Godstrike review and Their Pros & Cons When You Play

Godstrike review is an arcade action game in which each battle is a boss fight, and time has become the key game mechanic. We tell in the review about this hardcore but addictive game.

  • Developer: OverPowered Team
  • Publisher: Freedom Games
  • Release date: April 15, 2021

Godstrike review


Once upon a time, a powerful god gave people magic masks. They provided their owners with unprecedented strength, and not everyone used this gift for good: power and power corrupted the heroes, who turned into monsters. The villains managed to imprison the temple, but terrible damage began to creep around the world after a while. Now Talal, the last guardian of the mask, who did not take the side of evil, must fight with his brothers and bring salvation to humanity.

The plot in Godstrike presents with short text inserts between battles, and vague phrases do not encourage delving into the hero’s story. These are not the events you follow with bated breath: they justify what is happening – and okay.

It’s much more interesting to dive into hardcore boss battles here. There are no other opponents here – in this regard, the project resembled the Furi released in 2016. Still, now we have not a slasher but an arcade shooter with a top view: we direct the character with the left stick of the gamepad, shoot with the right, triggers, and bumpers to use active abilities.

Each boss is a serious threat to the hero. They have different behavior patterns, have several phases in which they change their actions, and several health bars. One enemy always stays in place but litters the battlefield with bullet hell shooters; another constantly moves around the arena, the third teleports, and so on. Defeating the bosses is not easy, and I had to complete many approaches to some of them.


In turn, Talaal possesses active and passive abilities, which increases as enemies are dealt with. Teleportation, homing projectiles, temporary invulnerability, increased movement speed, and others – you can take several into battle, but you can shuffle them as you please between matches.

However, each such ability takes a few seconds off the battle timer. Godstrike implements an interesting system: the character’s life bar is a time counter, and if it is empty, any attack will kill Talaal. As a result, you will have to choose – to stuff it with buffs and sacrifice a few tens of seconds or provide a margin of time at the expense of power. Also, we must not forget that the timer is ticking and time is running out during the battle, and each missed hit takes a few seconds.

It is a unique idea, but not very successful, as it forces you to rush, trying to adjust to the unforgiving timer, makes the already hardcore game even more difficult. In my passage, sometimes realizing that time has run out and the only mistake can become fatal led to that very mistake and inevitable death.

Besides, the game looks stylish and modest at the same time. Some bosses delighted me with their designs; others caused boredom. The same applies to arenas, of which I remember only a couple, and to the soundtrack.

Godstrike is a good option for those looking to challenge themselves. It is a top-down shooter with a string of boss fights, original gameplay findings, and a serious test of reflex speed. If you are not ready for hardcore shootouts, it is better to pass by – otherwise, you risk unnecessarily burning nerve cells.


Godstrike Pros and Cons



  • High complexity
  • Boss design
  • An original idea with a timer – a health bar


  • Boring arenas
  • Weak soundtrack
  • A key idea doesn’t always work

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