37 Adventure Games Like Syberia To Play In 2022

Syberia is an action-adventure video Games Like Syberia from Microids with an interactive graphical environment, third-person view, and single-player mode that became a hit in 2002.

The protagonist of the game is the experienced lawyer Kate Walker. Her story begins with an attempt to bring her clients in Russia and Europe together. The planned deal thwarts. After Kate arrives at her destination, she has to flee.

According to the game’s plot, Kate gets to the French village of Valadilene, where she attends the funeral procession of the toy factory owner, an older woman named Anna Voralberg. After visiting a local notary, Kate learns about the woman’s brother, Hans, who lives in northeastern Europe. Its exact location is not known. To re-register the property, Kate must find him. When she begins her journey, a sharp and fateful turn for the main character comes in the story.

A drama begins that turns her whole life. Now, to continue the story and enjoy the game, you must study the world around you and the heroine’s character. Syberia is a fantasy thriller filled with drama. The delightful gameplay makes the game one of the most outstanding in its particular genre.

The game “Siberia” made in an amazing and realistic style of a visual novel with a wonderful setting, great characters, and exciting gameplay. You will have to go through the real difficulties that a lawyer faces in his case. Escaping, Kate goes through some difficult periods of her life, when she receives a call on her mobile phone from an unknown number and when her relationship with her lover is getting worse.

We present to you a list of the best Games Like Syberia.

The Longest Journey


The Longest Journey video Games Like Syberia, designed specifically for fans of the special genre of action-adventure with an interactive graphical interface, challenges you to explore your surroundings and solve puzzles. It features amazing new characters, gorgeous artwork, and fun gameplay. The game allows you to be a part of a multi-layered and outstanding story that leaves an impression.

The game takes place in two parallel Universes called Stark and Arcadia. The main character is April Ryan, a student who lives in Stark and can move between worlds.

The girl on the game’s plot will have to move to the University of Arcadia, where she will meet the White Dragon, who will tell her about the future to come. Shortly after meeting him, April will be attacked and suddenly transported back to the main Stark Universe.

To find out the source of the attack and who is behind it, you will have to move through many locations, interact with objects and other characters, collect keys and solve several difficult puzzles, and, finally, get to the goal and complete the story.

With tons of great characters, a wonderful setting, fun gameplay, and cool visuals, The Longest Journey will be a lot of fun to play.

Realmyst: Masterpiece Edition


Game Realmyst: Masterpiece Edition – is an interactive fiction and graphic masterpiece in the genre action adventure point end click interface. This shiny new remake of the original Myst takes you on an amazing journey back in time to bring your memories back to life.

The world in which the game takes place and the graphics and gameplay are quite reminiscent of the original Myst, only in a more amazing and realistic version. It allows you to explore the world around you in real-time, choose your path through the dense green forest of Myst Island, explore the buildings, forest and surrounding areas, interact with objects, solve riddles and challenging puzzles, and enjoy amazing simulation-style Games Like Syberia.

Thanks to the amazingly quiet and beautiful surrounding world, recreated in 3D format, amazingly attractive and interesting gameplay, incredibly beautiful and addictive music, the ability to autosave and other wonderful features of the game, realMyst: Masterpiece Edition is one of the best in the genre of simulation and action adventure with puzzles and point’n’click interface. Try it!

Nibiru: Age of Secrets


Nibiru: Age of Secrets is a fun interactive action adventure with puzzles and the ability to explore the surrounding area. The game contains an open world, characters, and objects with which you can interact, as well as keys to collect.

The game starts after the opening of the old tunnel under the newly built highway. German forces created the tunnel during the Second World War. Once discovered, the find becomes the subject of universal curiosity. It is at this point that you start playing as a character, the main character named Martin Holan, an archeology student who his uncle hires to explore the tunnel.

