20 Role Play Games Like Warcraft 3 To Play In 2022

We have combined several games similar to one of the most successful strategies in the Games like Warcraft 3. If you are tired of replaying the original and “reforged” Warcraft 3 companies, but the drums of war still rumble in your hearts, perhaps you will find something to your liking in this collection.

By and large, almost all modern RTS, and especially those based on the fantasy setting, are in one way or another similar to the third Warcraft. It is not surprising because for its time, the game became a breakthrough and turned into a real milestone in the genre, which all creators of strategy games were guided by for many years. And although heroes in the form of units with increased characteristics appeared in other games, it was Warcraft 3 that managed to find a middle ground between the genres of strategy and role-playing games. Since then, the presence of role-playing elements has become almost mandatory for every self-respecting strategy.

The increased role of heroes changed the gameplay and significantly raised the bar for the quality of the plot. If in earlier RTS the plot served only as a way of transition from one battle to another and was presented mainly in pre-battle briefings, then in the third “Varik,” it was just as important a component of the game as the battles themselves. It presents in the form of numerous cutscenes, which it was possible to watch both before and after the mission, and even sometimes during, just like in a real RPG.

And the fascinating story of the rise and fall of Prince Arthas quickly turned into a cliche, and since then, in fantasy games, every second self-confident Warrior of Light is sure to end up enslaved by the Forces of Darkness.



The features that appeared in Warcraft 3 are largely rooted in StarCraft. Here we are also waiting for a three-dimensional world (in which the height of the units’ location affects their view and damage inflicted in ranged combat), charismatic and useful heroes in battle (in the second part – also with pumped stats), a twisted plot of galactic proportions and several asymmetric fractions, the gameplay for each of which is almost unique. So in a sense, the third Warcraft can be called a fantasy reissue of Starcraft.



The first part of this franchise was released long before the third Warcraft, namely in 1997 (that is, three years after the release of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans). The gameplay of all parts of this series has a lot in common with “Warcraft” – first of all, you need to establish the extraction of resources, then hire an army, improve its characteristics in the corresponding buildings and send it into battle with the enemy.

Besides, heroes (usually famous historical figures) play an important role in many of the Age of Empires’ campaigns. Finally, although the plot of Age of Empires does not reach the level set by Blizzard, it connects the missions well with each other and at the same time helps to find out several interesting historical facts.



The recipe for the success of this game is simple – we take all the best from the age of Empires and add a couple of features from Civilization, such as the national borders sprawling around cities that limit the scope of your activity (of course, in peacetime).

Of course, the resulting product resembles the “Age of Empires” and Warcraft 3 – because here, in the same way, the gameplay comes down mainly to the development of the economy and the creation of a powerful army. The sequel to the original game,┬áreleased in 2006, became even closer to Warcraft. Instead of historical nations, three fantasy races participate in battles, so there is noticeably more magic.



One of the main competitors of Blizzard’s strategy games is the Dawn of War series, in which several spectacular factions battle for control of planets. The players decide for themselves whether they will glorify the great God-Imperator, Games like Warcraft 3 whether they will help the highly developed Eldar to prevail, bow down to the gods of chaos, or, on the contrary, challenge their followers on behalf of the Adeptus Astartes.

Despite the cosmic setting, unique Games like original Warcraft, and a completely different universe, DoW has similarities with the third Warcraft. So, you also build bases and capture resource objects, powerful heroes with abilities lead squads into battle, most missions flavors with plot features, and an army of machines resembling undead with orcs are also present.



At first glance, a hybrid of RTS and wargame in World War II has nothing to do with games like Warcraft 3. But thanks to the gripping story (albeit with Hollywood movies and TV series) and charismatic characters, Company of Heroes deserved a hit in our list.

But from a gameplay point of view, here you will find something similar to Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – capturing resource points, limited squads, and the ability to equip your subordinates with different types of weapons.




Don’t be surprised that another game occupies the sixth line of the game list, similar to Warcraft 3 in the space setting. From the point of view of gameplay, it does not matter whether your warriors shoot from bows or laser rifles, whether aviation looks like space fighters or like dragons, whether the heroes use magic or “psionic abilities,” whether workers are mining gold or another alien unobtanium.

