17 Role Play Games like World of Warcraft To Play In 2022

We have selected the Games like World of Warcraft, in our opinion, somewhat similar to WoW in mechanics and gameplay and in something completely different but capable of becoming a worthy replacement for it.

Neverwinter is a fast-paced and addictive MMO set in the renowned Dungeons and Dragons universe. It distributes according to the Free-to-Play model.

Over the years, the World of Warcraft universe has drawn millions of players from all over the world to its open spaces. With each new addition, more and more gamers spend tens or even hundreds of hours of their lives in the worlds of Warcraft, and pirate servers are growing like mushrooms after rain.

WoW is an immortal MMORPG classic, an example to follow. Blizzard has been setting trends in the gaming market since its first hit Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994. Therefore, it is not surprising that projects such as WoB find many fans and loyal fans, and some even become worthy competitors of the popular universe. In this collection, we have collected games that are more or less similar Games like World of Warcraft and projects that can become a worthy alternative.



While Guild Wars 2 continues in many ways the best traditions of WoW, there are striking differences in the game that may interest a World of Warcraft veteran who has decided to migrate from his native Azeroth to a new world.

Firstly, in GW 2, there are several classes (here they are called professions, which is very unusual), which have no analogs in Warcraft: a ghost using the powers of the departed heroes of bygone days, an Elementalist – a hybrid of an elemental shaman and a magician, an illusionist who deals damage with illusions and opening portals that entire groups can carry.

Secondly, the usual talent system is not there. Five abilities depend on the character’s weapon, one healing, three secondary, and one elite.

Thirdly, only the hero’s line is similar to the classic quests in Guild Wars 2. The rest replaced dynamic events, participating in which you only need to be at the right time in the right place, and orders that do not depend on the execution time.

And, of course, already from the name of the game, it becomes clear that the functionality of guilds is much wider than in WoW: there is a guild pumping, and special missions, guild locations, and various pleasant bonuses.



Fans of The Elder Scrolls series have long dreamed of  games like wow 2021 releasing an online version of their favorite game, especially after Skyrim gained wild popularity. And so, in 2014, Scrolls fans got what they wanted.

So, the player’s events have to take part to unfold about a thousand years before the last part. The Elder Scrolls Online has done a good job on the plot, so the quest lines are quite fun and varied. Almost the whole world can be explored. It is possible to find a way even though seemingly impregnable mountains and NPCs give interesting side quests sometimes found in the most unexpected and difficult places. The combat in the online version is practically no different from the rest of the series, so Skyrim fans will have no difficulty in dealing with it.



The first incarnation of FF XIV, released in 2010, turned out, frankly, so-so. But Square Enix knows how to work on errors, so the total revision of the project, released in 2013, called A Realm Reborn, can compete on equal terms with the genre’s titans.

There are eight playable races to choose from, both almost classic humans and elves and unique types like dragon-like Au Ra, warlike Amazons Viera with cute rabbit ears, and brutal Hrothgar, combining the features of people and lions. Games like WoW Classic peculiarity of the game is that the class of your enchant depends on the equipped weapon and can change at any time.

While FF XIV and WoW do not have much in common, many fans of the latter leave for Final Fantasy XIV for the sake of variety and new experiences.



Before the release of Neverwinter, many feared that Perfect World would again produce something childishly cute. Fortunately, this did not happen, and a solid game appeared on the market, which will give odds to many well-known projects.

Neverwinter is similar Games like World of Warcraft in many key points: there are PvE battles in dungeons, and PvP competitions in the arena, and quest chains, many of which are even an order of magnitude more interesting than in WoW and quite a traditional character leveling. But there are also striking differences. Neverwinter uses the now fashionable non-target combat system. As a reward for completing certain quests, the player receives partners who need to be pumped separately in the Sword Coast Adventures app.