Martin’s uncle directs him to meet one of his friends, but the man he is supposed to meet kills in cold blood. Now it becomes your task to investigate this murder, studying the tunnel and all the surrounding space, collecting objects and clues, interacting with other characters and the surrounding world. You need to catch the killer and solve the secret of the tunnel.

Nibiru: Age of Secrets contains many quests, turning the game into a long journey that allows you to dive deeply into the world around you and enjoy the game. With a great storyline and captivating story, brilliant graphics, and engaging gameplay, a wonderful game like Nibiru: Age of Secrets will bring you real pleasure Games Like Syberia. Try it!



Myst immerses the player in a special, fantastic world, made in various elements of such genres of computer games as quest and puzzle. Released by Broderbund, Myst was originally intended for Macintosh systems but was later ported to platforms such as Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Windows, 3DO, Atari, Amiga and Nintendo, iOS and OSX as remakes or ported versions.

The game’s main character is the Wanderer, who, with the help of special magic books, gets to the island of Myst, where he travels and solves puzzles to load other worlds called “Eras.” The Wanderer moves through them to find clues that help him solve puzzles on the island of Myst. Through solving puzzles, the player learns the history of all the characters in the game.

Myst offers many options for its endings, each based on the actions that the player and his character perform during the game. Unlike previous games by the Miller brothers (game designers and programmers), Myst features a non-linear story aimed at an adult audience, with realistic characters and phenomena intertwined with gameplay and an ethical dilemma.

With a first-person perspective, beautiful graphics, balanced attention to both heroes and gameplay, a great story Games Like Syberia 2021, the ability to explore, and the absence of physical violence in the game, completing Myst will bring you fun and pleasure.

Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals


Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals is a stunning interactive visual novel-style adventure game. The game takes place in the future, in 2023, in France during the era of dictatorship.

The main character in the game is Alcide Nikopol, whose father has disappeared. If rumors to be cryogenically frozen and exiled into deep space. Denying these facts, Nikopol begins to search for the truth about his father’s disappearance and discovers clues that convince him that his father is alive and in the city.

From this moment, the game begins in which you need to explore the world of the game, collect clues, objects, interact with other characters, solve some difficult puzzles, and discover various things to finally find your father and complete the Games Like Syberia. With an amazing and wonderful world around, addictive gameplay and amazing graphics, Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals is a pleasure to play. Try it!

A Vampyre Story


The video game A Vampyre Story from the developer Autumn Moon is one of the most beloved and popular games in action adventure and puzzle games with an interactive graphical shell. The game set in the Apocalyptic era in 1892, where you have to go against the hordes of immortals (vampires) to survive and protect those who depend on you.

The main character of the game is Mona De Lafitte, who, after turning into a vampire, returns home to France, to Paris, to start a new life, but she is kidnapped. Now you need to find out the truth about her disappearance and find the main character.

To do this, you will have to go through the Dark Castle, explore the premises, find clues and objects, plan your further strategy and solve several difficult puzzles.

The game’s interactive elements allow you to interact with other characters, objects, etc., solve puzzles using the collected objects and keys, and finally find Mona to complete the game. The game A Vampyre Story has fun gameplay, outstanding graphics and much more worthy of attention.

Broken Sword


Game Broken Sword is part of a series of adventure Games Like Syberia with a strong emphasis on interactivity. The first game in the series, called Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars, was released in 1996. The main characters in the series are Nicole Collard, a freelance journalist, and George Stobbart, an American patent attorney.

In the story, George Stobbart witnesses a crime at La Chandelle Verte. During the investigation, revealing secrets, the main character finds out the serial killer’s name who stole the briefcase and planted a bomb in it.

The games in the series have many different crime stories that you will have to work with as a detective. Interrogate criminals, look for evidence, check suspects, catch those who are guilty.

The series includes numerous releases such as Broken Sword: The Shadow of Templars, Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror, Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon, Broken Sword: The Angel Death, and Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse.

Syberia 2


Syberia 2 is a video game by Microids, made in the genre Games Like Syberia 2021 of an interactive quest with a single-player mode and the ability to explore the surrounding area. It is the second version of the Syberia series.