The core gameplay of Gray Goo differs very little from the Warcraft 3 fantasy RTS. In addition to the familiar gameplay, there is a worthy plot that tells about the confrontation of 4 factions – humanity, the alien race Beta, the same “Gray Slime” in the form of an all-devouring swarm of nanorobots, and the mysterious Veil, whose representatives have almost unlimited technical capabilities.



This fantasy spin-off of the Age of Empires series has much more in common with the Blizzard franchise than the original Age of Empires series. The mythological setting allows the magic and various magical creatures to appear on the battlefields noticeably more often.

Besides, unlike the historical battles of the original series, there is also one quite a soldier in the field, so the role of the heroes in the “Age of Mythology” is significantly expanded. Here, these guys are not just fat versions of regular units but also have different skills and equipment.



Unfortunately, many domestic gamers practically did not notice this RTS series, the first released in 2001. But the representatives of Blizzard, it seems, still managed to get acquainted with this interesting game. After all, the system of units-heroes with unique skills appeared here even before the release of the third Warcraft, and, perhaps, “Blizzard” borrowed a couple of ideas from colleagues.



A true Warcraft clone that deserves mention in our top. Despite the almost 1 to 1 copied combat system and economy, the hero system in Rising Kingdoms is worked out almost better than in the Blizzard game. If in Warcraft 3, in theory, we can pump out all the available skills to our wards, then here at each level, you have to choose between the variants of the studied abilities, which searches a build that suits you even more interesting.




Very similar to Warcraft 3 strategy from Daedalic Entertainment. According to the plot, a resource endowed with powerful magical potential was discovers on one of the southern islands. In the fight for the coveted fossil, three factions enter at once: the undead, the united alliance, and the nomads. Players will have to consider the situation from the perspectives of each of the races, take part in role-playing Games like Warcraft 3 quests atypical for strategies, and put the long-awaited end to an endless war.

A Year of Rain is imbued with the Warcraft atmosphere through and through. Blizzard’s famous strategy game inspires the music, story twists, art, and even the control model. The factional units of the dead resemble the army of the scourge, the elves and dwarves are allies of the people, and the nomadic tribes are like the sentient creatures that inhabit the lands of Azeroth. All heroes and most combat units have active and passive skills that develop in special buildings.



Classic strategy, more like the second Warcraft with partially selected mechanics of the third part. So, the design of the environment on the maps, which painted the world with colors, the general dynamics of the development of events, the appearance of units and buildings pay tribute to the strategy of 1995. And at the same time, the game is not devoid of modern solutions, such as gathering points for soldiers, a queue for production, RPG elements, and heroes capable of picking up items and using skills.

Loria features two playable races, an interesting but not translated into other languages, and six heroic pumped characters. Unfortunately, the strategy has only two small companies with eight missions each. Either way, if you’re tired of nostalgia for the old Craft of War, Loria might be a great choice. Moreover, a free demo version of the game is available for review.



The game takes place in a fantasy stone age, billions of years after the disappearance of a highly developed race that possessed high technology and magical powers. Players take control of one of the tribes, tame prehistoric dinosaurs, and strengthen the strength of their people with the help of found forerunner artifacts.

Despite the striking differences in the setting, the game is very similar to Warcraft 3 in the redesigned scenery. There are shamans with necromancers, and huge units mixed with heroes. Similar principles in construction and resource extraction, and the picture did not go far. The game is not without problems in terms of the implementation of mechanics and AI, but it may appeal to fans of classic RTS.



MOBA is a genre that combines elements of RPG and real-time strategy. One of the first representatives of this was born in the open spaces of the editor of Warcraft 3. Heroes of the Storm has absorbed characters from all universes of Blizzard, including the heroes of her fantasy strategy.

Thus, Uther and Prince Artes, Jaina Proudmoore and Thrall, Sylvanas, Muradin, and many other personalities known from Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft got out on the battlefields. The game is realized with arenas for battles in a 5 by 5 format. The teams have a common experience scale, the store with items has replaces by a talent system, and instead of a single card, there is a multitude with unique conditions for victory.