The complex crafting system deserves special attention; it is interesting to deal with it, although it may take a lot of time. In addition to battles, you can also do peaceful things, for example, pump professions (unlike WoW, where you can acquire only two professions, here one character can choose any number of them, at least all). But the coolest innovation is the ability to complete quests created by other players and even create your own.



It cannot say that Lord Of The Rings Online can compete with WoW, but it finds many fans; after all, it is still the only multiplayer project in the Tolkien universe. True fans will be delighted: the developers have studied all the books written by the professor to achieve maximum accuracy and complete immersion in the wonderful world he created. While traveling around Middle-earth, you can even accidentally meet the Brotherhood of the Ring and feel involved in epic events.

The graphics, of course, leave much to be desired, but do not forget that the game has been around for many years. Simultaneously, the locations are traced to the smallest detail and exactly correspond to the descriptions of Tolkien.



Starting the game, an experienced World of Warcraft fighter will hardly find many differences between him and Runes of Magic: educational quests in the starting location, a standard grind, a couple of skills at the initial stage graphics are different. But the first innovation almost immediately catches your eye: you need to start the day here by completing daily dailies, which can found on the bulletin board. Furthermore: in addition to experience, for quests and killing mobs, the character receives talent points for pumping abilities, which can also have their levels, and there are no development branches here at all.

But the coolest know-how is the dual classes. It means that having chosen one class initially, at level 15, the player can begin to develop some other class and switch between them. At the same time, if, for example, you switch from a knight to a robber, then to all the advantages of the first (invisibility, high DPS), the stamina of the first will also be added. The system of pumping things with the help of sharpening stones, runes, and a magic converter is also interestingly implemented. For the rest, the developers did not reinvent the wheel and followed the path indicated by Blizzard.



The brainchild of NCSoft Aion boasts many features typical of Korean games: everything here looks very cute, bright, and colorful, a large selection of giant weapons, and female characters are sexy beyond measure.

The player will find himself in a world split into two parts: in one, beautiful and friendly, the Elyos live, in the second, dull and gloomy, the Asmodeans settled. Their territories divide by the Abyss, inhabited by a non-playable race of Balaur, whose task is to maintain a balance between the warring parties.

When creating a character, you can choose from seven classes, while at the tenth level, everyone, except for artists, has a choice of two paths of development. At the same level, the character gets wings, which makes his life much easier, and from level 25, you can take part in PvP battles. For those who like to bother with the appearance of their hero, there is good news: the editor has a huge number of parameters, thanks to which you will hardly find a character that will look the same as yours.



Immediately after the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic, they were accused of copying WoW. Yes, many elements borrow from early World of Warcraft, but it’s at least strange to blame the developers for following the genre’s traditions because it is for the dungeons, raids, quests, PvP arenas, and other chips that we love it.

And in fact, SWTOR is attractive, not even for this. The plot matters here. If in the same WoW the text of the quest can not read, it is enough to put a couple of add-ons that themselves will show where to go and who to beat, then there are as many as eight interesting storylines. Simultaneously, all the characters professionally voice, and good facial animation helps to fully immerse yourself in what is happening. Besides, the character in SWTOR is not just your reflection, which does not have a will of its own: all options for answers in dialogues depend on his personal history, class, belonging to the light or dark side of the Force. Fans of the saga should pay attention to this MMO.



Many do not hesitate to call this project “Russian World of Warcraft”. Indeed, although Allods will not seriously compete with the Blizzard masterpiece, the game mechanics are very games like WoW in many ways. In this world, everything seems to be “native”: Warcraft cartoon graphics, methods of character leveling, two warring factions, dungeons, arenas, auctions, and so on. Simultaneously, everything in the Allods saturates with the “Russian spirit”: there are dense forests, white birches, and propaganda posters in the spirit of the middle of the last century. True, it is unusual to observe, for example, an orc barmaid in a dining room decorated in the best traditions of Soviet public catering or a warrior with a militia shield.

In general, the game is quite popular, although players sometimes complain about the need for donations. Whether it is uncomfortable to play without it is a subjective question.