The game combines puzzle and adventure elements from a third-person perspective. The jungle, snow-covered mountain peaks and cities in which the game takes place look stunning. Explore the world, solve various puzzles and complete level after level.

As in the first part, the main character of the game is Kate Walker, an American lawyer. In a remote desert called Siberia, she stuck in Russia, and now she has to make an effort to get out. Kate needs to study the world around her to be able to survive as long as possible.

The game has many levels, each of which has its unique gameplay, difficulty, etc. There are many exciting features and different modes to choose from. It is also worth noting the interesting plot of the game. With its detailed graphics, brilliant mechanics, and easy control with a computer mouse, Syberia 2 is considered one of the best games in its genre.

The Moment of Silence


The Moment of Silence is one of the best interactive action-adventure video Games Like Syberia with a third-person perspective and a detective atmosphere. The main character in the game is Peter Wright, who lost his wife and son in a terrorist attack and therefore is not in the best shape.

One day, the SWAT unit arrested his neighbor, and after talking with his wife, Peter learns that his neighbor is a freelance journalist with close ties to terrorist organizations. You need to take this opportunity and find out the truth about who killed your wife and your son.

In The Moment of Silence, story and gameplay intertwine, allowing you to enjoy the amazing atmosphere of a classic Point-and-Click game. A lot of freedom of action in the game allows you to move forward gradually.

With a long journey, amazing dialogue with other characters, brilliant voice acting, fairly realistic graphics, and gameplay, The Moment of Silence is considered an amazing representative of the gaming industry.

Atlantis: The Lost Tales


The video Games Like Syberia Atlantis: The Lost Tales takes you straight to the center of the lost city of Atlantis on an astonishingly immersive journey of fantasy action adventure with interactive elements.

According to the plot of the game, you will become a member of the royal guard of Atlantis, who will have to take the responsibility to go in search of the missing queen and reveal all the secrets of her disappearance.

At the beginning of your journey, you will find clues that the leader of the royal guard is involved in the disappearance of the Queen. Once you know about this, you must act quickly; as the guard leader, Creon intends to take over the world with the help of the ancient Force and new weapons.

You need to prevent Creon from doing this by moving between inside and outside the world in which the action unfolds. You need to search for keys and objects and find light, equal in strength to the weapons that Creon has. Once the Force is at your disposal, start hunting Creon and all of his minions, free the Queen and end the game.

Atlantis: The Lost Tales is one of the most amazing games with a brilliant story, great graphics, and insanely addicting gameplay.

Dark Fall: Lost Souls


Dark Fall: Lost Souls is a great interactive horror and action adventure Games Like Syberia. If you are a fan of scary adventure games, this game should interest you. In the game, solving puzzles and the gameplay itself is a single whole, which allows you to take a fresh look at games of this genre.

The game Dark Fall: Lost Souls occurs in the eerie locations of the Dowertown Hotel and The Train Station, where your hero is a disgraced police officer. Confirmation of the testimony in the case of the disappearance of Amy Haven leads to the exclusion of the protagonist from the group of investigators. Ten days later, crimes are committed again in the same manner as in the case of Amy Haven. The main character finds an opportunity to investigate this case on his own to restore his reputation.

In the image of the main character, you have to explore the sights, collect evidence and objects that will ultimately lead you to the killer, help the police arrest him, restore your reputation, complete the game, and finally send those responsible to jail. Dark Fall: Lost Souls has a wonderful story, great graphics, and addictive gameplay.

Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy


Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy takes you on an amazing, interactive journey in the form of a first-person video Games Like Syberia. In the center of the plot is a journalist and researcher fighting to preserve the mysterious species of birds. Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy is reminiscent of Syberia in its gameplay and history.

