20 Horror Games Like The Walking Dead To Play In 2022

The Walking Dead: The Game from Telltale Games attracted players with a poignant story with a dramatic ending, charismatic characters, and a memetic “character will remember this.” If you have already gone through the original game and its sequels, and your soul desires something other than the hateful walking dead, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of games similar to Games Like The Walking Dead – perhaps you will find something; interesting for yourself …


The most obvious option in this top is other games from Telltale Games, most of which built along the same lines as Walking Grandfather. They are interactive films, your participation in which is limited to choosing options in dialogues and performing simple QTEs. The player’s stated influence on the plot becomes only an illusion, and the use of different lines of behavior with the characters has little effect.

Nonetheless, these projects tell fascinating stories and serve as good entertainment for tired of intense projects with direct participation in the gameplay, such as online shooters or MMORPGs. It’s hard to say which game is the best from Telltale’s list, but we’d like to highlight, first of all, The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands, and Batman: The Telltale Series.


This series of adventure games from the French studio Dontnod Entertainment not only resembles The Walking Dead but perhaps surpasses it – if, of course, you are okay with “teenage” stories. Here, the developers are much better at directing game scenes and offer more interesting gameplay mechanics, such as rewind or telekinesis. The characters invented by the writers seem to be more alive than the heroes of TWD.

The Life is Strange series has two numbered games and two spin-offs. Each part is devoted to a separate story within the same universe – Games Like The Walking Dead to ours, but with minor differences in the form of supernatural abilities. However, these abilities do not make the plot too fantastic. Still, on the contrary, they demonstrate the life problems of the characters against the background of the powers they have acquired.


Another game like The Walking Dead, which in some of its aspects, can be stronger than the project from Telltale. Here it is expressed in the consequences of the decisions made by the player, which, unlike TWD, really affects the development of the plot and the attitude of the characters towards the hero. Moreover, in the game, you can improve your communication skills and manipulate your interlocutors with the help of clever phrases.

The Council will take you to the 18th century, where you will plunge into the intricacies of intrigue, secrets, and conspiracies, meet with high-ranking members of society, use diplomacy, deduction, and knowledge of the occult to reveal all the secrets in store for you by the developers.


A project from the Quantic Dream studio, known for its non-standard approach to creating adventure games. Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy is a series of cinematic scenes diluted with QTE and non-linear dialogues. Alas, the plot about mysterious murders, intriguing at first, turns into a farce in the second half of the passage, which, of course, dramatically affects the overall impression of the game.

The original Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy was released back in 2005. Ten years later, a (very lazy) remaster appeared, which allows you to enjoy it in high resolution and with prettier graphics. We cannot definitely call Fahrenheit a good game, but it is worth attention – especially if you are attracted by mystical stories.


An adventure game that brings together not an only genre and visual style with The Walking Dead, but also the original source – like TWD, Thief of Thieves is based on the comics by Robert Kirkman.

The plot of the game tells about an aspiring thief named Cecilia, who aspires to become a real master in her difficult craft. The gameplay focuses on stealth, solving simple problems, and communicating with characters, where the lines you choose will affect their attitude towards the main character.


The Longest Journey, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, and Dreamfall: Chapters series are perhaps closer to classic adventure games ( point-and-click, quests) than to interactive cinema in the spirit of TWD, but there are still similar Games Like The Walking Dead features – this is also gameplay mechanics, and storytelling, and an emphasis on story at the expense of challenging puzzles.

The trilogy tells about events taking place in two parallel worlds, where science and technology are intertwined, and reveals rather complex topics. There is mythology, human psychology, and even a little politics. If you like deep, thought-provoking stories, then the games in this franchise might be the experience you’re looking for.


The line of adventure games Sherlock Holmes from the Ukrainian studio Frogwares is dedicated to the adventures of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his faithful assistant Dr. Watson. And if the first parts of the series are classic quests, then starting with The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, elements of action began to appear in it (including the camera hanging behind the character’s back).

Each Sherlock Holmes game is a new adventure, during which the heroes face a variety of enemies – for example, Jack the Ripper and even Cthulhu. Yes, this was not in the books of Conan Doyle, but, on the other hand, it refreshes the familiar stories about Holmes.


An adventure quest based on Ken Follett’s bestseller Pillars of the Earth. The player will move to England in the XII century and witness the construction of one of the greatest cathedrals in the country’s history. The gamer will follow the plot on behalf of three different heroes: the monk Philip, the outcast Jack, and the noble Aliena. The fates of the characters so dissimilar to each other will intertwine, but only the player will decide how much.

Like The Walking Dead, Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth invites the user to solve various puzzles, engage in numerous dialogues and make difficult decisions that will affect the plot. There are also hand-drawn graphics and a deep atmosphere of medieval England.


An episodic noir adventure game with an original storyline. Little girl Amber intends to find her missing brother, and for help turns to the teddy bear Ted E., a retired detective. The unusual duo will go to the streets of Paper City in order to search for evidence and interrogate residents, but the heroes do not yet realize the scale of the threat looming over them.

