully. In addition to the main character on the territory of Chornobyl, there are other stalkers with whom you can cooperate or be in enmity.


The long-awaited continuation of the cult post-apocalyptic FPS, the events of which are finally transferred from the cramped tunnels of the Moscow metro to the surface, into the radioactive wastelands. The hero is waiting for new dangers and trials, meeting new friends and opponents. Perhaps the best alternative to the main character of our selection.


MMORPG, the first-person shooter, once again immerses gamers in the gloomy atmosphere of the post-apocalypse. Of the features of Will To Live Online, the following can noted:

  • A large open world populated by mutants and armed survivors;
  • Non-linear storyline;
  • Four classes in which you can create a character;
  • Anomalies and mutations awaiting gamers at every turn;
  • Tasks with rewards;
  • Ability to interact with other gamers. With them, you can go hunting or unleash enmity;
  • Raid monsters, dungeons.

Another great game that STALKER fans will love


A re-release of the Metro series includes two previously released games within its framework: Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light.

The best single-player game like Stalker on PC goes for both. Indeed this project is well known to all fans of shooters, so we will focus exclusively on the features of the Redux re-release:

  • Improved graphics by using the latest version of the 4A Engine;
  • Increase the maximum available frame rate to 60FPS;
  • Improved AI;
  • Tweaked stealth and combat mechanics;
  • The presence of all additional content released during the existence of the games;
  • New game modes.


One of our people, Sergei Noskov, is behind the atmospheric “walking simulator” development, and his creation resonated with a wide audience. So the game has about 3,000 reviews on Steam, and most of them are positive.

You will learn the story of two travellers who were among the few survivors of a global pandemic. Much of the game is reminiscent of Stalker – you have to explore the abandoned villages and cities of Russia, visit underground structures and enjoy views of half-dead nature. The gameplay also involves:

  • Collecting supplies for survival.
  • Completing quests.
  • Shooting and making decisions that will lead to one of several endings.

If you fell in love with Stalker, not for the mutants, but the atmosphere – 35MM will help you experience the same emotions.


But if you’re more into killing creepy mutants, check out Chornobyl: Road of Death, a 2D shooter with rogue-like mechanics and a survival sim that also throws you into Chornobyl, which is teeming with monsters. True, the latter will not be the only problem – radiation, weather, hunger and time of day will also complicate the already difficult life of a stalker.

Thanks to which the game will go to relatively weak PCs, simple pixel graphics do not interfere with enjoying the atmosphere of an abandoned Chornobyl.


A multiplayer shooter that combines many things that are hard to imagine. According to the developers, after the official release (so far, the beta version is available to players), Escape from Tarkov will be the first genuinely hardcore combat simulator where the line between story and multiplayer modes will be completely erased.

In addition to FPS, the new game has some features from RPG, Survival and TPS. The main emphasis in Escape from Tarkov will be on realism: reliable ballistics and damage system, full compliance of the presented weapon and its behaviour with what exists in real life, the ability to disassemble any barrel literally to the screw, and so on. The game also promises a dynamic change of day and night, the character’s susceptibility to various diseases, injuries, and exhaustion, undoubtedly affecting his combat capability.

An exciting project that has some similarities with the STALKER series


A cooperative survival horror game that sends players to Granichny Island. As in Chornobyl, a large-scale disaster has occurred here, and some Volunteers will have to investigate its paranormal effects, performing the leadership tasks. True, they did not imagine what awaited them on the island.

Desolate can be played alone, but it’s better to invite friends and play it together. The gameplay includes exploring abandoned territories (buildings, military bases, secret objects, and so on), searching for resources for crafting, and upgrading skills, weapons, and equipment. Mutants and bandits are presented as enemies.


A game from which a lot was expected and, in principle, managed to justify almost all of these expectations.

Rage has a huge post-apocalyptic world that still resembles the Mad Max movie universe more than Stalker, but fans of the latter may well like it. And the local action, built on the use of an impressive arsenal of weapons, including very unusual types, is successfully complemented by elements of a role-playing game and a racing simulator. Various types of ammunition and an impressive number of upgrades are available for weapons in Rage. You can also improve multiple pieces of equipment and even vehicles.

In addition to the solo company, the game has nine cooperative modes and a special online mode, “Battle Rally”, allowing players to fight each other in an impressive arena, where they have access to vehicles.


Fantastic shooter from Raven Software, the events of which take place on the fictional Soviet island of Katorga-12, where top-secret experiments were carried out.

The excellent original setting, the successful interweaving of elements of horror and mysticism into Sci-Fi, fascinating shooting, many different opponents and atmospheric scenery made Singularity one of the most popular FPS of its time.

Even today, the shooter makes a good impression and will be of interest primarily to those looking for games similar to Stalker, with the same deep and charming atmosphere and rich gameplay.


This spin-off from the Fallout series takes us to a fictional post-apocalyptic America that survived a nuclear war 200 years ago – not Chornobyl, but very reminiscent of it. Here you will also find plot twists and turns, an attractive open world, many quests, shootouts with mutants and raiders, faction wars and peaceful activities, such as mini-games in a casino.

New Vegas has gained “cult” status, and today users call it one of the best in the Fallout series. All because of the various little things that make the mission unforgettable and the passage unpredictable.


If you have VR goggles and would like to dive deeper into the world of STALKER, play Into the Radius VR. True, the fictional Pechora Exclusion Zone is to be explored here, but you will not notice the differences – the same anomalies, the same mutants and gloomy abandoned locations. And thanks to the possibilities in VR, you will get a new gaming experience, from more realistic shooting to the ability to interact with surrounding objects.


A stunningly beautiful and atmospheric survival game from SOFF Games, one of the best multiplayer games similar to Stalker and Metro.

  • The events occur in an unnamed post-Soviet state, the territory of which was damaged as a result of a biological attack, as a result of which toxic zones appeared on it.
  • There are three different factions, an advanced reputation system and a large selection of faction quests. You can interact with many of the local NPCs in various ways: from completing quests, obtaining information and trading to shooting and robbery.
  • A large open world with a variety of wildlife offers the player many interesting activities: from collecting resources and crafting to fishing and the ability to travel by various modes of transport.

Finally, an innovative health system makes the characters vulnerable to numerous diseases and injuries. A serious approach to survival mechanics distinguishes Next Day: Survival from all other modern survival games.

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