In keeping with the story told by renowned researcher Alexander Valemboise about the endangered giant birds, as a young journalist, you need to take on the daunting task of researching the subject and embark on a journey. In the story, you will have to go through the harsh and unforgettable world of Amerzone to find clues related to the story of Alexander Valemboise and return with important and convincing evidence that he was right, thereby helping him to restore his good name.

Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy has a wonderful atmosphere that allows you to enjoy an amazing and enchanting adventure. A delightful world, great graphics, thoughtful story, and addictive gameplay make the game one of the best in its genre.

Aura: Fate of the Ages


Aura: Fate of the Ages is another great addition to interactive action adventure Games Like Syberia with puzzles and exploration. Addictive first-person gameplay leaves the most enjoyable experience. Aura: Fate of the Ages’s amazing puzzles and detective atmosphere will immerse you in the essence of the gameplay.

The plot bases on the ancient legend of the four rings that carry great power. Anyone who can collect and wear them all will receive immense strength. Your hero will have to go on four amazing journeys to find the sacred rings and get all the power components.

Each of your travels will take place in different worlds with different puzzles, objects, and characters that will help you find all the keys you need. Interactive elements of the game will allow you to move, interact with the environment, objects and characters, receive directions, collect relics, etc., to find all four rings.

Aura: Fate of the Ages has a great storyline, brilliant graphics, and challenging but enjoyable gameplay.

Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time


The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time is another representative of the adventure video Games Like Syberia 2021 genre. The developer created the game Presto Studios and released it by Sanctuary Woods for Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

The second part of the series of games, The Journeyman Project, has a delightful story. Its events take place in 2318, six years after the first part. The main character is named Gage Blackwood. He meets himself ten years in the future.

The player’s main task is to study the landscapes, look for evidence, and make an effort to remove the false accusation. There are many levels for which you need to complete individual tasks to complete the game. While exploring this sci-fi world from a first-person perspective, the player will have to solve many of its mysteries.

A well-thought-out storyline, interesting features, smooth controls, brilliant mechanics allow you to play The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time with great pleasure.

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors


Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, is an action-adventure Games Like Syberia in a graphic and visual novel. According to the plot, the game’s main characters are kidnapped and left locked onboard a sinking cruise ship.

Each of them faces the Nonary Game, which involves exploring the entire ship and solving complex and intricate puzzles. The game has six possible options for the ending of the game, each of which depends on your actions and decisions. Its virtues include a storyline divided into episodes and complex gameplay that make 999 one of its best genres.



The single-player game Sanitarium by DotEmu made in the genres of adventure and horror Games Like Syberia. The game has an interactive graphical shell.

The delightful story of Sanitarium takes place in an eerie universe. According to the plot, after a terrible car accident, you find yourself in a strange hideout with a bandaged head. After waking up, you are faced with many difficult questions, such as, “Who am I?”, “What am I doing here?” and “How to be saved?”

The game consists of several challenging levels filled with intricate puzzles. Your task is to solve them to find clues on how to find a way out. All this takes you on an exciting adventure, during which you have to experience the possibilities of the interactive graphical shell of the game.

The game gets more difficult as you progress through it. It has such interesting features as an autosave system, achievements, a dynamic hint system, and much more. Try the game, and you will love it!



The single-player game Shadowgate Classic by ICOM Simulation, Inc belongs to the adventure and puzzle genre. The product has an interactive graphical shell. In the fantasy world of the game, you have to be the last great Hero King. Your main task is to defeat the evil Lord Warlock who invaded this world.

To build a castle, the player needs to solve several intricate puzzles, which differs at different levels. There are hundreds of control scenarios.

The player is sent on a superb mission searching for a mystical artifact called the Staff of Ages that can prevent the evil sorcerer from cooperating with the deadly demon Behemoth. The main character will face death if he opens the wrong door or presses the wrong button. Try to play this game; you will like it.



Lucius is a third-person survival horror adventure game with a single-player mode. Its developer is Shiver Games. The game takes place in a stunning world. The main character is a villain named Lucius.