In terms of style, game mechanics, and, in a sense, even graphics, the MMORPG Rift, released in 2011, is a copy of World of Warcraft. The Rift is set on the planet Telara. Instead of the Horde and the Alliance, the characters here are united in the factions of the Apostates and Guardians. Games like World of Warcraft former use magic in combination with technology, the latter develop technology and fight using various steampunk mechanisms. But both of them have one global goal – to protect the world from the forces of darkness and the Destroyer.

The character leveling is quite classic: by completing quests, killing monsters , the hero gains experience and raises the level, improving his abilities and getting new ones in the chosen development branch. You need to pump the character and equipment, which makes the gameplay more interesting and makes it possible to create your unique hero.



At one time, BDO was on the crest of the wave of a new generation of MMORPGs. So it was remarkable that it differed from the majority of the polished combat system with combo techniques, the most detailed character editor, and a realistically drawn world. In it, you can equip caravans and buy houses, hire workers, and tame wild horses.

The game was headlong ahead of the competition in terms of innovation, and Pearl Abyss was guided by it, creating it by no means on the brainchild of Blizzard. Simultaneously, BDO, with its medieval fantasy setting, witchcraft, and huge monsters, became a very worthy alternative to WoW and remained so to this day.



After nine years of battling formidable forces that endlessly threatened the well-being of Azeroth, many of us have been anxiously awaiting the release of this game. ArcheAge promised us freedom of action in a world developed by players, a house with its garden, navigation, guild wars with sieges, and open PVP, which pirate and aggressive communities did not fail to take advantage of.

Despite the striking visual differences and a completely different world concept, with WoW this game is united by the same division into two warring alliances, as in the Blizzard game, settled across different continents. The same combat system and class development determins by talents to choose from, and in ArcheAge, a fantasy setting with elves and magic.



It is a very oriental game with a distinctive glossy design and a very special combat system, making BnS more like a fighting game than an RPG in its usual presentation. It is the combatant (and not the long-legged beauties) that is the most attractive feature of the project, and it also makes BnS fundamentally different from games like World of Warcraft.

Simultaneously, players who fed up with classic MMORPGs often left for new sensations in BnS since it was she, like WoW in its time, that diluted the stagnant genre with novelty, dynamism, unusual classes, and no less unusual races.



Tera was one of the first to offer MMO fans a non-target combat system, and let them travel through a colorful world with a very low entry threshold (Korean games were not very friendly to beginners at that time). For gorgeous landscapes and interesting gameplay, even the corridors of invisible walls that looked wild in the days of seamless MMORPGs forgiven for her.

If we draw parallels with WoW, it can notes that both games differ from most others in an unusually cozy atmosphere. Mastering Tera is pleasant and easy, exploring the world is interesting, and the chosen class very well felt in both PVP and PVE activities.



New project Pearl Abyss with cinematic graphics and gameplay that inherits the best features of their previous MMORPG. Events unfold on the northern continent and plunge players into the internecine wars of local peoples. To date, this is the most ambitious work of South Korean game developers, and it is quite possible that, as BDO did in its time, it will lure thousands of players from other multiplayer games, including World of Warcraft, into its world.



Overdue is a development project with a claim to a new generation role-playing game. The embodiment of a seamless world, great graphics, and a narrative that depends on the actions of the players in Ashes of Creation promise to please the old-timers of MMORPG with a pleasant novelty. At the same time, most of the game mechanics, on the contrary, will remind them of traditional games of the genre like World of Warcraft.



Perhaps the most anticipated open-world sandbox multiplayer game in which players become colonizers of a new world inhabited by mysterious creatures and will join one of three warring factions. Travelers will find a huge and beautiful world supported by Amazon Web Service technology, an unusual class system, and many interesting activities. If any new MMORPG can breathe new life into a worn genre, as Games like World of Warcraft once did, it is New World.

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