10 Role Play Games like Travian To Play In 2022

Games like Travian with lots of exciting details can keep strategy lovers interested for a long time. These games will allow you to build your empires, collect resources, and even play online with other users from around the world.

You will face various powerful civilizations and be able to go out into outer space. So, without further ado, let’s move on to our list.



This flash game appeared five years ago and immediately gained popularity among MMORTS fans. Inveterate strategy lovers may recognize it by its former name, “Civony.” The theme of the game is the Middle Ages and fantasy. There is an opportunity to join alliances, make new friends, and fight bad guys. Slowly but surely, you will transform your village into a vast empire and can even recruit other heroes to fight for you.

Settlers Online


This free browser game lets you create your very own medieval kingdom. You can pamper yourself with the sale of valuable goods or explore the territory, that is, everything that will be useful for expanding and strengthening your empire. And if you crave glory, you can take part in intense battles against your virtual enemies. This game on our list even lets you play with your friends. You can chat in the built-in chat and trade with them in a special space. According to the developer, there are many guides and guilds to help you with your adventures.

Lord of Ultima

The Kingdom of Sazaria is looking for a hero who would unite its lands and lead them. If you are ready to take on that responsibility, then Lord of Ultima is for you. This epic online multiplayer game from Electronic Arts combines empire-building elements with other exciting possibilities.

You start your journey with only a small settlement in the world of Caledonia. Your goal is to develop the economy and expand your influence as far as possible. You can even be a powerful maverick sending your troops to fight demons and claim their trophies. In addition, there are many powerful bosses and powerful artifacts on the map.



The next item on our list is an online multiplayer game inspired by the theme of space wars. Here the player is invited to develop his backward world to the level of a powerful empire that rules intergalactic colonies. To do this, you need to create an excellent economic and military infrastructure, a powerful army, and wage war with other planets. So, fasten your seat belts and go on a virtual space journey with this free game. In addition, there is a version of the same name for the iPad, which can download or free from iTunes.

Tribal Wars


And now, from the endless expanses of space, we will take you to the merciless Middle Ages. This browser-based online game puts the user at the head of a small village. You must apply all your tactical and strategic talents to bring wealth and prosperity to this land. However, you are not the only one looking for ways to strengthen your settlement, as this is an online multiplayer game. You will need to fight with users from all over the world. You will have to recruit an army, create an army, fight with neighboring villages and create alliances to help you in battles. And if you don’t have access to a PC, but don’t want to miss out on all the fun, download the paid version of the same name for iOS.

Game of Empires


This new strategy MMO has already become quite popular, although it came out quite recently compared to Travian. Medieval surroundings, done very, very well, classic, but at the same time very interesting gameplay – this all attracts players. And for a good reason – believe me, the game is worth trying. 



The last item on our list will give you the chance to wear a toga and enjoy the greatness of Greece. This free online browser Games like Travian will allow you to transform your small city into a huge metropolis and, with the help of your army and navy, conquer the surrounding lands. You can create alliances with other users, wage wars, and even communicate with the gods of the Greek pantheon – Hero, Zeus, Hades, Athena, and Poseidon, whose favor will prove to be very useful during battles.

Forge of Empires


Compared to Travian, Forge of Empires has raised the bar for a browser-based strategy to new heights. Starting from a simple dull hut, you build your village, which eventually grows into the whole metropolis of your dreams.

The game affects all stages of human development, from the Stone Age to the era of industrialization. You can research new types of buildings and develop science to improve your city.

On the way to forming your empire, you will train more and more powerful warriors, equip them with more and more powerful weapons, go through campaigns to conquer the continent.

You can also participate in countless battles against other players’ armies, engage in mining and trade, and join clans and alliances. In general, the game will not make you bored.

Stronghold Kingdoms


There are many games like Travian on the internet. Almost all of them are browser-based and step-by-step. Stronghold Kingdoms is a full-fledged RTS, that is, an online real-time strategy!

Stronghold Kingdoms has incomparably better graphics, modern 3D animation, and much more advanced features. By and large, the game has only one drawback – it must download. But this drawback is inherent in almost all top games. So it’s up to you – to play a quality game or keep sticking into the good old Travian.

Vikings: War of Clans


In Vikings: War of Clans, you need to rule the village, guide your warriors on raids, and reach the highest class in the nobility. In the beginning, you only have a destroyed village. You rebuild it and train your warriors; they will be more persistent and able to fight off your rivals – either by attacking them or by robbery, as befits a real Viking!


More About Travian


Travian is a cult browser strategy Games like Travian dedicated to the development of a village and its gradual transformation into a powerful kingdom. This can be achieved in different ways – both military and diplomatic.




If you are looking for a Games like Travian, you will be interested in the options presented, combining elements of strategy, city building, and other interesting possibilities. All games from the list are available online in a browser. Plus, most of them are free, allowing you to enjoy them without paying a dime. Well, which one will you start with? Write your ideas in the comments.


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