Lucius was born on June 6th and was an ordinary boy. But that completely changed when he was six years old. Then his devilish powers manifested themselves.

Executed from a third-person perspective, the story set in a fictional manor house. The devil gives the task Lucius to kill all of its inhabitants. So you go on a bloody adventure in which you have to kill your family members. The more deaths, the stronger your character becomes.

The game has several levels, in each of which you need to kill people on similar Games Like Syberia. Explore the game world, interact with characters, complete tasks and increase your experience and strength.

This horror adventure game made in 3D format. Other features include an open world and an immersive atmosphere. Try to play, and you will like it!

Echo: Secrets of the Lost Cavern


Echo: Secrets of the Lost Cavern is an action-adventure video Games Like Syberia from developer Kheops Studio. The product is available on Microsoft Windows and Mac platforms with support for single-user mode.

In the game, you will find yourself in the Paleolithic era, in prehistoric times, as a 15-year-old boy named Arok, who lived in 15,000 BC. During this time, people knew how to communicate with each other, cook food, make weapons for hunting, make fire, and cut silicon.

The protagonist’s adventures will develop in the Stone Age, where he will one day discover a cave with a strange symbol. The cave will tell the guy about the charismatic traveler Clem. He is an artist and knows how to communicate with ghosts through his drawings.

To survive in the game as long as possible, the hero needs to collect many items, learn how to make spears, roam the delightful places, avoid obstacles and fight dangerous enemies. In the game, you will solve puzzles, explore the world around you and try to survive. Echo: Secrets of the Lost Cavern designs to be fun.

Ghost Master


The single-player game Ghost Master is a mix of strategy, simulation, and puzzle Games Like Syberia. The game is developed by Stick Puppies and published by the publisher Strategy First. Your character in the game will be the Ghost Master.

The game takes place in a stunning world. The game has 14 different pleasant levels with different puzzles, specific tasks, and goals. The main point of the game is to scare and drive people away.

Ghost Master’s gameplay is reminiscent of a real-time strategy game. In the beginning, the player can choose the ghosts that he will play. Each cast has one or two objects where it can be.

Ghost Master features 15 unique adventures, 3D graphics, special effects, different locations, and much more. Be sure to try this fun game!

The Dig


The Dig is an interactive, single-player, action-adventure game developed and published by LucasArts. It has amazing gameplay, and the main character is the commander of a team of five, who is called Boston Low.

According to the plot of the game, an asteroid is moving towards the earth. The task of the team is to plant explosives on it and change the direction of its movement. During the mission, the team discovers that the asteroid is hollow, after which they transports to a complex, strange alien world full of advanced technology.

The game has many levels with unique tasks. Using the mouse cursor, the player selects objects, people, and other parts of the surrounding space to interact with. Chat with characters, collect items and use them during the game. With a great story, interactive elements, and comfortable controls, The Dig is fun and enjoyable to play.

Myst: Uru Complete Chronicles

The game Myst: Uru Complete Chronicles blended elements of massively multiplayer online games and puzzles and adventure. The release has multiplayer and single-player modes. The game is the fourth in the Myst series.

Compared to other releases in the series, Uru Complete Chronicles occurs in a new era where the player can create and customize their virtual avatar. Using it, you can explore the city of the ancient race called D’ni, uncover secrets and solve challenging puzzles.

The exploration of the surrounding world takes place from a third-person perspective; however, to better study objects and clues, the player can use the first-person view. The character can collect any objects, carry sets of items, interact with other characters and players. You can customize clothes, items, accessories, hairstyle, skin color, and other elements in the game.

The player’s main goal is to navigate through various landscapes, receive tasks and complete missions, and earn experience points to unlock special costumes, items, and other pleasant things. Myst: Uru Complete Chronicles is fun and enjoyable to play with its addictive gameplay, great mechanics, and wonderful graphics.


Paradise is an interactive third-person puzzle adventure game developed by White Birds Productions and published by the publisher Micro Application.

