15+ Best RPG Games like Terraria On Android In 2022

Terraria is not a 2D copy of Minecraft, as many mistakenly believe. Games like Terraria On Android is a standalone sandbox adventure game with RPG elements. In addition to crafting and building, the player can go on a dangerous journey, fight bosses and explore hundreds of artifacts that hide dark and confusing dungeons.

Best RPG Games like Terraria On Android

Terraria was released back in 2011, and to this day, tens of thousands of gamers play it. The game has an Android version, but it paid.

For those who are not ready to give their hard-earned money for virtual entertainment or already satiated with adventures in the pixel world but want to experience something similar, we have collected the best games like Terraria on Android. Most of them are free, and you can download them at any time.


If you add elements of MMORPG games to Terraria, you get Pixel Worlds. The game also allows you to destroy everything in front of your eyes, build, create and go on dangerous adventures, but not alone or in co-op, but with dozens of other gamers. You can build entire settlements with them, communicate, bargain, and jointly engage in peaceful affairs (for example, fishing).

Of course, you can expect anything from users – they can cheat and quit under challenging times. But this only makes it more interesting to play.


This game dedicates to the adventures of the boy Jack, who explores exotic planets in search of thrills. There is a lot of content in the game – you can do crafting, look for treasures, brew potions, and acquire a companion pet, and create a computer.

The graphics in the game are not as “pixelated” as in Terraria – the blocks are more reminiscent of Minecraft. But meanwhile, the spirit of Terraria has been preserved, and because there is very diverse gameplay here, the game can drag on for a long time. It is not free, but you will forget about ads, microtransactions, and other unpleasant things by paying only once.


Players love Terraria because, in it, you can go on long, dangerous adventures, challenging crowds of monsters and their older brothers. Adventure inherits this idea – yes, you can dig for resources and build a shelter, but most of the gameplay will be taken up by role-playing adventures. And even in a harmless forest, you can stumble upon a dragon boss … Imagine what happens in the dungeons!


Welcome to Grotopia – a whole MMO universe in which hundreds of gamers live at the same time. The player will be able to try on the role of a brave hero that clears dungeons, a doctor who rescues overly courageous heroes, a wizard, a star explorer, and many others.

Here, as in Terraria, you can build anything you want, and thanks to the abundance of “roles,” everyone will find their place in Grotopia. By the way, you can also create mini-games. Yes, there are built-in games in the game so that users will not get bored.


Pixel Survival Game 2 will appeal to those who love Terraria for its hardcore adventures. Here, unfortunately, cannot be broken; everything you see – instead, the player will focus on survival. He will have to defend himself from monsters and bosses, build fortifications, set traps, use cannons for defense, and much more.

The graphics in the game are pixelated, and you can play both alone and with friends. The goal here is to hold out for as long as possible. The fittest gamers place on the leaderboard.


The hero from Super Miner sleeps and sees how he, having gone deeper into the mine, finally notices the brilliance of diamonds and rushes to get them. The gameplay tied to the extraction of various minerals and rocks in the dungeons and earnings on their sale accordingly. It is straightforward to master the gameplay because it comes down to simple clicks on the screen.

Over time, the “empire” of the player will expand – he will hire more miners, including both humans and robots. An uncomplicated and straightforward clicker you can download for free on Android and while away the time anywhere.


Breaworlds is a sandbox MMO that lets you unleash your imagination and create, craft, and explore your surroundings. The main feature of the game is custom worlds. You can create your universe and invite friends or go on a visit.

The rest of the game is similar to Terraria – you can also craft, customize your character, grow food, and do other things.


Sandbox Lost Minner can be confusing with strange graphics, which try in 2D pixels and 3D, but the game itself is excellent, judging by tens of thousands of reviews on Google Play.

In the role of an adventurer, the player will engage in things already known to us – extraction of resources, crafting, going into mines, building a shelter, and battling monsters in the dungeons. There is a rather lamp-like atmosphere, and you quickly get used to the visual style.


And this game boasts high-quality three-dimensional cartoon graphics that will delight both children and adults. The gameplay has elements of sandbox and RPG – players, like in Terraria, have to travel the world alone or with allies, kick-ass monsters, and bosses and look for precious treasures.

In your free time from adventure, you can plant a tree and build a house. And legendary materials that can obtain from dark dungeons will make the hideout unique and reliable.


The Blockheads looks like a mix of Minecraft – there are 3D graphics and familiar blocks, but the controls are from a side view. The player, controlling a square-headed guy, will have to explore the open world, collect resources and look for adventures in caves, mountains, oceans, and other locations.

The game does not offer any other activities different from Terraria. We live, travel, monitor the state of the little man, and build luxurious buildings.


Down with this land with monsters and uninteresting views – get ready, we go to Mars in Miners of Mars! True, this did not make the life of an astronaut any more accessible – even on another planet, he will have to extract resources, run away from monsters in mines, create items, and do other things that will help him survive.

The gameplay focuses on wandering in dark dungeons. Games like Terraria On Android player can create tons of weapons, meet huge bosses, get into secret locations and enjoy day and night landscapes. True, it isn’t easy to understand what is outside, day or night, while in the mine.


Like Miners of Mars, Pixel Starships sends the gamer into space. Still, here he will be engaged in the arrangement of the spaceship and will manage resources, recruit people to a team and discover secret places in the Galaxy. You can fight with other peoples and aliens, but the greater threat poses by the players who will conduct their business in a huge online universe simultaneously as the gamer.

The Games like Terraria On Android in graphics and the spirit of adventure – here, you also never know what awaits you ahead.


We continue our march through games similar to Terraria, and the next step is UCraft. Controlling a character from a top view, the player will have to settle in a hostile world and start building a shelter, mining resources, crafting, and other things.

In UCraft, however, there is more from Minecraft than from the same Terraria. There are similar graphics, and the player’s adventures end with feeding animals and hiding from monsters at night. And if you like to be engaged in peaceful affairs, but this was not enough in Terraria, try to play this game.


And this game is less like Terraria. There is no terraforming here, but the player will play the ruler of the kingdom, on whose shoulders difficult tasks fall. He will have to manage his lands and decide the fate of his subordinates, but he will not be able to sit on the throne because here you can go on trips to distant lands to open merchants and get funds to protect the kingdom.


Createrria 2 is less similar to Terraria than the rest of the games in this collection because it lacks crafting, the ability to extract resources, and other mechanics inherent in the genre of “survival.” But the creative component is highly developed – in this adventure platformer, it is proposed to “draw” your level with your finger and then go through it or share it with friends. Of course, you can visit the worlds of other users – and what they can think of!

In “tools,” the player is not limited in any way and can create a whole game with a plot. With Games like Terraria On Android , Createrria 2 also combines pixel graphics, but here it’s cartoonish.

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