Resident Evil Village Review: Demo Impressions

On April 18, Capcom made the Resident Evil Village half-hour demo available to PlayStation users. We have explored the Resident Evil Village Review adjacent to the vampire castle and are ready to share our impressions.

  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Release date: May 7, 2021

Attention: the preview contains plot spoilers for the game.

Let’s remind a brief introduction: the main character of Resident Evil VII, Ethan Winters, goes somewhere in the mountains of Romania in search of his kidnapped daughter. There he will have to face vampires, werewolves, and other creatures.

The demo version of Resident Evil Village meets us with an acquaintance with a mysterious older woman – the locals call her crazy and, it seems, are not far from the truth. She gives Ethan a clue and retires, leaving him in the middle of a very uncomfortable village – rickety houses here side by side with cemetery tombstones. In terms of development, the settlement got stuck somewhere in the 19th century.

The demo takes only half an hour to complete, but this time is enough to:

  • explore houses – the interiors are worked out to the smallest detail, and in some buildings, you can find rather eerie scenes;
  • encounter puzzles familiar to the Resident Evil series – such as “find an object in the area and use it to open the gate”;
  • evaluate the updated inventory, departing from the classic formula: now weapons and ammunition are stored in one tab, items for crafting, including herbs, gunpowder, and other reagents, in another, and quest artifacts and treasures in the third, without interfering with each other. In other words, there will be fewer Tetris games in the inventory;
  • fight a couple of werewolves in a wheat field – nimble monsters hide in dense grass, but sacks of flour scatter across the field: if you shoot at them, you will create a thick curtain that will help detect the enemy;
  • to get acquainted with the unfortunate people inhabiting the village – they barricade themselves in buildings and pray to a certain Mother Miranda, hoping that she will save them from the creatures wandering around;
  • experience several heartbreaking scenes and admire the quality of the production – Resident Evil Village looks much more expensive and better directed than the previous part;
  • rejoice at the presence of obscenities in the Russian-language voice acting – not because swearing is cool, but due to greater immersion in the atmosphere of survival in a waking nightmare;
  • Be impressed by the detailed graphics and immersive sound. On PS5 can include ray tracing, and while the game runs in, the 4K frame rate feels close to 60 fps. Even on the base PS4, Village says to provide 45 to 60 fps.


If we talk about the gameplay flaws of the demo version, I would like to highlight the very weak impact of the weapon. The shots from the pistol are almost not felt; the only pleasing is the integration with the adaptive DualSense triggers, which must press with effort. But this is a feature of one of the five platforms where Resident Evil Village will be available, and I would like the best weapon recoil in all versions.

Now Capcom has allowed exploring the village, and on April 25th, it will open access to the castle corridors for PS4 and PS5 users – also for 30 minutes. Well, on May 2, a combined 60-minute demo will be released on all platforms – PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S. The release of Resident Evil Village will take place on May 7.


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