The player will play the role of the daughter of King Radon, the ruler of the fictional African country of Mauritania. The young woman’s name is Ann Smith. Anna, during her journey, hears the news that her father is sick. On the way back to him, the main character’s plane crashes. She is saved but cannot remember her past life.

In the game, you need to explore various locations, collect all the items, and learn about the girl’s past. It will be your main goal. The game has different levels that become more difficult as you progress through them.

A beautiful third-person view allows the player to simply click the mouse to move their character to the desired item to interact with. The game has fantastic mechanics, an event-rich storyline, stunning graphics, and fun gameplay. All this makes the game Paradise enjoyable and interesting.

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Titanic: Adventure Out of Time

Developed by CyberFlix and published by publisher GTE Entertainment, Titanic: Adventure Out of Time is an interactive, graphical, single-player adventure genre.

The action takes place on the virtual Titanic. The protagonist, a British spy, travels back to complete failed missions to prevent the First and Second World Wars and the Russian Revolution.

The first-person gameplay is a mixture of ship control, puzzle-solving, and other elements. Several options for the ending of the game depend on the decisions that the user will make. In general, you need to control the character, move him in space, and collect useful items, passing level after level. The interactive elements of the game will seem fun.

Thanks to the interesting gameplay, brilliant mechanics, and attractive soundtrack, Titanic: Adventure Out of Time is very enjoyable to play.

Monkey Island

The Monkey Island series of adventure games, developed and published by LucasArts, features an interactive graphical user interface and single-player mode. The series consists of five games. The first one is released under the name Secret of Monkey.

The story of the game revolves around the attempts of the protagonist, Guybrush Threepwood, to become the main pirate in the fictional Caribbean. He seeks to defeat evil and win the heart of Queen Elaine Marley. The game takes place on a fictional Caribbean island in the 17th and 18th centuries.

In order to become the main pirate, your character needs to study the surrounding space and complete a number of tasks. The game uses side scrolling to navigate through space. There are tons of characters to interact with here.

The series includes games such as The Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, The Curse of Monkey Island and others. Great mechanics, smooth gameplay, an engaging soundtrack and a brilliant storyline make the Monkey Island franchise a wonderful experience Games Like Syberia.

Avenue Flo

Adventure video game Avenue Flo with puzzles and interactive GUI developed and released by Glu for Android and iOS platforms. A brave heroine from Diner Dash lives in the fantasy world of this game. You need to move in this world and prevent the cancellation of a magnificent wedding in the city of Diner.

To pass you will have to face many beautiful characters, meet neighbors, solve difficult puzzles and collect missing items. The game has 40 scenes with 20 different puzzles and mini-games. Interact with characters to complete a series of tasks and score the most points. Each time the levels become more difficult.

Avenue Flo has a catchy story, pleasant gameplay, touch controls and good music. Thanks to all this, the passage of the game will become an enjoyable pastime.

Lost Horizon


Lost Horizon is an interactive GUI, single-player adventure Games Like Syberia developed by Animation Arts and published by Deep Silver. The game is based on a historical event that took place in the Khembalung Valley located in Tibet.

The government sends a British soldier on a tour of the country. The expedition leader, son of Governor Richard Weston, loses most of his men while protecting the head monk. Before his death, the monk gives Richard the artifact and says that he should be safe.

The game has several challenging levels with interactive elements. Interact with characters to receive tasks and complete the game.

Lost Horizon features unique handcrafted graphics, an exotic world, a movie-like story, funny and realistic dialogues, fast paced gameplay, innovative puzzle designs, and more. Try the game and you will love it!

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  1. Anna’s Quest

Anna’s Quest is a fantastic, interactive GUI, single-player adventure game developed and published by Daedalic Entertainment for multiple platforms. The main hero of the game and your character will be the little girl Anna. In the story, she is captured by an evil sorceress and locked.

