Razer Ring Light Review – Streamer’s Best Friend

Razer Ring Light Review: The Light tripod is a great broadcast and photography tool, impressive with its ease and flexibility of setup. We tell you about the device in the review.


  • Ring diameter: 12 inches
  • Number of backlight modes: 3
  • Brightness adjustment: yes
  • Power: USB
  • Tripod height: 40 – 135 cm

If you are engaged in streaming and/or photo and video shooting, sooner or later (rather early), you will think about purchasing an illuminator that will brighten the scene, help eliminate shadows, and add detail. Razer released their first streamer device, the Razer Ring Light, which ended up in my hands.


The device delivers in a rather voluminous cardboard box: on the front side, there is an image of a lamp, a brand logo, a list of the main features, as well as a noticeable inscription “Streamer Certified”; on the back – information about the configuration and technical specifications of the device.

The lid of the box folds up to reveal the view of the Razer Ring Light Review. The lamp is packed in cardboard and held with special locks. Below are the instruction manual and a set of stickers: the tripod, smartphone holder, and ball mount packs in separate cardboard boxes. Everything is completes as reliably as possible – it will not damages during transportation.

The 12 ” Ring Light contains 192 LEDs hidden under a pale white diffuser. On the bottom is the Razer logo, while on the back, you can find the serial number, technical slots, and a hole for wall mounting.

A two-meter cable extends from the ring, ending with a USB connector for connecting to a PC or a power bank. Here, on the cable, there is a control panel with which you can turn on the backlight, adjust its brightness, and switch between modes.

The aluminum tripod can be adjusted in a variety of ways, from telescopic legs, which are adjustable in length using three latches (and they can be extended to different lengths and installed, for example, on an uneven surface), a central tube that extends and secured in the desired position, to a lamp holder, which can tilt left-right and up-down, as well as rotate around its axis.

The design is very simple and intuitive: you can figure out how to set up a tripod in a matter of minutes without even looking at the instructions. Equally easy to cope with is a ball head that can hold a webcam and a flexible smartphone holder. And thanks to the rubberized surfaces on the tripod legs and in the mountings, you don’t have to worry about scratching the floor or your attached smartphone, ring, camera.



The Razer Ring Light connects to a USB power source – this can be a connector on a laptop and the case of a system unit or a power bank. The gadget is controlled exclusively from the remote control on the cable – no applications for the smartphone. The classic approach, but it can be the most effective – for example when you take the device where there is no way to connect via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The remote controls warm (3000K), balanced (4500K), and cold (6500K) lighting and dims the backlight in 10% increments up to a maximum of 500 lumens. Simultaneously, the color rendering index reaches more than 80% – that is, the lamp reproduces the color of the illuminated object well.


I don’t stream, but I often take pictures of devices for reviews, so the issue of good lighting is very acute for me. Relying on natural light is useless: at any moment, the sun can hide behind the clouds – and goodbye to detailed shots. And the light from ordinary room lamps is too scattered to provide the effect I want.

Therefore, the Razer Ring Light lamp and tripod came in handy for my work. The illuminator gives a sufficiently bright light flux to remove dependence on other sources, including the sun completely. The tripod reliably holds the lamp and allows you to adjust its position.

Simultaneously, the device can use for streaming: you can fold the tripod and place it on the table – its minimum height is 40 cm, which is ideal for installation in the workplace. Also, the lamp can hang on the wall behind the monitor – the wire is long enough to stretch it to the system unit of your PC. Finally, you can attach a webcam or smartphone to a tripod and record video or conduct live broadcasts somewhere in nature.

The tripod is very stable, holds itself confidently, does not wobble, and the Razer Ring Light Review devices attached to it do not dangle. However, it is lightweight, so I do not recommend installing heavy devices like professional cameras on it. Of course, it is better not to drop the lamp from a height – it seems rather fragile. Otherwise, the Razer Ring Light is a great kit for streamers, photographers, and travelers.


  • Rich equipment
  • Wide customization options
  • Bright lamp
  • There are mounts for a smartphone and a webcam


No setup from a smartphone

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