The Rise and Fall of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. | Stalker Series With Trailers 2022

All games of the famous Stalker series of shooters dedicated to the national post-apocalypse.

Stalker Series– the same “Stalker” in multiplayer incarnation. Exploring an eventful world, creating factions, battles against marauders and mutants – there is all this and more!

The STALKER series of games is a unique phenomenon for the CIS gaming industry. The first part of the series, Shadow of Chernobyl, released in 2007, turned out to be long-term construction with many unfulfilled promises and considerable baggage of technical problems.

But they loved the game. First of all, for its special atmosphere, combining the apocalyptic setting with the East Slavic flavor. And the subsequent parts – Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat – only strengthened this love in the hearts of domestic gamers.

And today, “Stalker” has a multi-million army of fans who are eagerly awaiting more specific information about the suddenly announced S.TALKER 2 in 2018. They also share great modifications for STALKER with each other (by this indicator, by the way, the series holds the record among games from the post-Soviet space).

Well, now let’s move on to considering all the parts that make up this legendary series of shooters in every respect.


A first-person shooter that also has horror features in its surroundings. The game releases in 2007, and its developers are the guys from the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World. The game takes place in a fictional Zone, based on the real-life Exclusion Zone that arose after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the famous fantastic story “Roadside Picnic” by the Strugatsky brothers.

The Zone is represented in the game by an impressive size (for 2007) and almost completely open territory (with additional loads of individual sections) that has become the main advantage of the project. More precisely, everything presented in it and endowed the game with the so-called “stalker” atmosphere.

If you go into details, then the special surroundings of STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl created ubiquitous signs of desolation and destruction (all locations creates based on images of the real Chernobyl Exclusion Zone), located in the most unexpected places, traps-anomalies, dangerous mutants, and other stalkers, divided into different factions or existing outside of them. There were also bandits and military men, scientists, crazy monolith fanatics, and many other colorful characters.

And all this together made the Zone “alive”, with its laws and secrets, heroes and villains. Well, a similar alignment motivated the players to take action, which boiled down to two main activities:

  • Research and search for the secrets of the Zone;
  • Taking pleasure in its special atmosphere.

Of course, all this was stimulated by far from the bad plot and many sides and sometimes very interesting tasks.

Interestingly, the game has been in development since 2001. During this time, it managed to change its name and plot concept three times: what was a fantasy on the theme of “Stargate” eventually turned into a shooter with a domestic flavor. The authors delayed and disrupted the game’s release date, and the publisher THQ even had to dispatch a manager to rush the game makers. As a result, the project had to curtail severely, many gameplay mechanics and entire locations thrown out of it, but this is probably for the best. Otherwise we probably would not have seen the “Shadow of Chernobyl” at all.


In 2008, “Clear Sky” is released – an independent expansion for the game, which is a prequel to the original events. In terms of gameplay, there were some changes, but not very significant.

The developers have improved the AI, changed the anomaly system and damage system, introduced the ability to modify and repair weapons. We also slightly tweaked the graphics.

The main changes concerned the internal content and the plot. History allowed us to introduce vast territories into the game, add new groups and types of weapons. The mechanics of interaction with the CCP have also changed.

As for the plot, he introduces the player to the new group “Clear Sky” and sends in pursuit of the main character of the first part.

Like the previous game, “Clear Sky” suffered from a tight development schedule, as a result of which some locations went under the knife. Also, a week before the release, the finished shooter build was leaked to the Internet, and the release version was full of bugs, and very few PCs of that time could cope with the game at maximum graphics settings. The authors had to release patches and fix bugs urgently.


The second standalone add-on, released for PC in October 2009. It dedicates to the desperate attempts of stalkers to break through to the Zone center after the Brain Burner was disabled at the end of the “Clear Sky” plot. The player acts as an experienced military stalker Alexander Degtyarev, who the Ukrainian government sends to the center in search of the missing first group of military, which included 5 reconnaissance helicopters.

Of the entire trilogy, Call of Pripyat was the most controversial game in the series. Most of the criticism causes by the deteriorated graphics compared to the “PM” (the developers took this step deliberately to increase the number of PCs capable of launching the game), an underdeveloped and poorly presented plot, and some other problems, including traditional technical flaws for each part. That, however, did not prevent “ZP” from getting the status of a cult – like the previous two games in the line.


Once announced and canceled, STALKER’s second numbered part unexpectedly rekindled the fire of hope in the hearts of fans in 2018. True, it happened in a very unusual way: the director of GSC Game World posted on his Facebook page a message that the company had resumed work on STALKER 2. Then the same message duplicates on the official website of GSC Game World. And even a promo site for the new game appeared, which indicated the estimated release date for STALKER 2 – 2021.

What is known for April 2021:

  1. Development carried out on Unreal Engine 4 ;
  2. The spirit of the series has preserved;
  3. Decay of enemies under the sun will probably be implemented;
  4. This is a completely new game, not related to the one that cancel before the announcement in 2018;
  5. Particular attention is paid to the soundtrack ;
  6. Development has been going on for “enough time”;
  7. The game will be released on the PC and the Xbox the X the Series.

We can only wait and hope that someday the world will see the continuation of the famous game, which has won the hearts of millions of players with its delightful atmosphere and many other advantages.



It is nothing more than wishful thinking, but in the 317th issue of the podcast “How Games Are Made, ” Epic Games Store Publishing Strategy Director Sergei Galenkin hinted (at 1:08) about the existence of a remaster of the STALKER trilogy. Whether it is or not, we hope that we will soon find out.


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