NieR Replicant Guide: How to Unlock All Endings

NieR Replicant Guide: How to Unlock All Endings It is out completely revamped on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The beloved cult RPG from PS3 has received new content, new combat systems and major graphics improvements. Even with the success of game creator Yoko Taro with NieR Automata, interest in the first game in this highly distinctive action-RPG series hasn’t waned. The new NieR Replicant brings the previous game to the level of Automata, making it much more enjoyable to play.

In the updated version of the game there are many new things, but almost all the most important things have remained unchanged – even if they look much better. In particular, the endings remained the same.

Four different endings have survived from the original version of the game, and to see them, you will need to play the game several times. It will take at least three playthroughs to unlock all the content and fight the real final boss. We will try to refrain from spoilers, so feel free to read on to find out in general terms how to get all the endings.




NieR Replicant Guide: How to Unlock All Endings – There are four unique endings in the original game. To see everything in the game, you will need to complete it at least three times – but don’t worry, the walkthroughs will not be the same.

  • Ending A : Just go through the game as usual and save it to create a Clear Data file.
  • Ending B : Load the clean save file created after Ending A to open the second half of the main story and play the game as usual.
  • Ending C : Complete the game on both endings A + B and collect all 30 weapons. After defeating the final boss, you will encounter a new final boss. Defeat him and you have two options. Select the top one.
  • Ending D : The conditions are identical to ending C. To get this ending, select the lower option.

CAUTION : Choosing the D ending will delete your save file. You won’t be able to download it again – you have to start over from the beginning.

ATTENTION : Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 has one more, fifth ending, which was not in the original.

  • Ending E : Available only after receiving Ending D and deleting the save file. After deleting the save file, create a new file (with a new name) and play through the game until you reach Aerie and fight the Shade boss.

All post-boss content will be new. New cutscenes and events await you, leading to a completely new ending.

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