20+ Best RPG Games Like Terraria To Play in 2022

Especially for fans of “build and dig, collect and craft” who prefer unusual two-dimensional worlds instead of traditional 3D, we have selected the top Games Like Terraria – an iconic sandbox with pixel graphics, procedural generation, an extensive crafting system, and many other delights.


Best RPG Games Like Terraria To Play in 2022: Review



The best game to date, similar to Terraria, is not surprising since the same developers took part in creating both projects.

Instead of one planet in Starbound, players will find a whole universe, randomly generated and inhabited by countless unique civilizations, both highly developed and mastered the technology of space travel, and highly primitive, in their development that did not step over the line of the Stone Age.

The player will be able to get acquainted with each of these civilizations while playing Starbound. He will also find much other interesting content and much wider opportunities than in the original Terraria.


Continuing our list of games similar to Terraria on PC, one of the most beautiful 2D sandbox games is Craft The World. In addition to the ability to personally change the world, build, and craft, there are strategy elements reminiscent of the Dungeon Keeper dungeon simulator.

In Craft The World, players will find mountains of valuable loot and a sea of crafting recipes, several game modes, and, as already mentioned, an incredibly beautiful, randomly generated world where you can rebuild a real castle with traps and secrets to store the collected treasures.


A sandbox game like Terraria with a 2D view and pixel graphics. In Junk Jack, players can explore a huge open-world (or rather worlds, since 12 planets unlike each other are available for visiting), changing absolutely everything through terraforming and building.

Of course, everything randomly generates here: the biomes that make up the planets, the creatures inhabiting them, including enemies, peaceful NPCs and animals available for taming (there is a companion system), and much more.

In Junk Jack, the player has an incredible number of crafts; it is possible to pump your hero, complete quests, collect, rob, fish, and do many other exciting things.


Pixel sandbox with RPG elements, one of the best games like Terraria. As in “Terraria,” the setting here is a huge fantasy world in which magic and various unusual creatures live, including nightmarish creatures from the dungeons and hugely epic bosses.

The player in Realms of Magic can build and craft (over a hundred recipes), go on treasure hikes in the already named dungeons full of dangers, or complete any of the quests available here. Do not forget about an extensive magic system consisting of many powerful spells.


A two-dimensional sandbox, similar to Terraria, in which you will play as a representative of an intergalactic construction company, wrecked on an unknown planet with extremely aggressive life forms and many other dangers. Moreover, most of them lie in wait for players at night (there is a dynamic change of day).

To escape, the hero will have to build a new spaceship, and for this, you must first find and collect the necessary resources. Of course, this can done only by thoroughly studying the surface and bowels of the planet.

In general, the process of staying on a barren planet in Dig or Die can drag on for an indecently long period, so it would be very wise to take care of a reliable shelter, good equipment, food, and weapons. Also, the Tower Defense element occupies an essential place in the gameplay, represented by the need to protect your shelter from alien monsters regularly creeping from all sides.


In many ways, a game like “Terraria” with stunning pixel graphics and animation surpasses its inspiration in this respect.

As in Terraria, in Planet Centauri, the player must explore the world, collect resources and improve his shelter, gradually turning it into a massive settlement with many NPCs. Simultaneously, there are several significant differences: the ability to create your spells, a pet system, the ability to craft various vehicles, a system of transformation into various creatures (a flying dragon, a giant underground worm, etc.).

Planet Centauri has an incredibly extensive and diverse system for customizing a character, pets, equipment, and even monsters for this genre, which allows you to change appearance and characteristics. There are also many craft professions and recipes for them. There is support for multiplayer.


A sandbox RPG with gameplay (exploring and changing the world) and visual style (pixelated 2D graphics) makes it look like Terraria. In Crea, the player can create his character and develop it in parallel with exploring the world, mastering new skills, and improving numerous talents (more than eighty characteristics in total).

Moreover, the pumping system implements in a very interesting way: almost any hero’s action brings him something new and useful; for example, it improves the characteristics or allows you to learn a certain skill, recipe, or magic spell.

In Crea, players will find an abundance of all kinds of loot and original opponents (including hardcore bosses), for each of which you will have to choose your tactics.


A beautiful 2D strategy and RPG game, the gameplay of which combines the principles of survival and tower defense. In it, the player will be allowed to try on the royal crown, which gives the right to rebuild and develop his kingdom and protect it and all its inhabitants from the constant raids of various monsters.