The witch has a mystical machine with which she intends to make evil experiments on the character. You need to help Anna get out and find a cure for her sick grandmother. Granny could die without medicine. Explore the world, interact with characters, reveal all the secrets of the game.

The gameplay is reminiscent of The Brother Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen with science fiction elements. Rule the world, go through many levels, earn points to complete the game. Anna’s Quest has a wonderful ending, dark magic, many levels and much more. Try it! You will like the game!

The Bunker


The Bunker is a Psychological Thriller Adventure Video Games Like Syberia  developed by Splendy Games and published by Wales Interactive. The game has a single player mode.

The protagonist of a story set in a fictional world is a man who has lost his memory. His name is John. Your main task will be to monitor the daily routine of the character until the alarm sounds.

Explore the area around the bunker, try to restore the hero’s memory and unravel mystical secrets. The world is controlled by interactive graphic elements. The game has a third-person view.

At all levels of the game there is an in-game video with the participation of the main character, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay. The Bunker stands out for its incredible characters, hidden secrets, in-game videos, fantastic music, and more. Try it. You will like the game.

Clock Tower


Clock Tower is a Horror-Survival Action-Adventure Game with an interactive graphical interface and single-player mode, developed and published by Human Entertainment. This is the first part of a series of games, which centers on an orphan named Jennifer Simpson. The main character is brought up in a foster family, just like another orphan girl. As the story develops, the main negative character appears in the game – the Scissor Murderer, who kills children.

The main character needs to move in a strange mansion in order to find a way to escape and go unnoticed. You need to explore objects, open and close doors to get out of rooms, solve complex puzzles in order to complete the game.

The game has a system of multiple ending options, which depend on your decisions, as well as many levels, some of which are blocked. To open further, you must complete a certain number of levels. With its superb storyline, wonderful mechanics and amazing graphics compared to other Point and Click games, Clock Tower is one of the best.

The Visitor


The Visitor video game is an interactive GUI single-player quest game available on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The game has excellent gameplay that you have never dealt with before.

In the beginning, after the meteorite crashes into the water, a worm-like creature appears. Having destroyed the frog, the worm begins to explore the world. He kills the cat, chasing him for a long time. Then he opens the door and enters the house, where he kills the old woman with a knife and enters the room where the boys are sleeping. The worm eats the fish and the bird before entering the mouth of the first boy.

The gameplay is made in the style of horror. Your main task is to control the worm, having fun passing the levels and the game. Enjoy the interactive gameplay and become a master with enough points. With amazing gameplay, superb graphics and fantastic mechanics, The Visitor is fun and fun to play.

Syberia 3


Syberia 3 is an interactive third-person, single-player, action-adventure video Games Like Syberia developed by Microids and published by publisher Anuman. This wonderful third installment of the Syberia series has steampunk elements. The plot of the game is built around the adventures of the American lawyer Keith Volcker and her travels in Siberia.

After the main character leaves Syberia Island, she finds herself in a helpless state on a boat. The Youkol people saved her. She decides to help the nomads complete the traditions of their ancestors. Now she will have to visit the stunning city of Valsembor and its abandoned park, destroyed by a nuclear war.

Keith’s main mission is to help the Youkol people find the location of their lost temple. The player explores the world around him from a third-person perspective. He can interact with other characters and objects to complete the game. As you move forward and progress through the levels, the game becomes more difficult. Cool features such as nice mechanics and excellent gameplay with a delightful story make Syberia 3 one of the best in its genre.

Myst III: Exile


A Siberian-style videogame, Myst III: Exile, combines adventure and puzzle elements with an interactive graphical interface. It is developed by Presto Studios and published by publisher Ubisoft. The game has a single-player mode only. This is the third installment in the Myst series.

In the fantasy world of Exile, the user will play the role of a stranger who is a friend of Atrus, who has fantastic abilities. When he writes books, he creates connections between the mystical worlds – Eras.

