Life is Strange: True Colors – Everything You Need To know 2022

In the wake of the success of Tell Tale’s award-winning The Walking Dead, Square Enix teamed up with developers from Dontnod to unveil their story-driven adventure, Life is Strange. In terms of mechanics, the project resembled other new adventure Life is Strange: True Colors boasts a fresh plot, modern setting and soundtrack, attractive and realistic characters, great voice acting, and a fantastic, mysterious atmosphere at the level of the best representatives of the genre. The game received high reviews from critics and was commercially successful; that is, the sequels were only a matter of time.

But instead of the traditional path of creating sequels, the Life is Strange series split into two branches. We got a series of prequels from other developers, Deck Nine and Dontnod made Life is Strange 2, which has nothing to do with the first part, except for the existence of supernatural abilities and rare mentions of the events of the original.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the next installment of their beloved series, and at the Square Enix Presents launch, we finally saw the first official announcement of the new Life is Strange: True Colors. Here’s everything we know about this upcoming story-driven adventure.



During the official announcement, Square Enix announced a specific release date for Life is Strange: True Colors – September 10, 2021. But the important difference from all the previous installments is that True Colors will release one complete product.

All other games in the Life is Strange series split into episodes – five separate chapters releases over seven months. And although the structure itself in the new game will remain – like the previous parts, it will be divided into chapters – you do not have to wait for the next episode to be released if you want to start a new chapter.


From the trailer, we know that Life is Strange: True Colors will be simultaneously releases on PS5, PS4, PC (on Steam ), Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. These are all major platforms except Nintendo Switch. So far, no Life is Strange game has been ported to a hybrid console, although the developers have argued that they would like to.

In a 2019 interview, Life is Strange two creative director Michael Koch said, “Honestly, we’d love to do that. Square Enix should decide this, but I definitely enjoy playing on my Switch, so I would certainly like to see Life is Strange there. “

But given that even after such a long time after the release, these games have not appeared there, Square Enix does not seem to intend to release the series on Nintendo platforms. At least for now.


The new part of the series is handled by Deck Nine, the prequel developer to Life is Strange: Before the Storm. However, unlike their first game, this time, they are creating a completely new story rather than using the existing world of any of Life is Strange’s numbered parts.

The game takes place in the fictional town of Haven Springs, Colorado. In the center of its plot is a new protagonist, Alex Chen, who moved to this city to reunite with her brother Gabe after several years of separation. At first glance, everything looks idyllic, but this is not for long – the brother dies under mysterious circumstances. With her ability to see other people’s emotions in the form of colored auras and hints from Gabe’s friend Ryan that his death was not accidental, Alex must understand the circumstances of her brother’s death.

The colors Alex can see around the Haven Springs residents match their emotions at that moment. In the examples we’ve seen, blue associates with sadness, yellow with joy, red with anger, and purple with fear. But like Max and Daniel from Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2, respectively, Alex’s abilities have side effects.

If she uses them too much, or someone’s feelings are particularly strong, she may become overwhelmed with other people’s emotions and lose control of herself. But unlike the previous protagonists, Alex is aware of his power, so he has a better understanding of how it works. Talking about her, Alex mentions that he can understand why someone feels the way they do, and not just how they feel. But in the trailer, we do not see how this will implementes in the game.

In addition to Alex’s unique abilities, which leave a certain imprint on the format, we can assume that something similar to the rest of the series awaits us. We will see the new characters and Steph from Life is Strange: Before the Storm, with whom Alex will have to talk, choosing different lines of dialogue in the dialogue that determine the development of the plot and influence the choice in the future. Also, True Colors will provide players with many more choices, and the consequences will be more severe. It was reportes that Alex will be able to build a romantic relationship with Ryan and Steph.

We also expect this game to be longer than the previous ones. Breaking with the tradition of the series again, Life is Strange: True Colors will structures closer to an open world than a linear storyline. While its entire action – at least as far as we know – will occur in Haven Springs, you will have more opportunities to explore different places and interact with the characters, changing them or someone else’s perception of Alex.


The only multiplayer component that has ever been in the series and that is likely to continue is the comparative graphs at the end of the episodes. On them, you could see what proportion of players chose certain options in important dialogues or events.

You could always see some interesting statistics in terms of how your actions compare to most players, which has encouraged re-play to see what other people were shown. Since the game will retain its episodic structure even with a one-time release, this feature will still come in handy, and we hope it will continue.

Otherwise, some of the other multiplayer elements in such a story-driven single-player game seem out of place, so it would be ideal to leave it as it is.


Dropping the previous episodic structure, Life is Strange: True Colors will not receive any additional content we know after launch.

No other season in the series has had any DLC besides the promised episodes – with the possible exception of the free, standalone Captain Spirit that came out before Life is Strange 2. But we know there will be one introductory episode on sale as DLC – a bonus story called Wavelengths – and several cosmetic sets from different versions of the game (more on this below).


Life is Strange: True Colors is available now in three different editions. As mentioned, pre-ordering the Standard Edition of the game will get you a few cosmetic items in the Alex Outfit Pack – four new Cat Outfits. The standard edition price is the traditional $ 60 on Steam.

For $ 70 on Steam, you can purchase the Deluxe Edition with a Wavelengths Bonus Story, in which you play as Steph during the events leading up to the main game. Besides, this version has a set of hero costumes – clothing reminiscent of the main characters of past games in the series. The set includes outfits based on Chloe’s “Misfit Skull” T-shirt, Sean’s “Wolf Squad” hoodies, Daniel’s “Space Mission” T-shirts, and Max’s “Jane Doe” T-shirts.

Finally, the Ultimate Edition for $ 80 (RUB 5719 on the PS Store and RUB 2952 on Steam) includes everything included in the Deluxe Edition and the already announced collection of remasters seasons of the first Life is Strange and Before the Storm. They received improved graphics and new animations, but Life is Strange 2 was not includes in this set.

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