Of course, the gameplay of Kingdom: New Lands does not quite correspond to what was in “Games Like Terraria.” Still, there are some similarities (exploration of their possessions and the gradual improvement and protection of the settlement inhabited by various NPCs). Also, this similarity reinforces by the pixel art that is equally cute in both projects and the fabulous atmosphere.


A very bright and insanely addicting sandbox game on a culinary theme, the gameplay of which contains many elements from other genres: strategy, tower defense, puzzle, platformer, and so on.

The main character is a representative of an intergalactic food company, who is looking for new planets with unusual “edible” resources, builds up factories for the extraction and processing of these same resources, combines the found ingredients into various dishes (more than a hundred recipes in total), and then sends the finished products to the whole universe.

Of course, on each new planet, various obstacles and dangers await him in the form of aggressive flora and fauna. And Games Like Terraria here, the opportunity comes to the rescue to build all kinds of weapons, traps, reinforced walls, and other defensive structures to protect their factories.


Quite a simple two-dimensional sandbox with very primitive pixel graphics, which takes place on a desert island. The main character, along with several NPCs, ends up after a shipwreck.

The main task in Aground is the construction and gradual improvement of the settlement for the survivors. For this, there is an impressive number of recipes for crafting and construction, the ability to collect resources, dig mining tunnels, and fight enemies. In general, everything is the same as in “Terraria.”


A sci-fi sandbox game about the adventures of a space traveler all alone on an unfamiliar planet: at the same time, initially at his disposal, there is only a multifunctional laser and a PDA with artificial intelligence support, which helps to receive and analyze information about the new world. Everything else must be mined and done by yourself, step by step exploring the vastness and depths of an unknown planet.

The game resembles Terraria in everything, except that instead of fantasy, a fantastic setting uses here, and the graphics seem a little less pleasant.


2D platformer like Terraria with building, crafting, and RPG elements. Wind force takes place in a bizarre world dominated by steampunk technology. All life is concentrated in the skies, floating islands, huge airships, and flying monsters like giant Kraken and whales. Moreover, as in “Terraria,” the local world is subject to destruction and change on the player’s part.

In addition to the unusual setting, the game features a full-fledged storyline with exciting quests and unique gameplay with a virtually unlimited level of freedom, combining elements of the famous side-scrollers a la Contra and Bionic Commando with elements of sandboxes such as Minecraft and Terraria.


2D action RPG is very similar to Terraria. Here, the gamer can also be engaged in the arrangement of his base and find resources; he needs to go into dungeons with dangerous monsters. The levels are randomly generated; besides, the environment is entirely destructible.

But It Lurks Below has its zest, expressed in the role-playing system. It is a full-fledged RPG with character classes and leveling up characteristics. There are eight heroes available (bard, priest, sorcerer, necromancer, paladin, and so on) with unique characteristics. And also strong bosses, an extensive tree of talents, three different game modes await you.


Pixel sandbox in which the player assigns the role of a god. At The Sandbox, he will create a world from scratch, from water, earth, sand, and other materials, to a full-fledged human civilization. You can be a respectable god, or you can wreak havoc and destruction!

The game often receives various updates. As a result, there is so much content that you get lost in the game world for hours. Moreover, you can play it not only on a PC but also on mobile platforms.


Popular farming simulator with RPG elements. If you enjoyed building in Games Like Terraria, then you will love this project too. You get an old abandoned farm at your disposal, and you can go about your business. Stardew Valley does not set strict goals – you can do whatever your heart desires. For example, to extract resources, grow plants, raise livestock, complete tasks in a neighboring town, and so on.

Stardew Valley will surprise you with its attention to detail. For example, you can interact with non-player NPCs and learn about their stories and start a family with them. There is a multiplayer mode in which you can play with friends or with random users.


Indie game in which the gamer invites to become the owner of factories for the extraction of resources. He will end up on a planet where he will mine ore, cut trees, and create various conveyors. In the end, the player will have a giant energy industry engaged in the extraction of almost all types of resources.

And everything would be fine if it were not for the locals, who, naturally, are against such activities on their planet. They will try to stop the user in any way. Aggressive animals also add to the problem. Factorio is a great sandbox with tens of thousands of positive reviews.


A simulator in which you lead a small group of colonizers on an uninhabited planet. Having undergone a crash space ship, a few people were left helpless. Will they be able to survive, or will the hostile environment destroy them? It only depends on you.

RimWorld is popular for its depth of simulation. Many Games Like Terraria details are taken into account: the state of the characters, their health, the characteristics of the surrounding area, and so on. The game implements an abundance of game mechanics and a plot component and procedural generation of the game world.

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