Exile’s gameplay resembles previous games in the series. The player explores interesting worlds called Eras. Movements in the surrounding space are carried out either with the mouse or the “space” button. It uses an interactive graphical interface to interact with surrounding objects and characters that the player does not control. The game has a first-person view.

To complete the game, you have to fight, completing many tasks. With a well-thought-out storyline, excellent mechanics, and easy controls, Myst III: Exile is fun and enjoyable to play.



The Shadowgate videogame is a CGI Action Adventure Adventure with Interactive Interface and Single-player mode developed by Icom Simulations and published by the publisher Mindscape. The game is set in a castle known as Shadowgate, the residence of an evil lord named Warlord. The player takes on the role of a warrior whose main goal is to save the world by taking on a battle with a lord who fights to release the demons from hell.

To complete all levels of the game, the user must solve many riddles. The player explores the world from a first-person perspective and can interact with objects and the surrounding space using elements of the interactive interface. During the game, the user can collect various objects in order to use them later if necessary.

Shadowgate uses classic soundtracks and traditional graphics. The game enthralls the player with its puzzles. Cool mechanics, amazing gameplay, brilliant graphics will make you enjoy playing Shadowgate.

Myst: Masterpiece Edition


Myst: Masterpiece Edition is an action-adventure video Games Like Syberia with interactive GUIs, puzzles, single-player and first-person views. The product is developed and released by Cyan Worlds.

The game takes place in a wonderful world where every piece of paper, rock, sound, etc. contain any hints. Your main goal in the game is to interact with the surrounding world, its objects and elements in order to discover clues that will help unravel all its secrets.

Test your mental abilities, explore the world of real and fantastic things, solve puzzles to move forward in the game. Earn points and use them to discover more interesting content. As you progress, the difficulty of the levels of the game increases, but at the same time you have the opportunity to open additional functions, secrets and other things. As you explore the world with an interactive graphical interface, you will discover the dark secrets of this beautiful world.

Impressive soundtrack, eye-catching graphics and superb mechanics make Myst: Masterpiece Edition one of the best in its genre.

Clock Tower 3

Siberian Quest Clock Tower 3 is a single-player horror-survival video Games Like Syberia developed and released by Capcom for the PlayStation 2. This is a wonderful fourth installment in the Clock Tower series, the plot and characters of which have little connection to previous releases.

At the center of the story is a 14-year-old girl named Alyssa Hamilton, who belongs to a family of female warriors who must travel through time and fight cruel, evil spirits.

The main character needs to go on a journey from 2003, in which she lives, to the 1940s, to challenge an unknown entity and calm disturbed spirits. The user, controlling his character, can use the same interactive graphical interface as in previous games.

Clock Tower 3 has a huge variety of weapons available that the player can use to kill more than just enemies. The study of the surrounding space takes place from a third-person view. The player’s main goal is to unlock new eras, solve crazy puzzles, and hide from evil enemies. As you progress, the game becomes more difficult.

During the game, the user interacts with characters that he cannot control and various objects. You can also change the appearance of the main character. Try to play. You will love this game!

Life is Strange

In the last place we have a games like Siberia, but with more advanced graphics and no less exciting storyline! Life is Strange is Square Enix’s interactive, single-player, graphical adventure game with a storyline. The game consists of five main episodes.

The main character is a student named Maxine Caulfield, who is studying to be a photographer and suddenly discovers that she has the ability to rewind time and any events. The story takes a turn when she manages to foresee an approaching storm that could destroy her city. At this point, Maxine realizes that she is the only one who can prevent the disaster.

In the game, you control the character and watch the story, which depends on the actions that your main character takes. Amazing journeys into the past, fantastic tasks, free exploration of the surrounding world and the ability to use its elements, many challenging puzzles, and the ending, which depends on the character’s actions, make Life is Strange truly outstanding.

Excellent graphics, a great story, many episodes, and characters will allow you to enjoy the gameplay fully. The release is available on many different platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox and Linux.


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