Shareware strategy with nice graphics and familiar gameplay, which takes place in the Middle Ages. Games like Warcraft 3 armies of the Byzantine Empire, the fierce warriors, and priests of the Aztecs, the relentless Arab civilization, the technologically advanced fighters of China or the French, famous for their powerful cavalry, will lead into battle.

There is no magic here, but the game model is very similar to the third part of Warcraft. Factions will force to collect the usual resources, such as wood and gold, build defenses and throwing machines, and so on. In addition to network and ranked activities, the game features several modes for battles with AI.



A very beautiful game in which the genres of strategy, action and role-playing games are mixed. Players confront the forces of evil that threaten the magical world of the Spark and have captured the beloved of the protagonist. To resist the aggressors, players will have to enlist the support of magical guards and challenge fierce bosses, each of which will have to look for their approach.

The game mechanics are partially reminiscent of Warcraft since a magically savvy hero is fighting under your leadership and a whole army of allies, including up to a hundred units. Be prepared to claim high APM.



Inspired by Scandinavian myths, Northgard is a modern-day classic RTS genre. During the storyline campaign, you play as one of the clans of the northerners seeking to conquer the lands of an inhospitable continent. Players will find a large amount of free content, excellent balance, and very decent graphics.

Northgard has a fascinating storyline and battles, most of which you have to follow each ward – in this respect, the game is somewhat similar to Warcraft 3. Network battles also include the community being quite extensive and divided into ranks, making it easy for you to find an opponent equal in strength.



Fantasy strategy 2008 with RPG and Roguelike games and unusual mechanics. For example, each ward unit in Hinterland, including the hero himself, can be awarded up to four different items that will improve their performance in the chosen craft – from farming to war.

As in Warcraft, players gradually develop their faction, mastering the surrounding lands, flooded with troops of orcs and undead, to capture the nearby territory completely. As such, the game does not have a plot, quests are secondary, and shortcomings in terms of the interface, but the game is not devoid of a certain charm.



Spellforce’s gameplay is a mix of real-time strategy and RPG as with previous games in the series. A huge campaign revolves around a magical disease that afflicts the local population, political intrigue, and the eternal conflict between the righteous and magicians.

Users control several key characters in the manner of a party Games like Warcraft 3 as well as a huge number of troops loyally marching to the slaughter under their command. As in Warcraft, players can explore a vast fantasy world filled with mysteries and plot twists and choose Orcs or Elves as their favorites.



Magical RTS from the creators of the famous Puzzle Quest. The game features 16 distinctive races and about three hundred different units, each with abilities, type of attack, and features inherent in its species.

The developers have created almost three dozen classes for heroes in Warlords. Like the third Warcraft, they fight side by side with their subjects, collect items, use spells, grow in level, and take over mines, which provide the faction with the necessary resources.



After the release, Warcraft 3 spawned a huge number of clones of varying degrees of quality. Released in 2004 (2 years after the third “Varik”) “Army Exigo” – the first of these outright clones, deserving to be included in our list.

In addition to the typical fantasy setting, in which people, orcs, and something worse than orcs fights for power over the world, here we will have a feature that became popular in RTS 10 years later. The fact is that units here earn experience and pumps in the same way as heroes, and different races have different pumping trees and different mechanics (somewhere units are pumped individually, and somewhere they share a common pool of exp and increase level all at once).

Where to buy: The game could not found on official digital services.



Because the scriptwriters of the dilogy respectfully treated the material they inherited from Tolkien and Peter Jackson, from Games like Warcraft offline point of view of the plot, “Battle for Middle-earth” is in no way inferior to Warcraft.

The events of the game are organically inscribed in the outline of the Games like Warcraft 3 of the Ring, and all the characters that appear in the game, like Aragorn, Gandalf, and Saruman, look and act almost like in a movie trilogy. Simultaneously, the passage of the campaign of the forces of Good makes the game even more similar to Warcraft 3 – the decaying kingdoms of people in a much larger world depend on heroes than the numerous legions of orcs and the peasants enslaved by them.

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