The gameplay includes exploring different locations, looking for clues and solving puzzles. Like The Walking Dead, the story is divided into several episodes. There is also a prequel titled The Lost Robots.


A detective quest in the spirit of Telltale games. The main character, Eliot Ness, dreams of working quietly in his restaurant, but numerous crimes in the city force him to try on a raincoat and hat. The player will have to wander around the locations in search of clues, communicate with local residents, make choices in dialogues and participate in action scenes.

The visual style is impressive – noir with the use of red (in the spirit of “Sin City”). The only drawback is that the developers released only 2 episodes out of 5 planned. It has been officially announced that the season will not be over, which is a pity – the games are good.


Adventure horror from the developers Until Dawn. In the story, a group of 5 friends go diving, but the storm disrupts their rest and turns it into a real nightmare. Seeing a giant ship among the salt and fog, the guys climb aboard from despair and find that the entire crew died a long time ago.

The story is based on the real legend of the Dutch motor ship Ourang Medan, whose crew died under strange circumstances

The player will have to explore the ghost ship alone or with friends in cooperative mode, look for clues that will shed light on what is happening, and make difficult decisions that can save the characters or destroy them.


An interactive movie game that has become a symbol of PlayStation 3. In 2019, PC users learned the brilliant detective story of Ethan Mars , whose son was kidnapped by the mysterious serial killer Origami Master.

As befits the genre, the player will explore locations, communicate with different people and often participate in QTE scenes. The narrative is non-linear – the decisions made by the gamer influence the plot. As a result, the main characters may even die at the hands of the player.

The game received the highest praise from critics, and it was even mentioned on television as a project that closely competes with the film industry.


In an effort to replicate the success of Heavy Rain , developers from the same studio are releasing Beyond: Two Souls. This is also an interactive thriller with appropriate gameplay activities. In the center of the plot is the girl Jody Holmes, who has supernatural powers.

And while the project failed to surpass its predecessor, this is another great game with a good storyline .


Procession of Quantic Dream continues in our selection. Detroit: Become Human is another interactive movie, but this time, players will travel to the near future. As conceived by the authors, in 2038, the production of androids – humanoid robots – was massively launched on Earth. But due to a software failure, some of them become “deviants”, ie. robots with feelings and emotions.

Detroit: Become Human was originally a PlayStation 4 exclusive, but made its way to PC in late 2019.

The story is dedicated to three heroes: the android detective Connor, the “deviant” Marcus and the android housewife Kara. The fates of the heroes are rapidly intertwined, but, as befits the games of the company, the player with his decisions can ruin them all.


1979 Revolution: Black Friday is an interactive hand-drawn adventure similar Games Like The Walking Dead. The game touches on a little-covered topic – the revolution in Iran in 1978, which nearly destroyed an entire country. In the role of a journalist, the player will have to participate in the uprising and make a series of decisions on which the fate of the hero, his family and friends depends.

The gameplay includes the previously described elements (exploration, dialogues) and one more feature – photography. The camera will be the main weapon of the player, and with its help he can capture the vivid events of that time and compare with real archival materials.


The Stanley Parable is the least similar Games Like The Walking Dead in our collection, but the level of non-linear storytelling in the game is beyond praise. You will play as an office employee who, on orders from a computer, did what he pressed buttons throughout his career. When the computer boss fell silent, the hero discovered that no one but him was in the office, and began his own investigation of what was happening.

The story is told in an original way – through the narrator. Sometimes he directly says what a gamer should do, but no one forbids disobeying, which will follows by an instant reaction.


Of note is a PlayStation exclusive, Until Dawn from Supermassive Games. The developers were able to transfer the youth horror / slasher to the screens while making sure that the players took the most direct part in it and could, by their actions, lead the company of students to a good or bad ending (in the process of passing, you can lose several or all of the characters).

Until Dawn was not released on PC, but if you have a console, it is definitely worth considering.


Episodic adventure game from the creators of Life is Strange. The story is about two twins, Tyler and Alison, who, in an attempt to figure out their past, go to Alaska.

This is the first game in which one of the playable characters is transgender. For reliability, the developers worked closely with the GLAAD organization

The game is built on the memories of the heroes. Each of them interprets different events that have influenced life in their own way, and the player chooses which of them to believe. In total, gamers expect 3 episodes.


Another highly anticipated game from the developers of Life is Strange. This is a psychological thriller in which the main character – an ordinary journalist – returns to his hometown, and after a night unconscious he discovers a bloody shirt in his hotel . He has to figure out whether he has hidden a corpse somewhere, or whether the blood on his clothes is the result of a fight in a bar.

And awakened superpowers will help the hero in this, thanks to which he can move between the real world and memories.


The next game in the series The Dark Pictures (the first was Man of Medan ). It is also a horror game, according to the idea of ​​which a group of people got involved in a paranormal story. They find themselves trapped in the abandoned town of Little Hope, which was terrorized by witches in the 17th century.

Like its predecessor, Little Hope will play on the feelings of users and invite them to explore locations, look for key items and make choices in favor of various actors. A cooperative is expected.

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