14 RPG Games like Trader Life Simulator To Play in 2022

Trader Life Simulator is a fairly successful game in which you can open your store and build a business. The project was “shot” due to the variety of game mechanics, many goods, the ability to explore the open world, and a real economy. If you are looking for similar Games like Trader Life Simulator one, you will find what you need in our selection.


The popular life simulator opens up a lot of opportunities for players: characters are sad and happy, work and have fun, get into trouble and arrange holidays, meet, communicate, make friends, fall in love, have children, meet old age and leave for another world – after which they return in the form of ghosts … This is a fantastic game, which, without exaggeration, has tens of millions of fans around the world.

Add-on “Get to work!” for The Sims 4 allows you to master one of the many professions or open your own business – a clothing store, bakery, bookstore, and so on. The business management process plans “from” and “to” – here, you can build a future store with your own hands, personally hire staff, select products for sale and even get up behind the counter and serve customers.


An atmospheric simulator of a pub owner in 80s Britain offers players a complete immersion in English culture and fun building, renovation, and drinking gameplay.

Having got used to the role of the newly-made owner of a drinking establishment, you will repair and improve it with your own hands, and after the first visitors reach the pub, serve them and, if desired, drink with them. The game distinguishes by a special visual style and characteristic British humor, for which it received a high rating on Steam.


Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a trucker simulator and a business game: here, you can start your own company and start trucking along the roads of Europe.

The project combines meditative gameplay, during which you will overcome huge distances behind the wheel of a truck, trying to act within the rules of the road and avoid damage to cargo, as much as possible, as well as a severe economic model with which you have to develop a company and manage finances. Well, it also allows you to enjoy breathtaking views of the largest cities, countryside landscapes, and attractions.


Unsurprisingly, FACTORY RUNNER is similar Games like Trader Life Simulator – the same person developed both games! The plot and gameplay are identical: you open your factory and store and write a success story in an open world full of challenges and trials.

You will have to start small: first, order and resell goods, buy a factory and start producing them yourself, building an economic chain from buying raw materials to selling finished products. Gradually, you will expand your business to enter the global market, but do not forget to keep track of the ratio of expenses and income and take care of the level of hunger, thirst, and other needs of your character.


A very popular farming simulator created by game designer Eric Baron, inspired by the iconic Harvest Moon series. The game was released on all possible platforms, supports co-op, and has translates into English.

In Stardew Valley, you get your grandfather’s old farm near a small town at your disposal, which you need to turn into a blooming garden. It is the main goal, but not the only one: the game offers amazing freedom of action, and you can freely explore the world, meet and communicate with the townspeople, participate in festivals and even start a family! A sweet, lovely and relaxing game is worthy of your attention.


In this manager, you will run a business, but not an ordinary one – you will have a medieval cemetery at your disposal, which needs to be made profitable, or at least breaks even.

There are many ways to achieve the goal, from exploring the world, searching for valuable items, creating and selling potions, selling meat and organs of newly arrived “guests” of your establishment – after all, they will no longer need this good. The game is full of black humor and boasts a fairly reliable economic model – within this setting, of course.


And this simulator balances on the brink: here, you will become a real thief that infiltrates the houses of its victims and takes out valuable things.

However, everything is not so simple: first, you need to study the area, draw up a robbery plan and carry it out – if possible, not catch the eye of the homeowners, not activate the alarm and not attract the attention of the police. Stolen goods can sold on the black market, and the proceeds can use to buy more sophisticated tools for theft.


In a cartoon game about a farm, you habitually start restoring an abandoned enterprise of the protagonist’s ancestors. The task is not easy: it is necessary to grow crops, raise animals, fulfill orders and invest in repairs and property improvement.

Also, My Time At Portia contains an open world with a huge number of activities: here, you can participate in holiday events, make friends, and even explore dungeons with monsters! A fun and charming game that you will want to spend a few weeks or two in.


One of the best construction simulators in which you lead a team to renovate and improve buildings. Games like Trader Life Simulator have to buy abandoned houses, put them in order, and then sell them at a much higher price.

In this first-person game, you’ll break down walls and rip off old wallpaper, fix wiring and paint walls, arrange furniture and clean up filthy basements. At the same time, the enterprise’s success depends on the effectiveness of your work, so try to do it efficiently and quickly. Proceedings will rewards with cash receipts to your account.


Of all the farm simulators, the Farming Simulator series is perhaps the most realistic. Its last installment, Farming Simulator 19, invites you to lead a small agricultural enterprise and lead it to success, developing in several directions.

The developers have prepared a large selection of equipment from leading manufacturers such as John Deere, CLAAS, and others, a wide range of activities, including breeding animals and growing crops, as well as the opportunity to explore the world by driving a car or on horseback, and a cooperative. If you are looking for a game similar Games like Trader Life Simulator, but focusing on fieldwork, then this is the game for you.


The Tenants invites players to build an empire of rental properties: as the owner of several apartments, offices, and other properties, you will make deals, solve problems and deal with evil tenants.

The game attracts a charming picture and a variety of challenges that gamers throw: you have to get rid of rats and cockroaches, argue with irritated neighbors and eliminate the consequences of parties. It is a good, albeit somewhat monotonous, business sandbox.


Lumberjack’s Dynasty sends players to work in nature: the project dedicat to the lumberjack dynasty, and you must return your aunt’s logging camp to its former glory.

In this first-person simulator, you can take matters into your own hands: personally cut trees, process wood using various machines, transport raw materials, and trade to invest the proceeds in the development of the enterprise. And during your leisure hours from work, you can do other activities – for example, make acquaintances, flirt, and even get married.


A bakery simulator will challenge you to test yourself in a completely new industry: bake muffins and cakes, grow your business, and attract as many customers as possible!

It is a game from the author of Trader Life Simulator. You will find 25 types of culinary masterpieces, a large selection of kitchen utensils and furniture, authentic gameplay, a complex economy, and other elements.


Another simulator from the creator of Trader Life Simulator, this time dedicated to developing a factory. The main character will have his uncle’s abandoned enterprise at his disposal, which can turn into a huge factory with more than 500 workers.

At the same time, you can independently choose the direction of business development and buy raw materials, manufacture products, upgrade equipment, manage personnel, and so on.

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